Top 5 Android 12 Features: Huge Redesign!

What Do iPhone Forensic Investigations Reveal?

iPhones are little, pocket-sized supercomputers. With power and capabilities unimaginable just a few years ago, they can be seen everywhere and with every kind of person’s face buried in one. They hold music and videos, photographs and games, communications and the Internet. As a result, they hold evidence of many kinds of activity, and people may seek the evidence contained within to bolster a case, or to find out if a case is in need of being filed. What kind of evidence do people seek?

Changing Trends – From E-Commerce to M-Commerce

One of the most profound paradigm shifts that the retail industry is facing in current times is the gradual but steady transition from retail to e-commerce and now finally m-commerce. Analysis of the retail sector from the past 5 years suggests that the e-commerce is the current game changer which currently has a growth rate twice as that of retail. This shift hardly comes as a surprise given the fact that a number of companies and established brands have already shifted all or part of their businesses online in an effort to capture greater market share and to increase their brand presence.

All You Need to Know About Mobile Apps Security

In the modern day world of today, it is mandatory for any and every person to own a great phone or the latest type of smartphones so as to be sure that they are up to date with all of the current developments of the moment. If you are a businessman or businesswoman, a student or any other type of professional, you know that there would be no way for you to function in this overly technological world without at least one smart gadget to help you out every single day. The fast introduction of smartphones or mobile devices with an increased capacity to process data has lead to a quick development of mobile technologies and an endless number of applications in any field.

Mobile Application Development Is A Fast Mushrooming Business In Today’s Business Scenario

Innovation in technology is a back-to-back phenomenon that is all set to go on and on. Virtually, the innovative technology has hit just every phase related to our life and IT industry is no exception. Incidentally, mobile application development is a part of IT services and this service is faster, catching the popularity and demand in the recent few years.

BYOD and Schools

BYOD has walked into schools too. The article talks about the common problems BYOD brings in and what kind of solution can prove to be helpful to schools and similar educations institutes.

Comparing the Widows Mobile and Android Develpment Platform

As Android and Windows Mobile continue to fight for market-share this whitepaper compares the two development platforms from a performance and support point of view. They are both solid platforms and take advantage of being closely integrated with the mobile phones operating systems. Android is winning the race but never count Microsoft out.

Mobile Application Development – Are You Planning to Hire a Company?

Are you looking for a mobile application development company? The whole world is dependent on smartphones these days. Read the article to know all about hiring a professional game application development company.

Affordable Pre-Paid Cell Phones

Exactly how would you prefer to have the very same features on your mobile phone yet the regular monthly rate would be nearly half what you are paying now? Maybe pre-paid cellular phones are just what you need. This post clarifies the benefits and drawbacks of buying and owning a cellular phone without contract.

Android Watch Phone – The Perfect Wearable Device?

For many of us, the perfect wearable device should be one that fits in nicely and has a number of useful features. True, the Google Glass is one of the best wearabale devices ever produced. The Google Glass is useful and you can wear it like a spectacle and do quite a number of cool things with it.

Android Tops the Charts

The Android Phone was introduced in 2008 and was anxiously anticipated by many users who wanted a different type of experience on the mobile platform. Since its debut, it has managed to captivate the minds of millions of people by offering them experiences of a different level.

Five Reasons You Need an Android Watch-Phone

Back in the 1980’s when the first smart calculator was released, it was touted to be the thing to own. The same was the case when the first smart phones were released. Today, everybody has smart phones in their pockets.

Review: My Year With Microsoft Surface Pro

A year ago, I traded in my Macbook Pro and iPad for a new Microsoft Surface Pro. With that background in mind, this is my review of what it’s like to live long term with Microsoft’s vision of the hybrid computing device future.

Advantages of Choosing Android for Mobile Applications Development

Android App Development is growing in popularity owing to its open source nature and varied attributes. Android for the most part is not fussy to start with since most features and attributes are first integrated in these devices before other platforms catch up.

2 Tips for Cellular Phone Security

Cell phones are quite versatile with many functions. However, there could be some valuable security actions that you don’t understand about the international emergency number and how you can discover and save your IMEI number.

Promote Your Apps Using Video

There are a plethora of ways in which an individual or organization can promote an application that they have created. App promotion will be an important aspect in the continuing success of your product. Here, we will discuss how to promote an app using video and the benefits of such a marketing tool.

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