The 2022 Apple Lineup

Buying Guide for Tablet Computers

There has been significant growth in the tablet computer market for the past few years. Currently, there are numerous slate models in the market with each laying claim to be the best in the market. Basically, a typical tablet computer is thinner and lighter than a net book but larger than a phone. It can slip readily inside a small bag or purse. It offers the user superior browsing capability than a mobile phone and is also simpler to type with. The gizmo streams both video and audio content and is therefore an excellent portable multimedia device.

Tools Needed to Build an iPhone App

Building an iPhone App can be difficult to understand for beginners. This guide is a short and concise overview of what tools are needed to begin developing iPhone Apps.

How to Take Care of Your Touch Screen Device

New touch screen owners are often bewildered on how to take care of the screen which tends to get dirty and have smudges after prolonged use. The touch screen has an oleo-phobic coating with a design that prevents grease and dirt from adhering to it during use. Nonetheless, the cover does wear off after long term use but this does not severely impede the performance of the device. The screen coating is made from chemicals and so it is virtually impossible to prevent wear. There are steps you can take however to minimize the wear process and keep the screen smudge free. They include:

Buy a Basic Android Phone

It’s a guide to choose the basic features which need to be there in an Android Phone to its lowest level. It helps the buyer to have an important point in their mind before purchasing a device.

iPad 2 Cases – Simplism Carrying Couriers

When you purchase an iPad 2, you have made a wise investment. The device can be an invaluable tool for you and one of the best features is that it is portable. With all the options available to you from the Smart Cover, various stands and accessories, it is the device that grows with your needs.

The Evolution of Apps on Mobile Devices

When Apple introduced Apps on its iPhones, it spawned an entire new industry. Millions of Apps have been developed and the number is set to grow. How did it happen? Can App developers seize the initiative and profit from this industry?

iPhone Repair – Do It Yourself or Call an Expert?

When it comes to iPhone repair, there are mainly two options that you might want to take under consideration. One is, dealing with the iPhone repair all by yourself right at your house with the help of an iPhone repair tutorial, and the second option is going for an iPhone repair service provider to get professional help to fix your iPhone.

Why Apple Still Has The Upper Hand In The Tablet Wars

As we approach the second year of the tablet in the consumer market, many manufacturers are releasing their second versions of the their tablets. In the sea of tablets available, there are two OS (as the QNX-powered PlayBook isn’t out yet) at the moment that matter: iOS and Android. With the iPad and now the iPad 2 being the only tablet running iOS.

Watching TV on Your iPad Is Better Than Carrying a Flat Screen TV on Your Back

With today’s technology you can believe that a flat screen won’t fit in your backpack but your iPad will. You can watch TV on your iPad instead of carrying around a TV on your back. Today, there is streaming video and music to tablets, Smartphones, iPads, iPhones, iPods,you’re your computer. Now, you get to choose what you watch on TV through any one of these devices. All you needs is a delivery program. Because there are so many different types of media, cable, and mobile technologies it’s hard to get the right platform to view your favorite TV program or music video. There are so many companies offering services it hard to tell what they offer, such as do they have commercials with their service? Can you get their service with your mobile phone or do you have to go to another company for your phone service? Not to mention the networks that disappear from cyber space with regularity. So, what is it you can do to watch TV on your iPad?

Rise of Tablet PCs and What the Future Will Hold

Tablets may only have come to the commercial market recently but they have become the gadget of the moment. But how and why did they come about and why is the iPad so much better than the rest?

iPhone Repair Service – Going for a Professional iPhone Repairer

iPhone repair service providers are iPhone experts who know how to take care of a broken iPhone. If you have an iPhone which is not working properly or the iPhone screen got cracked somehow then you have every reason to be upset and worried. But as long as you are taking that device to the right person, you can believe that your precious iPhone is going to be taken care of and it will get back to its normal condition.

Google Wallet: The Electronic Wallet of the Future

This past month, Google announced the launch of yet another product, Google Wallet, an Android app that will allow users to use their phone as a payment card. This is done by simply tapping your phone on any participating retailer’s MasterCard Paypass electronic reader, so that it sends payment to the merchant.

Use a Folding Laptop Table Wherever and Whenever You Want To

A folding laptop table is a great companion for highly mobile professionals with the penchant of instantly working on their laptops whenever their tight schedules allow them to. These handy and extremely compact tables can efficiently and safely handle the whole frame of a laptop computer, giving its user an easier time when tapping at the keyboards. Whether you are sitting at a train station while waiting for your ride, or staying an hour longer at an airport because of delayed flights, this folding desk surely comes in handy.

Next Generation iPad – The King of Tablets

The next generation iPad is here, and it is redefining the tablet genre with this fantastic update to the iPad 1. A thinner body, two cameras, new OS and accessories… all for the same price as the original iPad. The slimmer form factor and video chat abilities make the iPad 2 a necessary device for any serious Apple fan or techie.

Microsoft Word on My Android?

The article provides a resource to Android phone and tablet users who are searching for office productivity applications. It includes a list of rich-text Android word processing applications.

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