Why Everything is an Ultrabook!

Is mHealth The Future For My Practice?

From services such as appointment scheduling to patient tracking via apps that monitor vitals, mHealth is changing the way doctors provide healthcare services, and how patients deal with medical decisions. And while mHealth could and should exponentially decrease workloads and boost efficiency at your practice, why isn’t it as popular as it should be?

Just How Safe Is Your Mobile Phone?

Do you know the SAR or amount of radiation produced by your cell phone? By reading this post you can discover phones with the least amount of SAR as well as improve your knowledge of cell phone safety.

The Problem With Fake App Reviews

Do you think that all users that rate an application are fair and objective? There are many users that rate an app without even experiencing it, especially if the app is free. Isn’t it wrong the fact that this game actually confuses other users? It would be perfect if app scores indicated the objective quality of that app and only people who have used that app were allowed to review and rate.

The Shift to Cloud Computing – Will It Shift the Jobs?

With the recent economic downturn the workforce reduction has affected millions of people worldwide since the latest world economic downturn making this is an overly sensitive subject. People have been out of work for long periods of time and many were forced to find new careers.

A Case for Mobile Devices in Automation

Mobile devices have obviously impacted most of our daily lives in a number of ways. They are also changing the technological landscape of industrial automation, but not without a significant amount of friction.

Mobile Healthcare Applications That Are in Favor

Mobile development has created an impetus for appearance of a new type of healthcare available everywhere and at any time – mobile healthcare apps. The healthcare industry is quickly recognizing the benefits of mobility that expand the ability of healthcare providers to be available on the go.

What Is There to Love About IOS 8

We all are already fascinated with the kind of performance that Apple iOS 7 has displayed. Not only the Apple fans but also those who have been new to it are liking it equally. Then there is next the iOS 8 that is designed to serve users with enhanced features and greater benefits.

The Alluring Android 4.5 – Lollipop

Google is planning a huge update after Kitkat 4.4. The next letter in the list of confectionery names for Android by Google is L and it is yet to be seen if the developers decide to choose the most popular name -Lollipop.

How Important Is Geo-Location in Mobile Application Development?

This article highlights the importance of geo-location, the advantages for the app creator and end customer. It also illustrates that geo-location has revolutionized how we use and create apps.

Jump to VoIP Switch Technology

String-cutting is not just confined to consumer cable. As Voice over Internet Protocol expands and high speed internet becomes nominal, increasing number of businesses are quitting conventional landlines to switch to VoIP.

What Are the Aspects of A Good Mobile App?

With millions of mobile apps floating in the apps market these days, only few of them are well known and successful and generating good ROI. So, what are the aspects of a good mobile app that makes it different from others.

Patenting Mobile Applications

Patenting Mobile applications is not a new issue; it has been in practice since long time back. Getting a mobile application patented is a financially sensible idea only if it is worth the money the process involves. There are many factors we need to consider before patenting the exclusivity of any mobile app. The practice though has many advantages viz. competitive advantage over competitors in the market, special monopoly in the market, and better revenues.

App Development Using Marmalade

In today’s technological world, apps with the largest market share are those who are available on several platforms. Long gone are the days of simply building native apps for a single device type or operating system – in the past you would focus on iOS and hope for the best. This has led to the rise of cross-platform technologies like Marmalade, which is a vital tool for cross-platform app creation developed with C++.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Replacement Laptop Battery

In most cases, laptop manufacturers install low-end batteries in the devices. Due to this, the batteries start to lose their charge after a number of months or years. For you to continue using your computer you have to buy a replacement battery. To buy the right unit you need to consider the following factors:

Benefits of Using Tablet Computers

Although some people feel that tablets have become useless, especially after the introduction of smart phones, in reality they do play a superior role in some practical situations. However, like all computers, they should used responsibly and diligently.

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