Reviewing EVERY iPhone Ever!

Why Do a Number of Businesses Prefer Native Apps?

Native apps have their own charm because they offer enough speed and performance for businesses to take advantage of. Native applications have the significant advantage of being able to easily access.

Ramos MOS1 Max, Bigger And Tougher

As the name it shows, the Ramos MOS1 Max is a big-size smartphone with a 6.44-inch screen. Besides, it features big capacity battery and it supports more than one-day normal use.

UMI Plus, An Outstanding Smartphone With A Comfortable User Experience

When you select a smartphone, which aspect do you care about? The appealing look? Extreme slim body?

Ramos R10 Review: A Mid-Range Smartphone With 3GB RAM

Recently, Ramos has launched a new product Ramos R10, which features a full-metal stylish appearance with 3GB plus 32GB huge storage. Besides, it supports fingerprint recognition and Type-C function. In this articles, I will show you more details about it.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Comes With 3GB RAM

The new Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 carries on the appearance design of the previous Redmi products, and it comes with the big capacity 3GB RAM. Besides, it is configured with a powerful processor Helio X20. At this article, I will show you more details about it.

Yotaphone 2, The World’ S First Dual-Screen Smartphone

Yotaphone 2 is the unique design smartphone, which features dual screens. And this is the first creation worldwide. This design brings us more conveniences, especially when you watch the messages and mails on your phone.

Why A Customized Android App Is Better Than A Ready-Made Solution

In today’s market, business owners are increasingly becoming concerned about the fact that one size fits all packaged software is not the best and complete solution for every business. Since the requirements of every business are different, it is very difficult to choose one single product that can accommodate multiple needs simultaneously.

Android Mobile Application Development – The Essence of Any Business

Android is the open source operating system by Google. Since 2008, it has become the most preferred alternative to conventional operating systems especially when it comes to mobile devices.

Why Should Companies Invest in Custom iPad App Development?

Did you know that the total number of Apple devices used around the world has surpassed one billion? The data is based on the number of devices that are regularly using the App Store and the iCloud. This means that if you currently do not have an app for any Apple device, like the iPad, then you could be missing out on opportunities to market your business and reach out to more customers locally and around the world.

Meizu Max: The Biggest Meizu Smartphone

Meizu has released a new product: Meizu Max. It aims at the business market of young people. And it has a new design with a white pull-packaging.

3 Ways Google’s In-App Search Will Influence Android App Development

Google announced the new “In-Apps” application for Android that is a search tab for locating content within applications. To be concise, the search mode will henceforth be named “In Apps” and can be used by users to search contacts, notes or music on their device applications.

How Much Does It Cost to Build An App Like UBER?

Uber was the first taxi company to start offering its services all over the globe. The company expanded to more than 70 cities, thus allowing travelers to go wherever they want. With their taxi app, equipped with user-friendly features, Uber has allowed more and more travelers to call taxis to reach their destinations.

Get a Fully Customized App On Hourly Prices Using Agile Methodology

When it comes to developing a mobile application, there are two methodologies for the app developers to choose from: Agile and Waterfall. Waterfall methodology breaks every task into sections and arranges them in a sequential order to keep the project is a flow whereas, Agile facilitates continuous deployment of shippable application pieces that work for both the customers and clients. The distinguishing factor between the two methodologies is that Agile allows and encourages modifications by the client while, Waterfall doesn’t.

Don’t Make These Mistakes When Developing An App!

A mobile app is very important for businesses to survive in the digital age. However, a good app is important and you need to be careful of app development mistakes.

HUAWEI HONOR 7i Comes With A Rotating 13MP Camera

Huawei has launched a new smartphone: HUAWEI HONOR 7i. It is the sister model of the HUAWEI HONOR 7. If you look at these two phones, you may find that the obvious difference between them is the camera.

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