NEW M1X 14/16″ MacBook Pro – Apple October 2021 Event PREVIEW!

The 7 Reasons WHY a Mobile App Is Effective

Most small business owners have doubtlessly heard that they should get a mobile app. They have read that it would be good for their businesses. They have been told that they need them. But why?

Why Are Banks Embracing Mobile Banking Eagerly?

First came the ATM, then the web and now the mobile banking. If there is any sector that molted as many times in the recent past, it is banking. By placing an entire gamut of services to the customer, banks stand a greater chance of endearing themselves to their customers. Mobile banking is one such vehicle of endearment. This article flips the topic with some prose on the origins of banking via mobiles, the opportunities for software developers and future prospects of this new field.

ASO – App Store Optimisation: How To Get Found On The App Store

App marketing has taken a turn for the worse and smart app developers are moving their high capital marketing to new frontiers – organic growth strategies. Old tactics simply aren’t reaping the same rewards as they use to, with over 700,000 competing apps on the app store, new initiatives are being taken to compete with even the biggest publishers. Introducing: ASO – App Store Optimisation.

Which Size Tablet Computer Is Better – A 7-Inch or a 10-Inch?

I often get asked which size Tablet computer is better – a 7-inch or a 10-inch? In many ways it’s a personal preference but I think the way to find what’s best for you is decide how you want to use it and what you want to do on it. Here are my thoughts.

Emerging NFC Social Applications

NFC stands for Near Field Communication, which simply represents a collection of standards for the present generation of smart phones and other similar devices. Its main purpose is to a establish radio communication between the NFC powered devices by bringing them closer together, which should usually not be more than a few centimeters.

How Mobile Apps Developers Can Save Smartphone Battery

According to research by Purdue University and Microsoft, connecting app with ad networks leads to 75% of app-related battery drain. This article gives solutions to users and developers on how to cut down ads and save battery life.

How Mobile Business Apps Are Changing Businesses

Ten years ago it might have been difficult to envisage how mobile business apps could perhaps make so many aspects of our life simpler. The latest smartphones now account for about eighty percent of the cellphone market and for that reason firms have started to move a lot more of their daily activities towards an even greater degree of mobility.

Alternative Operating Systems for Mobile Devices

Apart from Android and iOS, users have two alternative options for operating systems to install in their smartphones and electronic tablets. One option is free while the second choice is a proprietary firmware update from a major mobile phone brand.

Which One Is Sought After? iPhone or iPhone Apps

Admit it! The moment you possess an iPhone, you begin looking for App Store icon. App development in iPhone has made it cool and functional to sport as many apps as possible on your iPhone. This article rewinds to the time iphone made its debut and what made it a hot property to possess. App development too have been given due weightage leading to a conclusion on the prospects of iphone app development.

The Quest For a Viable Client Device

The Past – So there are times that all the dizzying choices of client devices cause a mind to succumb to the draw of having the newest thing. That’s how many devices are drawn out.

What You Should Know When Transferring Symbian Contacts to iPhone?

If you are a Symbian user and you want to start using the iPhone, the first thing you need to consider is how to transfer contacts from Symbian to iPhone. This transfer is not often easy and especially, if you don’t have the slightest clue on what needs to be done to make it a success. However, this is not something you need to fret about. With the following guidelines, it should be comparatively easy for you to accomplish this end.

Advantages of Using Ultrabooks and Convertible Tablets

Find out several advantages of ultrabooks over ordinary laptops, tablets, and desktops. Check out the results of benchmark tests done on these advanced laptops.

How Android Took the Mobile Market by Storm

Talk of Android conjures up the images of endless mobility. It also means opportunities galore existing for developing apps and managing mobile related infrastructure. This article gloats over the importance of Android beginning with its origins, moving onto the phenomenon it has now become in a span of few years and the allied businesses it has spawned. A note on the future of android and app development brings this article to an informed conclusion.

Is Microsoft’s Windows Phone Application Development Catching Up With Apple and Google?

Though late to the app development and retailing market, MS hopes to gain traction soon with its own set of apps. This article takes you on a spin around the operating system MS has launched, its origin, app development ecosystem and future of this platform.

Is Enterprise Mobile App Development the Next Craze?

Everyone who sports a mobile talks about the cool apps they have in their mobiles. To the uninitiated, this article gives a sneak peek on mobile apps, its inception, uses, and its frenzied development across platforms. The article winds down with a sketch of where mobile apps development could head in the coming decades.

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