Is the iPhone 13 mini worth it now?

What Is An Ultrabook?

The laptop section of every computer store seems to be brimming with so-called Ultrabooks these days. But what is an Ultrabook, and what makes them different from ordinary laptops?

Hospitality Industry Uses More Custom Mobile Apps to Serve Clients

In the hospitality industry success depends on the reputation and satisfied clients that return repeatedly to the hotel or resort. To keep and increase the level of loyalty, hoteliers need to consistently exceed guest expectations and strive to deliver exceptional experience for every guest.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Rumors

Galaxy S4 Rumor Roundup. 8 Core processor, 13 MP camera and more. These days, its so common that rumors concerning every phone are up a long time before they actually release and these buzzes are mostly right!

Unlock iPhone 5 for Maximize Usage

After a lot of speculations and discussions it has been confirmed that iPhone 5 can be unlocked. Since the day iPhone 5 has hit the market, people have been concerned about how to unlock the device.

Live Sports Broadcasting for High Schools and City Leagues

High School Live Sports Broadcasting made easy to help booster clubs and city leagues make extra money. A real revenue maker for your team.

Best Operating System for Portable Devices

In this article we will determine which one is the best operating system for smartphones. Based on the results we will announce the name of the winning operating system.

How the Cloud Is Fundamental to Smart Mobile Computing – Popular Apps

Having looked at how the cloud has facilitated new ways of communicating via our mobile devices, the second part of this article examines a few other areas and types of mobile app which have been enabled or enhanced by the use of the cloud. Documents – The ability to store documents and files in the cloud has been available for a while on traditional PCs but it is now a growing area for mobile phones and particularly tablets. With the spread of tablets in the last few years, more and more consumers have not only wanted…

Mobile Website Conversion: Why You Can’t Afford To Miss It

With the number of mobile phone users on the rise in the world today, the trend of accessing the Internet through mobile phones has seen an upward swing. This article underscores the need for mobile website conversion and the potential this holds for web marketers.

Risks Associated With Jailbreaking an iPhone

There are various opinions on the concept of jailbreaking an iPhone. A number of legal and moral implications are also involved in the same. Apart from this, it is important to weigh the benefits against the risks associated with jailbreaking.

How the Cloud Is Fundamental to Smart Mobile Computing – Communications

A large number of the apps that we all use on our mobile phones and tablets incorporate a variation of cloud computing in some sense, because many of them fundamentally rely on the idea that they are providing us with a packaged-up experience of what are essentially web applications. This approach to mobile apps allows the user to access an array of content and functions which they could not physically store on their mobile device.

Mobile Internet Services For Inter City Train Passengers

This article covers my recent experiences using VIA Rail Canada’s passenger mobile internet service while travelling from Toronto to Montreal. These types of services have become more and more prevalent over the past few years. VIA was an early adopter; having launched their initial mobile internet service in 2006 and then upgraded in 2010 and 2011.

Mobile App Development Sees More Demand From Real Estate Businesses

The rapid adoption of smartphones and tablets is reshaping the home search process, as consumers are tending to use easier and faster ways to access information and browse online listings. Many companies have already jumped on the mobile bandwagon and optimized their websites for hand-held devices.

Learn How to Make The Most of Your iPad

Innovations such as wireless keyboards and iPad keyboard cases also means that people are constantly working on the go. Instapaper means that the users who find themselves plenty of reading material during the day, can simply download their unread articles whenever they have WiFi or 3G connectivity, and then read them while they are out and about, whether they are in line at a bank, commuting on a train or even simply at home with a coffee. The guide outlines how to make the most of Instapaper’s functionality, and access content on the go.

Mobile Web Development Made Easy

In the past, most site owners who wanted a mobile-friendly site would use a separate mobile theme for the site with a design specifically for mobile devices. Some would also use different mobile domains.

Here’s How Using a Number Generator App Can Boost Your Chances of Winning the Lottery

A random number generator app ensures that you get potentially winning numbers for lottery tickets. It is simple to use. All it requires is a touch of a finger and the app comes up with random numbers on the fly. But behind the scenes, a complex algorithm is at work to give you the best winning numbers. A random number generator app aims to deliver these magic digits by avoiding repetitive patterns, by staying away from important dates and by adopting a non-sequential model that delivers completely unique number combinations with every use.

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