Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 – Why You’ll Want This!

iPad Apps for Restaurants

iPad apps for restaurants are something new and may sound scary to restaurant owners, but it transforms the way people make their orders. Several restaurant owners joined this “online food ordering” game and have discovered the power of iPads and started using iPads to make their operations more efficient.

Apple’s App Store Hits 25 Billion Downloads

March 3rd, 2012 marked a huge milestone for Apple’s iTunes App store, not to mention the entire mobile application industry. This was the day worldwide downloads from the App Store surpassed 25 billion. The lucky downloader who was responsible for making history will receive a $10,000 iTunes gift card, but the real story is the unprecedented growth of the application market. iOS has become the default operating system for a huge number of smartphone and tablet users. iPhone and iPad make up more than a third of all such devices currently in the hands of consumers and its App Store represents an even larger piece of the overall mobile application revenue pie.

Most Useful iPhone Apps for Kids

The iPhone apps rescue many parents in need of some quick and easy entertainment for their kids. The latest iPhone apps have become a helpful tool for combining learning with fun.

Ever Considered Using HTML5 As a Mobile App?

As the mobile application industry continues to grow by leaps and bounds, more and more developers are using CSS3, JavaScript, and HTML5 to support the creation of various web applications and native mobile applications. The process, developers say, comes in pretty handy when doing cross-platform development or when re-working content that already has been developed in some form out there on the Web. What Does HTML5 Bring to the Table?

Are Your Employees Making Your Business Sick?

A few employees download family photos. A few ladies shop online during their lunch breaks. What is wrong with this picture? The CEO catches up on his Facebook account through his company BlackBerry. If they are using company computers or any company networked system, they are putting the company and its bottom line in the cross-hairs of jeopardy. Bottom line is this: your employees may be making your business sick.

Learn Laptop Repair

Want to learn laptop repair? Here’s how you can go about it.

The Best 5 Games for iPhone Users

iPhones are among the best available smart-phones today. iPhone users are always looking for something new and interesting to do on their iOS device.

Should I Buy an Android or an iPhone?

When choosing a smart phone you’re forced to pick between three major competitors, two of which are dominating the current market share. So what is the best option to choose from, an Android or an iPhone? Well the answer is that they’re both extremely nice operating systems, it comes down to your specific needs.

Some Insights Into Wireless Speakers

Picking the perfect type of wireless outdoor speaker is difficult when confronted with a large array of different terms and specifications, such as “sound pressure level”, “output power” etc. You may not even fully understand the most basic of these terms, such as “speaker output power”. I am going to explain the term “speaker wattage” a bit more in this article. “Wattage” is one of the most fundamental terms describing speaker performance. However, it is often misunderstood. Some manufacturers also in the past have used this term in a confusing manner to hide the real performance.

iPhone Applications for the Growth and Development of Children

Today, technology has become a part of our life and mobile developers have created many motivating and meaningful applications that target many areas. The high resolution graphics used in the applications appeal children of all age groups.

Comparison of the New 3rd Gen iPad Versus the iPad 2

First up is the name. Apple is aiming to standardise the naming of the iPad more in line with their other products. The iPod Touch for example has never been referred to as the “iPod Touch 2”.

Ten Tips for Effective iPhone Game Development

Apps can take up much of your time and money, especially games. This is an app-friendly world that we live in. Even businesses which create innovative apps can reap fantastic revenues. It’s just that it is up to the developers to create apps which are worthwhile to buy and give time to.

Apple’s New iPad Has Retina Display and 5MP Camera

Apple launched the much-awaited new iPad early this month at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. Apple’s dual-LED display makes the iPad’s screen very brighter.Apple will upgrade the existing apps to high-resolution, but developers can develop new apps to better position the Retina Display.

How Corporate Training Programs Benefit From Today’s Mobile Technology

Mobile phone technology is one of the most important areas of development across industries worldwide. Mobile applications have already begun to change the way we connect and talk while traveling. According to Texas-based, a leading market research company, the total global mobile phones and Smartphone market is expected to grow to $341.4 billion by 2015, with the Smartphone revenues projected to rise by 75.8% in 2015. A vast majority of corporate event planners and attendees have recognized the importance of using and acquiring mobile phone and Smartphone-based applications to organize meetings and conferences in an easy and quick manner.

Cyber Security and Its Impact on the Economy, Technologies, and the Military

Cyber Security has the world’s attention now and for the foreseeable future especially with the challenges we face with protecting our data with e-commerce, innovation of technologies for life’s simple pleasures, and the strategic reach that information provides to our military around the world. When you think about this topic it’s hard to just focus on one relevant issue because they are so vast in their depth and breadth that one could easily get lost in focus and forget the other topics of discussion. However, Cyber Security is as relevant in today’s world as the advent of the airplane, the radio, the light bulb, or Eli Whitney’s cotton gin. All of which changed the world as we know it today.

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