M1 Pro MacBook Pro Base Model 14″ vs 16″ Benchmarking, Display Test, Speaker Test & More!

Non Destructive Book Scanning or Destructive Book Scanning – Good Practices

Understanding the difference between destructive and non destructive book scanning is a key aspect when sending your books for scanning. This will also help you achieve better quality and also significant cost savings on your orders.

Apple 13-Inch Retina MacBook Pro – Who Is It For?

The MacBook Pro 13-inch Retina has various features. It is shipped with OSx10.8 Mountain Lion, a 128 GB SSD, 13.3 inch 2560×1600 at 227 PPI, a 2.5GHz i5 Intel Core Processor and an amazing MacBook Pro memory.

Two Types of Useful iPhone Apps for Different Social Networking Needs

Many cool iPhone apps are popping up all the time and each is trying to be among the top iPhone apps for social networking. But before drilling down to some useful iPhone apps you need first determine what your specific social networking needs are.

How Android App Development Seems Monstrous But Surmountable

Android flows like chloroform, low viscosity, permeating many vendors’ hardware and leaving the mobile OS market dazed. Compare this with the tar like iOS, highly viscous and restricted to a single vendor. But such humongous popularity does conceal a closet of disadvantages which manifests in circumstances like app development. This article seeks to weigh some solutions in its quest to work around these challenges.

iOS 7: Rumors and Predictions

iOS is perhaps one of the most important pieces of software for Apple as of now. With WWDC 2013 coming up and iOS 7 to be announced, there are many rumors flying around as to what could be in this seemingly magical update.

Franklin Wireless 4G Modem a Champ With Providing Wi-Fi Signal

Finally, I can say that I was able to access the Internet at the grandparents house, a low-tech enclave best known as a weekend getaway, along with a dose of tranquility. As relaxing as it is, there is no available Wi-Fi signal within range of the comfortable couches in the family room. So the lack of being connected to the world was bothering us until I discovered the Franklin Wireless USB Modem from C Spire Wireless. Let’s bump it up a bit and make that a “4G LTE Smart” modem available on what C Spire calls the first “personalizing wireless services” experience.

Segments Where iPhone App Development Has Made An Impact

The reason why iPhone app development is one of the biggest and profitable businesses is the fact that it can cater every requirement of the users. For instance, the iPhone users can use their smartphone to do an array of tasks, right from streaming videos, searching businesses, checking bank balances, or navigating to destinations they wish to reach.

Selecting an iPad App Development Company

Making a selection of an iPad application development company is crucial. It can have a big impact on the outcome of the app. To make sure that you have a positive outcome of the iPad app, here are few things that might help you make a selection of an iPad application development company.

How Using Frameworks Is Easing Mobile App Development

Anything to fast track the development of mobile applications, especially the large enterprise catering ones, is sure to carve a market. Mobile app development platforms are doing just that. That this market is growing is good news and there is a choice of more than just one platform is icing on the cake.

Is BlackBerry Q5 Better Than Q10?

BlackBerry has yet again unveiled a Smartphone in the Q series. This is said to be a mid-range phone with QWERTY keypad called BlackBerry Q5. However BlackBerry has another phone too with a QWERTY keypad and it is the Q10.

Mobile Ordering Drives Foot Traffic: US Applebee’s

Applebee’s is growing even stronger with its new location-based mobile advertising campaign. By adding a locator into the service, this effectively drives in-store traffic a whole lot faster than non-mobile ads.

How To Choose The All Important iPad Case

The case is the most important iPad accessory you can buy. Not only is it critical for protecting your iPad, but the case you choose will also have a significant impact on how you use your iPad – or to put it another way, how useful your iPad is to you.

Are Social Logins Detrimental to User Engagement?

Logging in using social media is becoming a more common feature, online and on mobile apps. Are users actually more likely to engage with this supposedly easier method of logging in, or would they prefer to keep their social media platforms separate from their mobile lives?

Lenovo Ideapad Y580 for the PC Gamer

The Lenovo Ideapad Y580 is quite possibly the best gaming laptop that is being sold today. And as far as new gaming laptops go, even the most avid PC gamer will be able to appreciate everything the Lenovo Ideapad Y580 has to offer.

Why Do You Need A Website For Mobile?

Mobile websites are websites designed especially for viewing on mobile devices. Standard websites are designed for viewing on computers which have bigger screens, higher computational powers and faster internet connection.

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