M1 iMac Pro – Maybe I should Have Waited…

Top Four Office Suites Offered by Android

Corporate professionals across the world prefer a tablet PC because it is easy to carry documents, spreadsheets and presentations along, even while travelling. This portable device has made life a lot easier for professionals due to its portability and easy accessibility features. There are several office suites available on the Android app store, known as the Google Play. These software applications are slightly different from what we are used to on our personal computers. Unlike personal computers, tablets use a touch screen, and the office suites have been optimized to handle touch inputs. We take a look at the top four office suites for your Android tablet.

Best Cloud Storage Apps In Android

A majority of the activities that we perform today are driven by data. Most of us feel the need to have a large data storage that can be accessed anywhere. The cloud technology delivers that need by providing users with portable storage. Most cloud applications offer a decent storage amount where you can store your documents, books, and other important files. Since these files are stored securely in the Internet using the cloud technology, they can be accessed anywhere. Most of the cloud service providers also offer their services through smartphone and tablet apps. Android cloud apps can be used to connect to your personal drive, and access the files on the go, provided you have an Internet connection. While there are several players in the cloud domain, one must choose the best service providers in order to ensure that their data is securely stored.

Outperform Competition in the Field by Deploying Rugged Tablet PCs

Time is money. Nowhere is that a greater business pressure than for companies whose profitability is ultimately based on field work. With a broadly mobile work force, you already rely on tablet PCs to facilitate communication. But to stay ahead of the competition and grow your business, you have to capture every opportunity to increase productivity and accuracy.

iPhone 5 and iOS 7, Made for Each Other

Unlike all previous models of the iPhone, the iPhone 5 supports everything in iOS 7, making it a prime candidate for the upgrade. iOS 7 introduced features like AirDrop, a new voice for Siri and additional filters for the built-in camera, and the iPhone 5 provides support for every one of them.

Personalizing MacBook OS X Desktop

Personalizing desktop is a great way with which you can express yourself. And you get control on how you want to see your desktop as soon as you turn on your MacBook. This is a very simple process.

The Best Windows 8 Tablet by Lenovo

Lenovo has recently introduced ThinkPad Tablet 2 that seems to have it all. However, with numerous Windows 8 enabled tablets and Smartphones it is difficult indeed to choose the best. Therefore, what exactly it is that one should purchase ThinkPad Tablet 2.

Why It Is The Best Time To Purchase A Tablet PC?

Laptops and Desktop computers could soon be a thing of the past, considering the alarming rate at which tablet PCs are emerging as the preferred computing device. Tablet PCs offer most of the features of a laptop, and additionally provides the ability to make voice calls or send text messages. Moreover, it is easy to carry a tablet PC along with you while travelling or in a business meeting, which is why more and more people are choosing tablet PCs over other devices.

The Emerging Market For Smart Watches

It has hardly been a decade since we have witnessed the phenomenon of smartphones. The introduction of devices such as Apple’s iPhone and several Android-powered phones literally changed the way we perceived cellular phones. Apart from the capability to make calls and send text messages, these smartphones can also perform most features expected from a computer. However, within the decade itself, we are in brink of another technological phenomenon. A few established organizations have launched smart watches, which do a lot more than just telling us the time.

Cool Tools to Kick-Start Your Mobile Application Development

The journey from an idea to proper functioning mobile apps has always been quite tedious for even a seasoned developer. But few virtual tools have made the job a tad too easy for them. This article would be discussing some of these tools through the following lines.

How Cloud Services Can Help Your Business

In today’s fast paced business world, your business must have everything you require, when you need it. A delay could cost dearly. This is where cloud services can play a critical part in the survival of your business.

Cloud Computing Is a Way to Mobilize the Office

The use of cloud computing is revolutionizing the way business people travel and still access their files and programs. A business person does not have to worry about bringing a flash drive or other media with their work burned on it; they simply can access the internet and the cloud and work as if they are in their home office. A business person may not even need to bring their own laptop.

4 Ways Cloud Computing Rules

Cloud computing goes where you go. Because it is hosted on an independent server and not on your office desktop computer, you can take it with you. With an access code, it does not matter what computer or device you are on, you can always have access to your documents as long as you have an internet connection.

Exploring The Email Apps Of Android

One of the most popular uses of an Android smartphone or a tablet is to access emails while on the go. Most of us have multiple email accounts for both personal and professional use. It is quite difficult to keep a tab on each of these accounts all the time. In fact, a lot of people face this situation where an important mail might have skipped our attention, causing a lot of trouble. With smartphones and tablets emulating nearly all the functions that a computer provides, it is now easier to maintain multiple email accounts, and not miss a single important mail. Here we discuss the best mobile email apps that one can install on their Android devices.

Interactive Apps and Interesting Games for iPhone and iPad Users

It is not always necessary that you log on to the app store and find out the best apps to download on your iPhone and iPad. You can instead look for the most popular apps in offering for the given week or the most rated apps by users. Given here is a small list of interactive apps and games that will make your week interesting as well as give you more to enjoy on your iPhone and iPad.

The Most Popular Uses Of A Tablet PC

Tablet PCs provide most features that a computer or a laptop offers. Additionally, one can also use the calling and text messaging facilities on a tablet, which gives it an edge over the bulkier laptops. Gradually, more and more people are preferring tablets as a mobile computer when they are travelling. In spite of its several obvious advantages, tablet PCs have not penetrated the market as experts have predicted. This is mainly because most people have not been able to find out the perfect use for them.

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