Pixel 6 Pro vs iPhone 13 Pro Max – ULTIMATE Camera Comparison!

Laptop Vs Tablet: Which Is Better for Your Business?

The growing popularity of ultra-portable tablets has sparked debate over whether they have the potential to replace their predecessors-laptops. True, tablets have the edge of being very portable and having interfaces that totally redefine the term “user-friendly”.

4 Reasons Apple Cannot Stop Android’s Growth

In recent weeks various sites have expressed their backing to Apple in there supposed mission to hurt Android by any means possible. Today we take a look at some of the facts of the Apple vs. Android mobile platform wars.

The Mobile App Development Trends Of 2012 And Beyond

The mobile app development has proved to be the fastest growing segment in the world. What can we expect from the future now?

Hospitality Service Industries Are Going the Geek Way

It is the mobility aspect that the hospitality industry was a stranger to until now. The hospitality companies too are getting on par with their customers’ habits with respect to tablets and Smartphones.

6 Tips and Tricks You Can Try Out on Your Android (ICS) Devices

Google launched a newer version of its Android OS – the Ice Cream Sandwich or Android 4.0, in the last quarter of 2011; this release was highly anticipated by the Android fans and users all over the world. This new OS from Android has a number of features and functionalities, which made it worth the wait for this highly anticipated version of the Android OS.

Avoiding the Risks of Not Securing Your Smartphone

Could our smartphone usage be exposing us to potential data breaches? If you’re not taking the right precautions, it very well could be! Read on to find out what you can do to stay safe.

Learn the Fundamentals of Developing iPhone Apps

This article is completely centred towards the basics that must always be considered while developing iPhone applications. This article provides guideline of activities to perform for generating good iOS apps.

Impact of Regulatory Compliance in Leveraging Mobile Solutions to Enterprises

Keeping up with the regulatory compliance standards while framing a mobile application to a major corporation is the most challenging task for the mobility enterprise gurus. Yet, these mobility experts have created the most ideal apps that would adhere to the rules and regulations in terms of security and data threats.

Why Knowing How to Get a Laptop for Free May NOT Be Helpful

So, you’re looking to cut corners, and you want to find out how to get a laptop for free – if that is really possible? And it is safe to assume that you want to acquire this free laptop without throwing a brick through a store window, or by any other means that might land you in jail, right? Well, you can actually get a free laptop in terms of money out of your pocket.

Mobile App Testing Goals and Methodologies

Often when testing starts on a mobile app testing project, it is without thought as to the goal of the testing. This can result in wasted time by the testers involved and something much worse; inadequate testing for the mobile app.

Physical Features and Display: Apple Inspired by Samsung Galaxy S3

The digital lifestyle of a consumer is always demanding new updated technology. This is the reason why every given mobile brand is up against each other when it comes to various aspects including technical, physical and screen display. At present, the battle is between iPhone5 and Samsung Galaxy S3. Both are on par when it comes to technological advancement and in popularity votes in the technology market scenario. Let us try to understand what is it that these two products have, especially when it comes to the look and feel factor.

Six Reasons Why Gaming Laptops Are A Better Choice Than Standard Laptops

Many people assume that a ‘gaming’ laptop means that these laptops are only useful for those users that want to play videogames – this is not true at all. When you compare the standard laptop to a gaming laptop, you will see it is almost an entirely different breed of computer. Even though gaming laptops are often more expensive because of the extra hardware you find on the inside, there are several reasons that they are absolutely worth the extra money that you spend.

Three Great Reasons To Change Your Desktop PC With A Laptop Computer

Nowadays most people give you a strange look if you tell them that you are buying a new computer, and plan to buy a desktop. With technology becoming such an important part of our lives, it may seem strange to some to buy a computer that is too bulky to go with you everywhere you go. These are just a handful of reasons that it might be preferable to switch from a desktop, to a laptop.

Seven Reasons Why You Need A Laptop for School

Whereas back-to-school supplies used to include a new backpack, notebooks, and pens, nowadays the list for many students also includes a laptop computer. There are several reasons why it is beneficial for a student to have access to a laptop for educational purposes.

Help and Tips for Developing Successful Apps

Most of us these days will own a smart phone of one type or other. Arguably, one of the biggest selling points of any smart phone is the use of apps. Apps made the smart phone market extremely appealing and the ideas for apps that followed came in droves.

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