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Speck SmartShell for iPad 2 Overview

If you have an iPad 2, then more than likely, you have heard of the Smart Cover, and how it offers some of the best protection available for your device. The benefits it offers such as the wake/sleep Smart Technology and self-cleaning side of the cover make it a necessity for keeping your device in pristine condition. The only issue you might have with the Smart Cover is that while it offers top-of-the-line protection for your screen, it is a top cover only.

Is Mobile Social Media Technology Fueling China’s Industrial Revolution with Worker Unrest

It is American innovation such as the Internet, and our mobile personal technologies that are really causing havoc around the world? Are the popular uprisings against governments and rogue regimes really the US’s fault? After all, many of these governments that are less democratic to their populace,, at least less than the current first world deems appropriate?

Choosing Your BlackBerry Alarm App

You’ve just gotten a shiny new BlackBerry – it could be the latest BlackBerry Curve, a new BlackBerry Torch, or even a brand new BlackBerry Storm – you pull out your new smartphone, peel off the plastic, and dive into App World to fill your BlackBerry with the latest in mobile gadgets; but with so many apps available, which one should be the first to make its way onto your new phone? This article will help you navigate through the confused jumble of BlackBerry alarm apps that are currently on the market, helping you find the BlackBerry alarm that is the best fit for you and your lifestyle.

What to Do Immediately After Buying a New Laptop

The three things you need to do after buying a new laptop or notebook 1) fully charge its battery before use 2) create a set of backup DVD’s and 3) submit your warranty to manufacture online or through the mail. Doing this RIGHT NOW will save you time and money later.

Icon Skins Pro – A Great Way to Personalize Your iPhone

So far, iPhone has been considered the leader concerning the applications subject, having the largest market and a huge fan following. A single store – AppStore – makes the search for applications simple and it presents competent descriptions for the developers’ products, so the user’s perspective is enlarged. The most popular category by far is Games, followed by Entertainment and the third most popular category is Books.

Best iPad 2 Sleeve – Speck PixelSleeve Plus

Speck Pixelsleeve Plus for iPad 2 For those of you who prefer to carry your iPad 2 along when traveling, there are various options available to you. You can choose to carry your case with a shoulder strap, or opt for a folio-type case that can be carried under or in the crook of your arm. There are yet others who prefer a more traditional option, to transport your device in a case you can carry in your hand to keep your iPad 2 safe, nearby and easily accessible.

Tablet Computing – A Revolution on the Sales Floor

With the advent and adoption of tablet computers it is instructive to look at what is happening in the retail environment. A trend at the local mall is that in some stores the shop personnel are now starting to carry tablet computers. Order entry and inventory management can be done on the fly so that the customer has immediate access to the product they desire. In this article, we examine the enabling technology and the consumer ramifications of a potential change in the retail industry.

Laptop Lifestyle, Do You Want One?

You can get started for less than $100-$500. Hear me, you can get started for not that is all you will ever spend. You see an online business, is like everything else in life… a beginning, a middle and an end. Which we want to have a continuation. Start with $100-$500 to begin making some money on the internet. And making money is your first sign that you have a business and not just a hobby.

iPad 2 Case – Sport Your Favorite Team’s Logos

If you are looking for a custom look for your iPad 2 case and you are a sports fan, you will want to check out the team logo case cover designs available to you. You can now show support for your favorite sports team and protect your iPad 2, maybe even while catching a game. Whether you are a baseball or basketball fan, these fine designs are fully endorsed by both the MLB and NBA.

Is the Mobile Office a Reality Right Now?

Recently a journalist I know (full disclosure; he’s my brother) spent an entire week working purely from his smartphone. There was a little more to his plan; he also abandoned luggage in the interests of utility, and, I suspect, seeing how far he could push an idea, good or otherwise. But for the purposes of his week, his smartphone was his working computer.

How Cloud Computing Works

Cloud computing consists of shared virtual resources which are accessed via an application programming interface. The actual resources may be found in different locations, some inside the organisation or outside. You can get these resources from a managed or remote service provider, a pay-as-you-use center or an enterprise data center.

iTab Grip iPad Grip Case Review

If you’re thinking of getting an iPad 2, you’re probably going to want a little protection for your new gadget. Apple’s Smart Covers are probably one of the coolest accessories right now for the newly released iPad. It’s innovative, it’s stylish and it protects your iPad 2 screen from getting scratched. Unfortunately, these so called “smart” covers don’t protect the iPad’s aluminum back side, which is very prone to scratches.

Capture and Record Video From the iPad 2

The iPad 2 is an advanced gizmo with powerful skills in communicating – one of the most popular gadgets in this era. People with modern lifestyle surely will need this gadget since it saves its owners a lot of money providing a wide choice of uses. There are quite a lot of apps – thousands and thousands – which are available in multiple categories.

ITunes 64

The 64 bit processor has been made available to the market sooner than the software that will work on it. If you own such a machine, you may have experienced difficulty finding software that will work on it. One commonly reported instance of this is iTunes.

Rackmount Computers, the Beauty of Front Accessible Servers

Primarily intended for use in industrial settings, the advantages of durability and economical use of space are highly desirable features when it comes to looking for a computer. Because these units are stackable, there is more room for added servers to be placed on top of each other while saving space, making this a huge advantage against regular desktop towers. These computers are great for various reasons, but it is perfect for coping with tough conditions like continuous use in dirt and outdoor conditions.

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