OnePlus Watch Review: They Settled!

Buying A Smartphone? Look For These Features!

Getting a good smartphone at an affordable price is no longer as difficult a task as it used to be, even five years back. In what follows, readers will be acquainted with a few basic phone features that they should consider, while buying a smartphone.

Do You Use Any Of These Weird Smartphone Applications?

Having a dash of uniqueness is of essence for a mobile app, to capture the attention of prospective users. Some app development companies overdo this though, and end up launching applications with weird names and even more odd functions. We here present some such rather peculiar smartphone apps.

Are You Aware Of All The Benefits That Mobile Apps Offer?

Mobile applications have transcended the boundaries of being mere pastimes for smartphone-users. There are custom mobile applications offering a host of advantages – some of which have been listed below.

Android 4.4 KitKat: What’s In The Box?

The latest version of Android is called KitKat, and without a doubt it’s the tastiest Android flavor to date. Overall, the changes are not that visually radical in comparison with transition from iOS 6 to iOS 7. Yet it’s a step forth, which is full of internal optimizations.

Native Mobile Apps – Are They Really Better Than Web Apps?

Native apps are generally believed to be qualitatively better, and much easier to handle, than web-based mobile applications. We would here analyze whether such claims are indeed justified.

Touchscreen Laptop Debate: To Touch Or Not To Touch

You’ve seen the new crop of laptops touting their “built for touch” features. But, do you really need – or want – a laptop with the touchscreen?

Using Technology To Advance Your Small Business

Many small business owners shy away from integrating mobile apps for business into their operations because they do not believe they can afford them. However, when labor and paper costs are often figured into the equation, they quickly realize they are making a big mistake. Read more…

Effective Mobile Application Development Services Will Increase Your Customer Base and Revenue

This article provides an insight in to how mobile application development can help increase customer retention and business revenue development. The article also provides salient points that can help you hire the industry best developers for your mobile application project.

How To Force Close The Apps On Your MacBook

Sometimes an app freezes and it just stops working. To get rid from such an irritating frozen app, read more and learn to force quit a frozen app.

Mobile Apps for Business Needs: Types of Companies That Really Need a Mobile App

Why do entrepreneurs need to create a profit-making mobile app? The main reason to create ‘Your Company’ Mobile App is to increase sales. I will explain later what makes a business mobile app so effective and we will also view its structure. Suffice it to say, a Mobile App is another business tool that can be your additional income and marketing channel at the same time.

Update Your SDK to Improve Mobile App Management

When it comes to the reliability, security, and advanced features of their mobile apps, users have increasingly high expectations. That means that IT managers and operators are facing some serious business challenges when it comes to providing mobile app management that not only offers the enterprise grade security they need, but also keeps end users connected, up-to-date, and happy with how their mobile device functions, all without interrupting their productivity or efficiency.

Are You Hiring A Really Expert Mobile App Developer?

The success of a mobile application development company crucially hinges on the proficiency and multi-dimension expertise of its team of developers. Over here, some basic considerations that have to be factored in while hiring an app developer have been listed.

The Dangers of MPos Mobile Application Management

Mobile point of sale solutions have offered businesses like yours a whole new way to offer customer service in every setting, but it also has a dark side. Mobile application management strategies are essential, but every payment technology innovation is still ripe for potential fraud. Hackers are always looking for holes in your mobile app management, hoping to circumvent your monitoring and security and steal your customer data-it happened to Target just recently. As cases where the mobile application management of your mPos solution has been violated increase, customers grow ever more wary-or decide to leave entirely.

How To Factory Reset Your MacBook Pro

Is your MacBook not working well? Do you want to factory reset your machine? Please read to learn how you can factory reset your MacBook Pro easily with a few simple steps.

How To Restart Your MacBook Pro

Restarting your MacBook Pro is a piece of cake. It is an easy task but for all those who find it a little difficult, this article has the perfect guidelines for restarting a Mac Pro.

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