MacBook Pro 14 and 16 – What Now?

Why Leasing High End Laptops Is Better Than Buying

Laptop computers and notebooks are small personal computers designed for portability and convenience of use. They are smaller than desktop computers in their functioning, but occupy lesser space besides being portable. Every business professional now uses a laptop or notebook of one kind or another.

Mobile Advertising in a Modern World

Mobile advertising can help your business get the word out like never before! While the core principles of sales and marketing may remain fairly static, this latest development poses major questions…and possibilities.

How to Promote Your Events With Mobile Phones

With the increased use of cell phone devices over the past few years, the concept of mobile marketing has gained enough popularity. Mobile marketing campaigns are influential to cover a large demographic area and that too in no time and for a relatively lower cost. This article will show you how mobile marketing campaign can help you make large-scale promotion of the event.

Best Free Downloadable Games for Any Mobile Device

When you download games on your mobile set you are guaranteed some of the most exciting and thrilling games for mobile devices you can imagine. There are so many game options to download as well. From classic to modern games, there is certainly something to suit the needs of any gamer.

What Is Mobile Phone Advertising?

Mobile phone advertising, also known as local mobile marketing, is one of the newest ways to promote to all of your current clients. What’s nice about text marketing is that you can connect with your customers with a simple text, so you can offer them discounts and specials through a text message. Having a phone marketing campaign for your business will increase your client base, and even if you have no experience, there are still many mobile advertising companies who can help you get your first campaign up and running.

Hybrid War: Kindle Fire Vs Kobo Vox

It is safe to say that the Kindle Fire is the most successful tablet not named iPad that was ever released. Its sales numbers are off the chart primarily because of its price and Amazon’s online presence. Can Kobo’s own tablet-reader hybrid match the Fire?

New 7-Inch Android Tablets: Just Don’t Call Them “iPad Juniors”

2012 is turning out to be a pretty good year for consumers looking to buy a 7-Inch Android Tablet. Better processors, thinner and lighter devices, sharper screens and faster GPUs are now being featured in a host of new 7-Inch Tablet devices coming out this year. Manufacturers are banking that the 7-inch form will catch on due to its greater mobility and lower price. They’re probably right this time.

Useful Design Tips for Your iPad App

The iPad market is important to understand. To understand the market it is important to achieve the best design for use. Yes, there is a large display with vibrant color, but the iPad app development need to be esthetically pleasing.

What Is a Touch Screen?

The invention of the Touch Screen has truly changed the way we use our gadgets daily. Every gadget works on the same fundamental principal since they all feature a computer or a simple processing device integrated which is actually the brain inside the gadget. The user inputs a command or instruction into the gadget using an input device, the computer within it processes these instructions and displays the results by using an output device.

Leveraging iPad Learning Through Custom Education Apps

With the current influx of iPads to schools and children’s backpacks, it is no surprise many educators are feeling overwhelmed in terms of how best to use the seemingly simple devices. What many educators maybe overlooking, as they search the App Store for turn-key apps, is that partnering with developers to create their own custom apps may be less involved or costly than they imagine.

Reasons For Choosing Netbooks Versus Notebook Laptop Computers

When considering purchasing a netbook computer for sale, many read reviews and compare them to tablets, laptop, and notebook computers. Of course, these people are searching for a portable option for computing. When thinking about all the options, deciding on a netbook will depend on several factors.

How To Use Siri

Siri on the new iPhone 4S is an amazing feature, but unfortunately it doesn’t come with an instruction manual and this can be confusing for many people. This article contains examples of what Siri is capable of in order to help you use it.

Air Conditioning Repair (HVAC) Job Scheduling and Technology

Whether your business is commercial, residential, or industrial, you need to be able to easily schedule your repair technicians. Better yet, you need to be able to schedule technicians, calculate overtime, provide and manage estimates, and maintain a customer database…all using one software.

Three Mobile Apps Business Travelers Shouldn’t Leave Home Without

Those who travel often for business have been putting their cell phones to work for them for more than a decade. Android and iPhone devices, together with the army of applications available on each, have taken mobile connectivity to an entirely new level. There are some new and absolutely necessary applications available for business travelers which have been designed to make their mobile office experience more efficient and more productive. Here are three apps that you should not travel without.

A Simple Data Compression Algorithm To Reduce Video Bandwidth Demand and Lower Costs

An algorithm utilizing the Haar wavelet transform (WT) and interfacing with a conventional codec program can reduce the size and bandwidth requirements of a video file by a factor of 10 additional to the compression achieved using a conventional codec alone. Video quality is preserved and conventional codec programs remain unchanged.

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