The Pixel 6 Pro Shocked Me… Real Camera Test VS iPhone 13 Pro!

Top 4 Invaluable Android Apps

In a modern society of constant communication, it is imperative that we have reliable tools. The Android platform offers a massive array of possibilities for all. Of these tools a few stand out as invaluable and necessary to the individual who desires uninterrupted connection to the rest of the world.

Best Budget Tablets Under $120 With 4 STAR Reviews

Looking for the best tablet for the money? With the world all turning to tablets it’s hard to find which tablet is actually good. There’s tablets for 50 bucks to 100 bucks but are they any good? I had my fair share in picking the bad ones til I finally found a few decent tablets that had all the apps I use that would actually run without crashing.

Everything You Need to Know About the Brand-New Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 Inch Tablet

If you’ve been holding out from purchasing a new Android tablet until Samsung unveiled just exactly what it had up its sleeve, the wait is finally over. Rolling out their brand-new Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 in just a few short weeks, this new Android tablet is poised to dominate the marketplace just like Samsung’s Galaxy S3 and new S4 have in the smart phone world.

Widgets for Android Users

Android might still have a long way to go ahead of its rivals like iOS and Windows Phone 8. However, the biggest advantage that this OS has over other platforms is the widgets. Let us find out most popular Android widgets that you can install on your Android device.

Become a Tablet Friendly Town

Perhaps you own a tablet computer or one of those smart phones with the bigger screen. In that case you know that there are millions of apps out there now. By having more mobile devices in the hands of our citizenry we are changing how our society operates. People are no longer stuck at home because they have to be by a connection on the Internet, now they can go out and use their tablet computers. Of course, it costs a lot of money to have unlimited 4G wireless plans for these devices.

Planning to Master iPad Application Development: Read This First

Developing apps for the iPad can be a profitable business. But is it a good career option? We take a look for a few things that developers need to keep in mind before diving headlong into iPad app development.

Why Is There a Need to Develop Mobile Apps?

Why is there a need to develop mobile apps? This is a question asked by many who have observed how the trend about creating mobile applications has become more intense. The reason behind creating mobile apps differs from one person to another. There are individuals who develop mobile apps for leisure or entertainment purposes. They want to develop their own game applications and let them be known to friends. There are also those individuals who develop mobile apps out of curiosity. Some online players out there are definitely getting more and more curious about how apps are made. They want to find out how challenging it is to create a mobile application. Businesses or entrepreneurs develop mobile apps for a different purpose. They want to increase the availability of their products and services. They want to reach a much larger and wider market. They want an instant connection with their potential buyers. They create apps and use them to improve their business as a whole.

After Android App Development: How To Popularize Your App On Google Play

Developing a fantastic Android app will not automatically help you get lots of downloads. You also need to promote the app in order to succeed on Google Play. Here, we explore ways in which you can optimize your app on Google Play.

Improve Healthcare and Patient Outcomes With Mobile Solutions

Mobile devices and applications have pervaded healthcare like every other domain. The potential of enterprise mobility in delivering quality patient care is huge. Yet, it is vastly untapped.

Can Seniors Find the iPad Useful?

Can mature adults find the iPad useful? Of course! There are many fun and work-related applications that senior adults will find helpful in one of the easiest to use technological wonders ever- the iPad. Read more to learn about some of the features and functions that iPad offers.

iPad Games That You Must Download This Week

Gaming is the most common thing, users do at their iPad. The reason being that the iPads provide the best gaming experience. Every week various new games enter the app store to attract the gaming freaks. This article features some of the best iPad games that recently entered the app store.

The Beginner’s Guide to Mobile Broadband

Pros and Cons of Mobile Broadband Mobile broadband is rapidly becoming more and more popular. It has largely replaced the far more limited WAP Internet which was widely available on mobile phones until a few years ago. Mobile broadband uses the mobile phone networks for sending and receiving data rather than the telephone or cable television lines used by regular home broadband connections.

What’s Trending in Mobile Application Development?

The exploration of a mobile app starts from the click of a small icon. What this humble icon metamorphoses into is what constitutes experience. And it is in pursuit of this experience that mobile app development strikes several chords and notes. This article presents some interesting trends swaying mobile town. More would come, if you can watch this space keenly!

Best Marketing App – Native Vs Mobile Web

During the last couple years we all have seen a large spike in the use of smart phones and a huge drop in their price. This is rapidly allowing the world market to explode with smart phones, 4G/3G blazing speeds, and free Wi-Fi on every corner of the world. Here I discuss the difference between mobile web apps and native apps as it pertains to marketing and access to information.

Must-Have Android Applications for New Users

What applications should you install on your newly purchase android smartphone? This article describes the most recommended apps.

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