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Cell Phone Detector Security Devices

Your business premises house most, if not all, of the assets that are vital to the functioning of your business. These include not only physical assets such as equipment, computer systems, and furniture, but also intellectual property, such as descriptions of proprietary manufacturing processes, innovative engineering plans, computer code, experimental results, and customer data. It’s imperative, for the sake of your business, to take appropriate security precautions to safeguard all of these assets.

The News on QR Codes

QR codes which stands for “quick response” codes have actually been around for even more than 10 years. While some sectors such as real estate have actually been using them frequently, they have actually not been as widespread as they could be. This write-up discovers what QR Codes are, exactly how they could be utilized and how you can avoid the hazard of opening one that includes a virus or spyware.

Sources To Consider While Choosing Fonts For Your Mobile Website

Fonts play an extremely crucial role in mobile websites. But do you know where to find them? Read more to find out.

The New Zenbook NX500 From Asus Will Come With 4k Display

Asus is a renowned name in the computer industry, known for releasing something new and innovative for users at regular intervals. The new product from Asus, which is believed to turn heads, is the Asus Zenbook NX500.

Truths About Mobile Application Development

If you are a business man and the word ‘Mobile apps development’ catches your attention then you will first have to hire a professional apps development company that can help you create an application that can push your business ahead. Mobile apps help a business in spreading awareness about its products and/or services. They are sometimes important in establishing brand identity.

Mobile Website Vs Mobile App: Which Is the Right Choice for Your Business?

Having a mobile web presence for your online business has become a need of the hour. A recent Google report indicates that smartphones have reached 56% of the US market, and 46% of these users have made a purchase on their mobile device. Businesses will end up missing a huge opportunity if they choose to ignore their mobile presence.

Know More About the Asus Transformer Pad TF300TL

Asus is back again with its new device, which is an affordable Android tablet created to work relatively fast and which can extend the battery life of the machine up to 14 hours. Named as the Asus Transformer Pad TF300TL, it’s a big-sized, fast tablet that can give clear competition to the iPad.

The Importance of Good Feed Management in Aquaculture Production

No cost-related task in an aquaculture production operation is more important than feeding. Additionally, feeding is also the most difficult task to perform properly. The cost of feed is about 50 percent of the cost to grow aquatic animals. The use of computer based tools for handling the feeding tasks offers the same improved efficiencies as in other production processes.

Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro Review

The Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro might not be a new gaming laptop, but with its innovative tech specs and mind blowing features it is capable of captivating any PC gamer. Dive into the quality that is the multi-mode Ultra notebook that was the number one pick for the CNET Editors’ Choice for November 2013.

Samsung Galaxy S5: Top Features

Launched on February 24 in Barcelona, Spain, the Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with a kitchen-sink worth of features, and then some. If you are looking for an Android smartphone that can do everything apart from make coffee, the Galaxy S5 comes highly recommended.

Dual Cameras on a Smartphone Can Completely Revolutionize Smartphone Imaging

Dual Cameras on a phone are coming. And they are really good. HTC’s upcoming flagship, codenamed M8 is also rumoured to have a dual-camera smartphone. Corephotonics, an Israeli startup has demonstrated it’s dual camera tech at MWC 2014.

Custom Mobile Apps

Custom mobile applications are very popular amongst those that have mobile phones and tablets. People get tired of the standard applications that are preinstalled into their mobile devices. Custom applications expand the functionality of a mobile device and turn it into something different. For example, if you are driving to an unfamiliar destination then you can download a custom mapping application to get driving directions. Another situation could be if you are outside at nighttime and then use a flashlight application on your mobile phone to turn it into an LED flashlight. The possibilities that custom applications bring to your mobile phone are endless.

Find the Best Laptops With This Laptop Buying Guide

Laptops have come a long way in the last ten years. With advances in technology covering almost every component that comprises a laptop, it’s possible to find laptops that truly are desktop replacements.

Advantages of an Android TV Box – Things to Know

Why do you need an Android TV box? Here is a look at what this box offers and why you should get one!

How to Cool Down an Overheated Laptop

Concerned that your laptop is running too hot? Read about the top three warning signs that indicate your laptop is overheating. Find out how to cure and how to cool down your laptop. Do those USB chillers really work?

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