Pixel 6 Pro vs S21 Ultra – ULTIMATE Camera Comparison!

Mobile Applications and the Crashes

The worst nightmare for the mobile application developers is the time when their app crashes. Be it in the client environment or even during the testing phase when the app ceases to function or remains inactive it is a hard task to unclasp these tricky situations.

Cross Platform Development – Few Most Popular Cross Platform Development Frameworks

Cross Platform mobile app development is very beneficial for any application developing company as well as for the users. It has many benefits like support from a large community of developers because cross-platform mobile frameworks are open source technology.

Bluetooth on PC – What’s a Bluetooth Adapter Dongle?

A Bluetooth adapter dongle is a USB accessory for your PC or Notebook which enables you to add Bluetooth wireless capability to your computer device. The dongle usually has a standard USB (Universal Serial Bus) Type-A rectangular connector which plugs into any spare USB receptacle on your device and provides power to the dongle as well as transferring the data picked up by the wireless dongle.

Latest Trend in Mobile Application Development: Mobile Business Intelligence

Growth in the Mobile Application Industry is reaching new heights; there is a huge rush in the Mobile Application Development industry to bring business applications to these mobile devices. Toeing on these lines, developers have moved a step further in delivering hardcore enterprise applications like Mobile Business Intelligence, catering to the need of business enterprises whether big or small to have an upper hand in cut throat competition. Creating such a technology where information at your fingertips with the help of Mobile Reporting is the need of the hour, as it is increasingly important to survive in this fast growing competitive…

What Is A Mobile Website and Why Is It Vital To Your Business?

Ever wondered what a mobile website is? Why are some websites different when you visit them from your mobile or tablet device?

Have You Seen Jelly Bean Features Yet? Android 4.1 Is Here!

Android 4.1 version which is nicknamed the Jelly Bean is here with exciting new features. It is expected to create a storm in the coming months too.

Making the Most of Field Service Mobile Technology

Effective field service management must take aim at the cause of field service challenges rather than the consequences. So making the right choice about what new technology to adopt within a business is a crucial, yet essential decision.

How Can the Cloud Support Service Businesses?

Cloud-based software provides vital support to field service teams. In particular the software is capable of driving the customer service process as it places the information the mobile workforce needs in their hands during critical touch points with customers.

Developments in Technology Meeting the Demands of Service Management Business

Service management can be vastly improved by the latest technological developments available on the market. Many of the latest field service software packages are called “off-premise” systems – in that a business no longer requires costly capital expenditure to purchase hardware and have this installed on-premise. Such developments in technology mean that software is now web-based and hosted by a service provider in a highly-resilient data centre.

Technology Designed to Provide Field Service Solutions

Field service solutions take a coordinated approach to managing workers out “in the field” of their work. By “in the field” what we generally mean is in their working environment.

Service Business Software Meeting the Customer Service Challenge

Effective service management demands excellent customer service. This is particularly pertinent in today’s world as the level of a customer’s overall satisfaction with a company is becoming increasingly important for any business.

Finally! A Company Shows How to Make Apps

Go ahead and get ready for the next revolution to shake up the marketing world: Mobile Apps. You’ve seen them, you’ve downloaded them, heck, you may even be using one to read this…

iPhone Development: Aspects To Be Taken Care Of

The main reason behind the popularity of iPhone being the fact that the smart phones equipped with all the recent applications are capable of handling most of the daily task of a normal human life. There are a lot of aspects, while considering iPhone development that are to be taken care of, which play a very important role in the popularity of the brand.

Is It Worth Paying Extra For The MacBook Pro Retina Display?

So is Apples new MacBook Pro 2012 Retina Display really worth the extra $500 for the high-resolution Retina screen? Well it all depends on what you want to use it for! Lets start by explaining what the Retina Display is and what makes it so ground breaking.

Increase Your Productivity With the Best BlackBerry Playbook Apps

BlackBerry Playbook is a great device for business executives and business owners. It’s smart yet very user-friendly and lets you stay productive at all times.

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