Skip the 14″ MacBook Pro – Why You Should Buy the 16″ MacBook Pro!

iTorch Imp52d – The Versatile iTorch IMP52D

Smartphones and tables are amazing devices. It seems every day you can find new things to do with the devices outside of making simple phone calls. It can be used to entertain yourself or kids with a myriad of games. It can be used to check your email and stay in touch. It can be used for a word processor or to collect voice notes at a moment’s notice. But, all of that comes with a limit. There are times where you will find your battery life coming to an end as you see that percentage dropping down further and further.

Card Payment Methods for Your Private Practice: A Comparison

Low-cost cashless payment solutions are becoming increasingly prolific in private practice. It’s no longer the case that you need expensive specialist hardware to take card payments in clinic or when you are out visiting clients. Here we present the most popular options, and compare their merits.

Take Away From Google I/O 2013 – All Androids Are Equal!

Google I/O 2013, many Androiders* believe, fell short of a riposte to the iOS 7, save for a few add-on features. But wait, Google says these updates apply to all Android versions. Is there a twist in the tale? This article examines the technical nuggets in the updates announced, and comes away marveling. Read how!

The Gold Mine of Mobile App Development for Home Healthcare

Grapevine in the tech circles has it that about 40% of all the apps developed is for the healthcare segment. mHealth app development is poised to grow as the paranoia of health sinews onto the mobile medium firmly. This article explores the cosmos of mobile app development to support the macro health industry.

Mobile ERP Development – Enabling Affordable ERP Solutions for SMEs on the Go

Enterprise Resource planning software enables business establishments to successfully integrate activities and manage large scale data across various functional departments through a common interface for informed decision making. Akin to ERP in Information Technology, mobile ERP apps play a pivotal role in enhancing business performance and streamlining business operations by offering flexibility to access and manage business critical information on the move. Rendering significant cost advantage and instantaneous collaboration with employees, customers and partners, mobile ERP apps are a great pick for resource constrained start ups and growing businesses.

The iPhone and iPad: Powerhouse Musical Tools Of The 21st Century

You know that you’ve got an iPhone in your pocket and an iPad in your backpack, but did you know that you’re also carrying a home studio? This article looks at the multitude of possibilities for music creation on your iOS devices.

Is It Possible for a Mobile App Design Company to Reduce Battery Consumption?

There are different types of mobile apps in the market for various purposes. Certain types that are made by an app development company help in reducing battery consumption.

Why Will You Like iPhone 5 by T-Mobile?

We all know how fascinated the world is with iPhone 5 by Apple. Recently around April 12, 2013 T-Mobile announced its very own iPhone 5. It gives you the freedom to access an unlocked device from a different carrier other than AT&T. There is a lot more than what meets the eye.

Estimating the Cost of iPhone Application Development

If you are a mobile entrepreneur looking to develop an iPhone application, then it is important for you to consider your budget before planning and developing the application. The cost of iPhone app development is dependent on the type of iPhone application you are developing.

Apple and Responsive Design – How the ‘iDevices’ Actually Did Change Things

The release of the iPhone and iPad has caused ripples in the web design community that are still being felt today. But there may be some obvious reasons why…

The Features of Mobile Tech and Their Applications for Good Causes – Connectivity

The following two parted article examines the key features of mobile technology and how these features can be vital to those looking to use mobile devices for good causes; whether it be aid or health agencies employing them ‘in the field’ or charities rolling them out to disadvantaged individuals to improve their quality of life. Wireless Connectivity Perhaps the primary advantage of any portable device, in terms of its use for charities and aid agencies for example, is the factor that makes it portable in the first place – that is its wireless connectivity. There…

Android’s Master Key Security Mistakes Discovered

Android’s master key gives an imaginative access of cyber-thieves to almost any Android phones, which has been discovered by BlueBox security research firm. If the system is exploited, the bug would provide access to attackers to almost all Android phones. The bug could eventually be exploited to allow attackers do what should be done by stealing the data, overhear something or using it to send trash messages.

Samsung’s Galaxy SII and SIII – The Major Android Revenue Drivers

A Japanese social gaming company. GREE has recently brought to light that they make more than 40 percent of all of the revenue from users using Samsung Galaxy S2 and S3.

Wired Vs Wi-Fi: Four Reasons Not to Cut the Cable

It might be hard to imagine, but there was once a time when everyone had to connect to the internet… with wires. Now that we can wirelessly connect to the internet, it’s hard to think of a reason why someone would want to use cables and wires to get online. Or is it? Is there still a place for cables in our modern internet community? That is a good question, and it has a good answer.

How Small Businesses Can Escape the Dumps

Is your business running slow lately? Are there just too many new competing establishments in your city? You seem to be buried deep down with all their fancy stores and fancy promotions, right?

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