NEW iMac Pro (2022) – Everything We Know!

Management in the Mobile Workforce

Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Application Management (MAM) are both new services that businesses are slowly starting to adopt. As mobile technology in the workplace continues to increase, more corporations will be looking for ways to keep their data safe and up-to-date through a mobile management system.

Watch Videos From Your iPhone On the Big Screen

Forget about crowding around the small screen of your iPhone. By projecting your videos or films onto screens up to 60″, everyone can enjoy.

How Push Notifications Can Be More Effective Than Email

As the popularity of mobile devices among consumers and businesses continues to soar, brands are looking for ways to better their mobile marketing strategy. Mobile apps remain on a consumer’s device wherever they go, giving a brand a lot of potential to communicate with their audience while they are on the go. Sometimes users need a little nudge to reintroduce them to an app they may have forgotten about and this is where push technology can help.

E-Shopping Via Smartphones

Imagine that you’re invited to a ball dance party but you’re not ready with your evening gown… What would you do? Panic, panic, panic… This was perhaps a common situation until the advent of online shopping. With the convenience and ease to buy something as small as your footwear, to as luxurious as your X-Box, mobile sites have certainly boosted the e-commerce business.

4 iPhone Applications to Organize Your Day Efficiently

iPhone has proved to be extremely beneficial for businessmen as it provides them with several amazing applications that help them to manage their tasks efficiently. Applications like Calendar, Contacts, Mail and Reminders have helped personnel to organize their everyday tasks proficiently.

What Is the Best Smartphone of 2012?

The best smartphone of 2012 is also the best Android smartphone of the year. The Galaxy Samsung S3 not only outshines all the other Android phones, but it stands alone as the smartphone to beat. Samsung took everything they learned from earlier versions and in anticipation of Android’s Jelly Bean, they put the effort in to making a solid phone that can synch itself to your life and go anywhere that you need to be.

What Is the Best Smartphone to Buy?

Everyone has favorite smartphones because their smartphone has become an extension of their life. It is not just about what the phone can do as far as allowing you to stay in touch, surf the Internet, maintain business practices, watch videos or play games – it has everything to do with how well your phone plugs into your life.

How to Free Up Internal Storage on Your Android Device

In this article I will explain how you can free up internal storage (memory) on your Android device for free. Rooting your device is optional as some of the methods explained in this article will require a device with root access.

iPad Trusted for Secure Enterprise Mobility

Security is one of the major considerations for enterprises when they decide to mobilize their business. With the evolution of wireless technology and Smartphones companies now realize the importance of mobilizing and empowering their sales force or field force. iPad is one such device that has been viewed the most for the enterprises.

How Much Frequency Response Do Wireless Speakers Really Have?

Then again, the frequency response frequently is utilized in order to mislead shoppers by way of stretching out the frequency range a good deal beyond the range in which the wireless speakers still work effectively and in addition hides the reality that the wireless loudspeakers might not be linear. Subsequently it is ideal to have a complete frequency response document. This type of graph will show whether or not there are any kind of significant peaks and valleys inside the working frequency range. Peaks along with valleys can cause colorization of the music. If possible the wireless loudspeakers needs to have a constant sound pressure level inside the whole frequency response except for the drop off at the upper and lower limit. In addition to the frequency response, a phase response chart may also say a great deal in regards to the overall performance and also audio quality of the wireless speakers.

Microsoft Surface Tab Review

The Microsoft surface tab is one of the most recently released tablets into the growing market that is causing significant ripples amongst tablet enthusiasts. This review will go through some of the major features of the tablet to give you an outlook on what to expect before you buy it.

iPhone and iPad Passcode Lock Erase Data Option

If you are an iPhone or iPad owner, you have surely dug around in the Setting area. And you may have come across the Erase Data setting within the Passcode Lock setting. Ever wonder what it does? I’ll tell you here.

Do You Know How to Get the Best Out of Your iPad?

Various options for iPad video lessons reviewed. Without such lessons what other additional features & functions would you be missing out on that could help you and also make this gadget far better and also much easier for you to use? You spent good money buying your iPad, now learn how to get the best from it the easy way.

Building Mobile Websites With Joomla

Joomla is the most popular content management system that is around. This article discusses about the possibility of adapting a Joomla site for mobile viewing.

Are Text Messaging Laws Causing More Accidents As Users Attempt to Conceal Use While Driving?

Well, there have been a number of bicyclists hit in our town, and often the people don’t stop, they just keep on going which is even worse as the person is all mangled or bleeding to death on the side of the curb. I have my own theories as to why this is happening, and I believe that people are veering off the road as they are not paying attention while they are text messaging, even though it is illegal out here in California, that’s what I believe is happening. It just seems that folks won’t stop using these little devices, and now they are trying to use these devices and conceal the fact that they are doing so by holding them down and out of view.

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