Nothing Ear(1) Review: See Through the Hype!

Mobile Devices Offer Innovative and Secure Solutions for Fleet Management

Corporate networks and businesses often use Smartphones and other mobile devices in order to improve fleet management. This way, sales representatives can place orders and send reports in real time. However, lockdown solutions have become essential for the security of the devices.

Build Mobile Apps That Your Users Will Love!

Mobile apps development today is highly evolved and provides businesses with many opportunities for reaching out to customers. But apps must be built with users and usability in mind. Here we discuss a few tips to build mobile apps that users will love!

7 Ways In Which Mobile Apps Help Businesses to Grow Sales

A mobile app plays a vital role in enhancing the sales of your business. It ensures better customer relationship, increases visibility and accessibility, reinforces your brand, removes communication barriers, helps in effective marketing of your new products and enables you to reach your target audience.

11 Essential Things Every iPhone App Developer Should Know

The Apple iPhone is popular among users for its fast and efficient performance with an intuitive user interface. The iPhone apps extend the capabilities of iPhone, serving multiple purposes. Numerous iPhone applications are available in the App Store, catering to different needs of users as well as businesses. With the increased use of iPhones, the demand of their apps is also rising. Companies look for skilled and efficient iPhone application developers, who have the expertise and in-depth knowledge of the platform, tools, and development process.

Top 10 Reasons Why Businesses Should Adopt Beacons

iBeacons is a concept originally introduced by Apple Inc. primarily as an indoor positioning and proximity based messaging system. As the concept gained popularity, several companies emerged to manufacture hardware and develop mobile device applications exclusively for Beacon technology. Estimote, BluseSense and Onyx to name a few.

Indubitable Significance of Artificial Intelligence in Mobile App Development

Artificial intelligence (AI) is basically a theory of developing the systems that are capable of performing some tasks which would require human intelligence like speech recognition, visual perception, translating something and also decision making. This AI has recognized some problems of building smart user interfaces and has been taking up the challenges of dealing with minimal resources. This method not only seems to be useful but also offers some promising tools for developing situation and location aware mobile systems.

Why Nexus 9 Is Better Than Its Predecessors and Rivals

Tablets are all about convenience, entertainment, and portability, it is easier to carry it around, and it does more than your Smartphone. However, with the latest release of Google Nexus 9 there is more than what you are looking for. The manufacturers claim that this tablet is more of a productivity device rather than just another tablet for technology users.

Lenovo Ideapad Y50 UHD Laptop

The Lenovo Ideapad Y50 UHD review will shed light on all the advanced features and specs this full performance laptop has to offer. Whether your gaming, streaming or just surfing the web, the Y50 will always give you the best performance.

7 Mistakes Every Mobile App Developer Should Avoid

Mobile app developers sometimes overlook several important aspects of creating apps. Avoiding some common and crucial mistakes like packing in too many features, building on several platforms in the first go, not focusing on the UI & UX aspect, not considering flexibility issues, not planning for ways to generate income, marketing after launching the application and not including analytics will help developers to achieve success in the app market.

Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro

Majority of this Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro review will have positive things to report but don’t be fooled. This laptop review is completely unbiased. Lenovo just makes a good product!

App Developers Versus Mobile Solution Providers

A latest survey by Gartner shows that mobile app rose an unbelievable 115% from 2012 to 2013. Apple, which offers over a million apps for the iPhone, iPod, iPad touch, lately said that customers used up over $10 billion on apps in 2013, yet the most accepted apps have a distinctive difference.

Security For Student’s Laptop

With immense quantities of individuals (including students) using laptops both at work and at home, and the climbing number of individuals bringing their laptops with them on treks to anyplace from the coffee shop down the road to the following landmass over, there is an essential security issue additionally on the ascent. The robbery of laptops is at a high record, and once a criminal has your system securely in his grasp, he has all the time on the planet to break whatever remains of your security or disassemble your computer to offer the pieces.

What Does Mobile Technology Represent?

With the passage of time we have seen the telecom industry evolve into what might have been inconceivable some twenty odd years back. A device which was designed to connect people by enabling them to establish communications on the move is doing much more than what it was initially designed for. Surely mobile phones have come a long way since their inception.

Best 5 Third Party Facebook Apps for Android Devices

Many of you might be a big fan of Facebook and love using it on your tablets and Smartphones. Serving you as an excellent platform to stay connected with your family, friends, and relatives, the Facebook app is an ideal solution to keep yourself updated. In the recent past, many users denied obeying the dictatorial decision of the company that forces the users to install Messenger chat app to continue communicating with others.

5 Tips to Buy Laptops on OLX in Pakistan

Classified AD posting websites are getting popular each day. eBay was a great example of this fact. In Pakistan, we can see two big websites promoting online selling. One example is the, and the other one is OLX has gained huge popularity among Pakistani people. My friends have been selling products via OLX for past few months. You can see many Television advertisements promoting OLX services. However, I do not think it is safe to buy or sell products on OLX.

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