M2 MacBook Air – Will it be Apple’s BEST Laptop!?

9 Ways to Conquer IOS 7 (Beacause 7 Just Won’t Cut It)

If you’re like me and are not happy with the iOS7 update, then read along. I haven’t given up yet, but so far it has a few improvements, and they don’t make up for the total disregard for effective design. Why do I feel like Apple is now following instead of leading the way?

App Development – Estimating the Cost of Developing Apps

If you’ve asked this question to a developer, probably the answers you got were ambiguous. They would most probably tell you that the cost of developing the application will depend on the features that you would like it to have, the modules you want to add and the design you want to apply etc. The reality is that in app development, estimating the cost is difficult if you do not know the exact details about the features and benefits of the app that has to be developed. The first factor in determining the price is the type of application

There Are Simple Tips in Finding a Right Mobile Application Development Company

For the large and small enterprises, Mobile applications have become an important element in order to guarantee business mobility. In fact, these mobile apps help you to deliver the best features of a mobile device.

The Important Things I Should Consider Before Buying a Smartphone

Smartphones are very expensive, even when bought under a subsidised contract from your phone company. The choice you make is very important. You can’t easily change it later.

Nokia Takes Advantage As Blackberry Loses Ground

Android and iOS have been the market leaders in Smartphone industry while others have just tried to catch up. Nokia and Blackberry both have lost ground to Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s plethora of devices.

iOS7 – Have a Look on Its Dynamic and Cool Features

Apple’s iOS 7 has been launched finally, so users get ready to experience this advanced version of iOS that comes with lots of new and cool features that surely grab your attention. In this article, you can find some important features of iOS 7 and make yourself familiar with it.

A Premium Budget Apple Phone: The iPhone 5C!

And, we thought Apple had shocked the bourgeois clientele by threatening to empower the comrades too with an iPhone? Nope, actually! The hype Apple built around its iPhone 5C, including leaked photos of iPhone 5Cs in Eastman color shells, as a budget phone has lost gas. That is because the features do not spell Budget nor does the price. How?

Where Are Fingerprint Scans Used?

For more than a century the method of fingerprint scanning has made the progress from looking through a magnifying glass to sophisticated computer processing. Today, it is indispensable in many areas. And here are several examples where fingerprints are used in practice today.

Apple A7 and 64-Bit

What an exciting week its been. With the announcement of the iPhone 5S and 5C, everyone is talking about Apples new 64-bit A7 processor. But what exactly is all the chat about?

Making an App: 7 Things You Should Consider Before Hiring an Apps Development Company

A company which doesn’t have a mobile app is a company which will now miss out on golden opportunities to tap into newer kind of revenue streams. If your organization doesn’t have one yet then it is time that you shall begin your search for a good mobile application development company and take services from them.

Best Free Android Anti-Virus 2013

When it comes to viruses, Internet attacks, identity theft and criminals trying to steal banking or credit card data your smartphone and tablet are just as vulnerable as your computer. And todays compact mobile devices easy to loose and easy for thieves to target. Thats why you need an anti-virus app that have both anti-virus and anti-theft capabilities.

Before Creating Customized iPad Apps Follow Some Vital Rules

Today iPad apps are becoming more popular in the mobile market. You may get them in tremendous quantity and of different categories from the App Store. That’s why the iPad apps developers are getting encouraged to build the customized new apps that may fulfill maximum needs of the population.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Cases

The Galaxy Note 2 from Samsung is certainly not what you’d call a small smartphone. In fact some people like to refer to it as a ‘phablet’ since its large screen size makes it more akin to a small tablet rather than a smartphone. This being the case it can make the device more susceptible to bumps and scrapes than a smaller handset.

Near Field Communication: The Technology Behind the Bumping Phenomenon

It is as if the mobile phone is caught in a cauldron brimming with various potions and stirred furiously, throwing out in the process a plethora of wish-come-true features. Near Field Communication or NFC as it is better known is one such invention that promises to boost device to device communication to unprecedented levels. The question is: Is it better than Bluetooth or Wi-Fi? Yes, it is and safer too. Read on to know why.

Will Near Field Communication Obliterate Other P2P Wireless Technologies?

Having introduced NFC in the previous topic, the present article walks you through the modus operandi of NFC. The article highlights the immense benefits NFC can cause in the life of a smartphone user, almost lending a personal touch to this new technology.

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