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Your App Can Make You More MONEY

Now a days all of us use smartphones with different apps. There are some apps which can help you to earn money on one click.The article gives you summary of different Android and iOS applications that can be used to make money.

iOS VS Android

The article is about Mobile technology. In today’s modern era, mobile technology got a tremendous popularity. Every thing is going toward the mobile technology. Hopefully the coming future is all about mobile technology.

Why Do Businesses Need Custom Mobile Application Development?

All customers use mobile apps. In fact all customers prefer a mobile app over a website these days. It’s simply too convenient to have anywhere anytime access to the facilities we use so often.

Timeless Rules for Web Apps Development

Web apps are becoming more and more important for modern businesses. These apps not only give businesses a competitive edge, but also provide them with the right tools to improve their operating efficiency. Innovative apps that are customized as per business requirements are in demand and developers focus on creating apps that add value to the business and its offerings.

How Can Kids Benefit From Tablets?

It is the age of the tablet now. From personal computers or desktops and laptops, most people are switching tablets for their convenience. Nonetheless to say these are much efficient and are capable of standing out to meet the needs of the people.

Advantages of Deploying Mobile Applications for Your Business

Mobile marketing has become the recent trend for a vast & rapid promotion of your business as it has a widespread approach across the local & global boundaries. The construction of the mobile apps can thus endorse a small business within a short span of time.

Inspire the Singer in You With the Best Karaoke Apps

Whether you are a fun-loving karaoke enthusiast or a pitch-perfect singer, there are a variety of karaoke apps to match the personal singing style. Many of the apps are quite advanced with options to auto-tune or share recordings with friends on social networks.

Remote Patient Monitoring Using Mobile and Cloud Computing

The purpose of this paper is to build an IOS platform based mobile application for the healthcare domain, which uses the idea of Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing.. The idea is to build ‘Vital sign iOS App’ which provides the end user with visualization of their Electro Cardiogram (ECG) waves.

Hybrid Vs Native Technology in Building a Powerful Mobile Application

Whatever mobile application you build for business, at the end of the day you need to count the user experience. So before choosing the technology platform for building mobile app for business, you should know more about hybrid and native mobile application, the usability and its utility for the customers for better user experience.

Revealing The Top 5 UX Design Trends To Follow In 2017

Your app is not alone. There are more than 1 million apps in the app store vying for users’ attention almost in every category. Therefore, building a great product with high-end aesthetics and matching the latest design is a holy-grail in the app world. To keep you updated with the smarter insights and user experience design trends in 2017, here is the list; you should not forget to follow.

The Benefits of Using the Mobile Application of Websites

A website is a significant tool for the promotion of any business or organization. With the increase in the usage of mobile devices, the procedure of developing the mobile friendly software has been augmented too.

What If Someone Truly Did Not Want To Vote In An Era of Online Voting Apps?

Indeed, I guess it goes without saying that in the future we will have online voting apps. Everyone will vote via their smart phone, tablet, laptop, desk top or smart TV, who knows maybe they can vote through their refrigerator since the Internet of Things is nearly upon us and 5G wireless is rounding the corner. With all this great technology, excuses for not voting go right out the window – but does that mean we should make voting mandatory? I think not, merely because I think voting is a right and you should have the right to not vote too. Let’s talk.

How to Figure Out What Keywords Your Potential Customers Are Using

A big piece of the inbound marketing puzzle is SEO and content. At the center of those pieces are keywords. But when I – as an Inbound Marketer – am putting together campaigns, strategies, and content calendars, I’m often asked, How can you tell that people are using certain keywords?

7 Hot Apps That Will Skyrocket Your Productivity At Work

You can’t avoid new technology these days, especially from a marketing standpoint. While it can seem intimidating to stay on top of the times, it is emphatically laborious for any marketer to be on top of his game if he is not palpable to new trends.

All You Want to Know About SHM

What Does Smh Mean? Acronyms have grown popular since the social media opened chats and social networking became common, as people prefer to use many different acronyms to express themselves in a better manner. And when you are the one using online messages or chats, then you must have come across the acronym ‘SMH’ and wondered what does SMH stand for?

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