Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra – NOT What You Expect!

Laptop Recycling – 3 Great Reasons Why You Should Be Doing It

With technology rapidly progressing at near light speed, there are many reasons to upgrade your outdated laptop for the newest and fastest model. In the space of just two years, a laptop can go from the market leader to the bottom of the technological pile. As many of us upgrade our technology, we are left with our old, outdated laptops. These laptops can be recycled. In fact, recycling laptops has some great benefits. Read on for a few of them.

Breaking News Alert – That’s So 30-Minutes Ago!

Okay so, we all have pet peeves, and one of mine is getting a news alert, something labeled “Breaking News” and then for the next two hours I get the same story from 10 different news sources. It seems to me things are getting a little out of control, and perhaps this is one of the problems of having news media apps on personal tech devices, or subscribing to e-mail news lists of various media outlets. Someone needs to fix this problem because it’s getting so ridiculous, it’s completely over the top, and it is a waste of our time as users to have to keep deleting everything.

Mobile App Development With the iPhone and Android is Expected to Blow Out the Competition

The demand for mobile developers is high and the recruiting environment for software development professionals has been extremely good. IT teams are in huge demand since they play important roles in achieving client goals. Investment in technology is important for meeting the drastically increasing demand on software professionals.

Where Is the LTE Voice Service?

With next generation mobile LTE networks being rolled out worldwide, a basic question remains. Where is the voice service? This article explores the challenges mobile operators face in realizing their return on investment, and as consumers, what we might expect from our next mobile phone purchase.

The Things You Should Know About Android Tablets: Advantages and Disadvantages

Tablet computers are something unique and different. We haven’t seen anything quite like it before. Just a few years ago there is no such product, but now it is one of the fastest selling devices in the world and there has never been anything like it. And it would likely be hard to equal that feat in the future.

Tips About Buying the Best Tablet Computer

It is really fascinating when you think about the fact that just two years ago the tablet computer did not exist in the market. We were going crazy over smartphones and laptops back then. Now everyone seems to be using these devices.

Three Impressive Mobile Apps to Try

The arrival of smartphones and apps has literally turned our world inside out. Especially the world of mobile apps has been exploding and blooming to control most of what we do. Therefore, finding right apps to download or use can actually be tricky and tiresome. If you are searching for a good app for the iPhone, iPad or an Android devices, here is the list of a few highly rated ones.

Are We Punishing Jurors for Participating In Their Duty As Americans?

It seems that everyone I know tries to get out of jury duty. No one really wants to go do it. The system is abusive to jurors, as it treats them badly, treats everyone as if they’re ignorant, and runs them through the mill as if their cattle. It is this unfortunate treatment of the individual, and overbearing authority of the courts that makes the experience no fun. Although it is our right to be judged by a jury of our peers, and our right and duty to involve ourselves in the system of justice, it is obviously a shell game, and it has become a joke.

Mobile Tech Content – Writing Articles About Smart Phones and Cellular Communication

It is amazing how the science and technology news seems to almost have been hijacked by mobile tech. It is not that this sector has not changed our world in short order and modified the way we do things in our society and civilization, it surely has and perhaps we can thank Steve Jobs from Apple for all of that. As a science buff I like to read the science news but I’m often dismayed at how much of it is about the little devices we carry around every day.

Google Plans To Launch A Web Store For Tablets

Selling and purchasing online has become the latest buzzword in the market these days. It is evident through various market research agencies, that web retailing and internet shopping is the talk of the town. No wonder rather than going out and struggling hard for the required product, the customer can purchase best products at competitive prices, just at one click.

Mobile Application Development: In-House Versus Outsource

With the rising demand for Smart phones of various companies, the demand for Smartphone application has also gone up. The user of these phones wants to have an ‘app’ for every other purpose. To exploit this huge demand, mobile application development companies have started developing innovative and user-friendly applications or apps, that could match the expectations of these users and thus, the mobile application development has become an industry in itself.

PhoneGap for Mobile Cross Platform Development

PhoneGap is that mobile application development framework that can be associated with all the mobile platforms that are available today. Today’s mobile OSes like iOS, Android, Blackberry, Symbian and web OS all are benefitted by this universal mobile app framework. This Adobe’s product enables the users to create a plugin so that the app can be extended to any kind of functionality.

Hire Android Developer to Create Apps for Jelly Bean OS

Smartphones in the likes of Android have been ruling the roost for a fairly long time. Having taken over a mammoth share of the smartphone market, Android has evolved as the most preferred operating system for mobile devices and tablets.

Evaluating and Buying Screen Protectors for Your iPad

How do you evaluate the pros/cons of various Apple iPad screen protectors? How do you know whether to buy a screen protector at all?

Star N9770 Android Phone Is Continuously Getting Positive Reviews

We are not strangers to mobile phones but there are certain modern phones that have constantly be receiving very good and positive reviews. One such mobile phone is the Star n9770. This is an Android phone manufactured by the Star Company. This is a dual core phone. The purpose the company is using the dual core technology on this phone is that with a dual core processor, the phone can be more efficient than any other phone in the market.

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