M1 Pro Mac mini – Could it Be The Best Mac Yet!?

Important Tech Trends for 2014

As 2013 draws to a close, businesses and business experts have started trying to anticipate upcoming trends so that they can maximize them in the new year. With less than a few months to go, many of the most competitive businesses and stores are already preparing their 2014 plans. Here are some of the top tech trends that are likely to influence business in 2014.

Instancy: The Downfall of Personal Development

Learn how to change your life by setting personal boundaries around your technology and mobile devices. Learn why technology has created a world of “instancy” which creates stress and anxiety.

Laptops Shopping Guide – 5 Important Issues to Consider

This article looks at some of the issues to consider when shopping for a laptop. We hope the article will help you make an informed decision.

What Is Your Next Phone – Android or iPhone?

Smartphone users get into lots of confusion before making a purchase of smart phone whether it is Android or Apple. This article would try to differentiate between the two of these specific operating systems through the following lines of this article.

Tips to Hire the Right iPhone Application Developer

An iPhone can be considered to be the stalwart in the smart phone market. But does your organization have the right person to come up with the right iPhone App? This article would provide some tips and tricks to hire the right iPhone Application developer.

Mobile Security Should Focus on Data, Not Devices

In previous posts I focused on cross-platform development using HTML5 to assure rich mobile user experience and holistic unified security analytics as a big data project. Between development and analysis, mobile security should focus on data not devices.

What’s Up With the Latest Mobile Apps?

With mobile application trends taking over the market, more and more people are using their smartphones to access to the internet, thus eradicating the use of personal computers. According to a recent study, using a smartphone for making phone calls is the fifth most popular use of the gadget.

7 Basic Apps to Look for in Google Glass

The Google Glass is considered to be one of the flagship products from Google which is going to be released by the end of this year or the beginning of the next. This article would be going through some of the apps which are expected to be there in the Google Glass device.

Five Yes’ to the iPhone 5S!

A new OS, new colors, new technologies, new… The iPhone 5S can claim to be the first iPhone fully loaded and ready to showcase the complete beauty of iOS 7. Its pumped up with a powerful and intelligent engine, draped in two new colors (enigmatic gray and opulent gold) and sports a gleaming ring to signal its willingness to be yours forever. Wanna walk up the aisle with this wonderphone? Read on.

MacBook Family Filters

Cyber bullies, online predators, virus infections, identity thieves, pornography, etc. can be harmful for your family. To protect your family from all such threats, Apple has installed an efficient parental or family filters control in their MacBooks.

An Inclusive Guide on Choosing the Right Windows Smartphone

Although, there are fewer application choices on the Windows store, Windows 8 Smartphones provide users with an easy to use, straightforward interface. What’s more, Microsoft has done a great job providing users with government level security encryption on this mobile operating platform.

App Development – The Art of Re-Skinning

We live in the age of gadgets and mobile devices are the most popular gadgets used by people across the globe. Every year, thousands of mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets, notebooks etc. are sold by various manufactures. The users of these devices also use a lot of interesting and valuable apps available with them. As the sale of mobile devices increases, the demand for such applications increases as well. Software and application developers can make a lot of money by developing apps for smartphones and tablets. Even businesses can enhance their marketing strategies by developing mobile apps for their customers.

iOS or Android? – Critical Insights for Choosing the Right Mobile Platform

The decision regarding the selection of the right mobile app platform requires careful consideration of multiple factors. Prominent among them include distinctive business needs and the type of target audience the organization caters to.

5 Ways By Which A Samsung Galaxy S4 User Can Tease an iPhone 5S User

We have two swords in one scabbard and the fact is both are sharp. Samsung Galaxy S4 and the latest launched iPhone 5S are one of the hottest gadget at the present scenario.

Sony Xperia Z1 Vs Samsung Note 3

The smartphone giants have announced their latest releases with Sony coming up with their upgraded version of Xperia Z with Z1 and Samsung launching their Note 3. Both the smartphones are scheduled to be available in the market from September 2013.

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