MacBook Pro 16 (2021) – Gaming Review

Zopo ZP500 Android Phone Comes With A Plethora Of Pluses

Zopo ZP500, an Android Phone, comes with a plethora of pluses. The manufacturers seems to have bestowed a lot of attention and have made this phone with a lot of acumen. They may have certainly worked on the nitty-gritty very diligently and that is the reason the gadget comes with fine features and finer looks. Further, the manufacturers have taken careful steps not to stray from the purpose for which they have proposed to make this gadget. But, before purchasing this phone, we should learn more about it.

How to Connect USB Devices to Your Android Phone

This guide will tell you how to connect different USB device to your Android Device. The article also describes how different devices act when connected to the Android Device.

Is A Tablet PC Right For You?

Living in the technological age that we are in, it is obvious that everyone has gone digital and even the little babes in hand are sporting some form of technology. Coming from an era where it was a privilege to own a cell phone, only the rich businessmen could have one, we have moved from a cell being the only mobile thing we have. Mobility is a way of life and big, bulky laptops just won’t do it anymore and that is why the tablet PC was created.

Develop Once and Deploy on Multiple Platforms Says Adobe

Mobile application development professionals are facing the challenges posed by so many established and upcoming mobile platforms in terms of platform segmentation, single code base, device fragmentation and the ongoing innovation in multiple mobile OS versions. In order to effectively win over the challenges faced today, Adobe’s mobile framework solution is most desired by today’s developers.

What Are the Advantages of Cloud Computing?

Find out what advantages can SMEs or large business find from using cloud computing services. With this knowledge businesses can increase their revenue.

Mobile Website Vs Mobile App

What’s a mobile website? A mobile app? These are common questions in this age of the smart phone and tablet. If you aren’t technical, confusion is inevitable.

Top iPhone Apps, 5 Simple Steps – Do It Yourself!

This is an article about how one can create an iPhone application in five easy steps. This article highlights the importance of iPhone’s app development in the present world scenario and how one can easily create one for maximum profitability.

The Vast World of Blackberry Apps

Blackberry has got an impressive lineup of devices under its hood. Some of them which are very high in demand are those like Blackberry storm, Pearl, Curve, Curve flip, Tour etc. Then there is the playbook which is a 7-inch tablet from blackberry.

Mobile Payments: NFC, Google Wallet and Apple’s iWallet

As I focus on mobility commerce, mobile based payments becoming mainstream payment modes is soon predicted to be a reality. All of us can be rest assured that the contactless payment method will be embraced by all business verticals in the coming future.

Capacitive and Resistive Touchscreens Explained

This article explains the differences between the two most popular types of touchscreen technology, capacitive touchscreen and resistive touchscreens. The pros and cons of the two technologies are also considered.

Embracing Technology With Enterprise Mobility

The term ‘Enterprise Mobility’ in itself tells us that Enterprise meaning Businesses or a Companies going mobile. Here are the facts on how every aspect of Enterprise Mobility can successfully be achieved with modern technology and the right skill set.

Samsung’s Success Lies In Its Rich Production Line In Every Industry

The way to success for every enterprise is different. For example, Apple becomes so successful because it created high-quality products by combining hardware and software. Microsoft is engaged to develop its own business and finally take the leading place; Google makes the data lead the development of its products.

Like It or Not, Cloud Computing Is Here to Stay

The Internet has indeed become the infrastructure by which we are all connected. It only makes sense in this mobile society that we find the quickest, most efficient way to access our daily digital needs. Are you ready for the cloud?

The Difference Between A Mobile App And A Mobile Website

There are 2 tech words that are trending and growing in popularity:”mobile app” and “mobile website”. Both are easily accessed on handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets, and at the outset, they both seem to be doing similar functions. But they are actually not the same and are used differently for different purposes.

J2ME Mobile Application Development

J2ME is an advanced and popular JAVA 2 Platform, Micro Edition. It has proved to be the new evolving wave in the world of mobile technology and provides flexible environment for mobile application development.

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