Tesla Model S PLAID Impressions: Re-Inventing the Wheel!

Top Five Questions to Ask About Application Development for Your Business

Applications are taking the world by storm with more apps being downloaded on a daily basis, day after day. Companies have had to embrace the mobile generation to reach their target audience and convert searches into sales.

5 Factors To Consider When Choosing A Mobile Application Development Platform

We live in an age of mobile devices and apps. As much as smartphones and tablets have put the world at our fingertips, applications or as “apps” as they are fondly called, have simplified our lives like never before. There is an app for everything; one to book your flights, one to watch your weight, one to help you shop and one for banking. Thus, it has become imperative for business owners to consider developing an app for their business.

Implementing Mobile Sales Enablement Tools Effectively

Mobile has revolutionized the entire IT industry during the past few decades. It has become a center of discussion for businesses owing to its power to increase sales substantially. Mobile apps are being used by individuals as well as employees for accomplishing various tasks. Enterprise applications have gained popularity off late for bringing together the entire workflow.

Marketing Strategy for Success in the App Market

Developing an app is an accomplishment. With so much time and effort involved in the entire process of development, test and launch, devising an effective marketing strategy would be the last thing in the mind of a developer.

Paper-In-Screen Prototyping – More Effective Than Paper Prototyping for Mobile User Testing

Many organizations utilize the paper prototyping technique for assessing the mobile user testing. Paper prototyping is an inexpensive technique and allows testing real users. This is imperative at the testing stage to avoid the expensive changes that need to be fixed.

Need More Business? Develop a Mobile App!

The business economy has become very competitive in the last decade, with increased trade between nations and the IT revolution. Advanced technology, more ideas and higher education have contributed to this.

Top 4 Benefits for Making Investment in Mobile and Android Applications Development

Every enterprise either small or big operates or runs business online these days. Apart from the web, mobile marketing is gathering momentum as a platform to reach out to potential customers. Instead of mobile sites, applications offer quick accessibility to customers on the go enhancing the chances of conversion almost double the time. Here’s why you should invest in a mobile application development project and other ancillary services.

Rooting Android Device? Install These 5 Google Apps Immediately After It

If you’re bold enough that you’ve taken a chance to root your Android device, then it is a must say that either you’re too brave or you’ve a lot to spend. Anyways, if you’ve already taken a step forward, then go ahead and install these five essential Android apps to secure after you finish rooting Android devices.

Benefits of Cloud Applications

With the emergence of cloud applications, a new hope of successful business management has been developed. These days, thousands of companies are using cloud applications. They have found these applications useful and an integral part of their business management. A cloud application is loaded with multiple features. There are several benefits of using cloud apps. These apps can be used for business and personal purposes as well. Here are some key benefits of cloud applications to go through.

Try These Best Chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts for a Smooth and Faster, Productive Experience!

Chromebooks aren’t just cheap and comfortable notebooks for fulfilling your computing requirements, but are the future of school and college education sectors as well. Since millions of academic institutions are supporting the Google product, it is necessary to learn some quick Chromebook keyboard shortcuts to complete your school or college projects productively and quickly.

What Makes A Great Mobile App? 7 Things Every Mobile App Should Provide

Mobile apps have become very popular to people of all ages and interests. If you are considering designing a custom mobile app, there are some things may want to consider in advance. Read this article for 7 things every mobile app should provide before you begin creating your mobile app.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App?

How much development costs will come down to how complicated an app will be, how many custom features will be included, what ecosystems the app will need to run on, and so forth. This article explores some of the considerations that go into deciding to develop an app and does its best to put a price tag on the options.

Android Application Development For Mobile

Android is an Open Source Mobile Operating System (OS) developed by Google. These operating systems (OS) are primarily used in smartphones and tablet computers but have now also been used in Smart Televisions (TVs), Cars, wrist watches, game consoles, digital cameras, regular Personal Computers (PCs) and Laptops, and even eye glasses.

Mobile Device and Maintenance

A guide to keeping your smartphones and tablets clean and optimized for efficiency. This includes battery maintenance, environmental concerns, and using bullet proof tempered screen protectors.

IOS Application Development – A Complete Guide

The Application (or Apps) market has taken the world by storm ever since the emergence of the smartphone. Apps have become an essential component of modern day phones, and are developed by a wide range of creators, from companies to people in their bedrooms. As a result mobile application developer companies have become a burgeoning industry- particularly on Apple’s popular iOS smartphone operating system.

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