iPhone 14 Radical Design LEAKS – BIGGEST UPDATE IN YEARS!

Custom IOS App Development in Business and Its Far-Reaching Effects

iOS app development has long been in demand and has resulted in far-reaching effects in the tech world today. The surge of apps is due to the increasing demand and craze for something innovative every time.

Mobile Ethnography Through The Years

Have you ever wondered what it was like to be on a reality TV program where your life’s chapters were randomly shown on national TV? Have you ever done research in the University where you had to take a video of the entire process of your case studies? Well, if you do, then you’d already have an idea as to what Mobile Ethnography is.


After a long wait by potential clients and customers, Apple finally launched another version of iPAD which is iPAD Mini. There were rumors all around the world whether this device will be affordable or not to middle level users. There were talks about its applications and other features. Customers were hoping that this new device will overcome the drawbacks which other mobiles have like power consumption etc. Now its launch and sales on large scale has proved that it is up to the expectations of clients.

Not All Apps Are Created Equal

On the surface, all mobile apps might appear to be pretty similar – many of them supply the same types of features, information, even user interfaces. However, when you really start comparing different apps, you’ll often notice limited functionality, speed, and quality of display on many apps currently being utilized by small and large businesses alike. Essentially, what’s being described here is the difference between a mobile web app and a native app.

Key Consideration While Designing Your Mobile Website

Is your website properly designed for the mobile devices? Are you getting good traffic from the mobile internet users? It is important that you design your mobile site and present information properly as you do for your regular website. The ever increasing mobile users and their search volume everyday make the necessity of a properly designed and presented mobile version of your site. With a perfectly designed mobile site you can tap into a huge market segment of mobile users and can boost up your business. To take advantages and capture the potential of this mobile market segment, you should apply a set of rules while designing and deploying your mobile site. Mobile devices have comparatively less speed than the computers and that should be considered while designing and developing the websites for the handheld devices. People usually avoid typing lots of information while using the mobile sites and flashy design that requires loading lots of images and objects should also be avoided.

Let’s Go Mobile!

Recruit using a cell phone? Why not? We seem to do everything else on our mobile devices. Information is important and getting information from anywhere at any time is the norm. Staffing and recruiting firms can use mobile technology to streamline their processes and get work done, even on the go!

Should I Buy A Microsoft Surface RT?

In October of 2012, Microsoft did a huge favor to the American people. You see, everyone was busy and was were forced to watch all be political TV ads as they barraged their living room, but Microsoft had a new advertisement because they were marketing their new tablet computer. It was a positive message, and much needed within the debris of political rhetoric and the approving of all those messages. Their new product is called; The Microsoft Surface RT. I think I want one, and let me tell you why I am going to make this purchase.

5 Things You Need To Know Before You Buy a Microsoft Surface RT

Microsoft has recently released its own in-house designed and built slate called the Surface. Here are 5 things you need to consider before handing over your credit card.

10 Tips for Wifi Security In Your Home Wireless Network

Everyone is going wireless. That is more opportunity for a hacker to do his damage. Don’t be a victim and use my tips on securing your home wireless network. Security is a system and when you combine most of these tips, then your home network should not be a target. A hacker is looking for the easier network to break into, don’t let it be yours!

The Top 5 Most Addictive Android Games

Certain mobile computers known as smartphones are now equipped with the Android, a powerful tool that lets people unleash the full capacities of their smartphones to the fullest. However, if there’s one thing that most people want from a mobile computer, it’s the ability to play games. Fun, yet addictive Android games!

Cross Platform Titanium Mobile App Development – Emerging Trend

The world has turned in to in current years as one unit and it is mobile technology over and above the web world which has motivated the fundamental and essential vacillation. The technology explosion has pretentious the world in a huge approach and it has develop into tremendously very important for everyone to go mobile. All Smartphone look as if to have a collection of mobile applications which are intended to create living simpler and handy.

Five Must-Have Smart Phone Accessories

In the recent past, we have seen an increase in smart phones in the mobile telephony market. The great supply of these great gadgets has been pushed by the high demand the world over. The main reason for the high demand for smart phones is their ‘out of this world’ features and functionalities. Smart phones are not your ordinary phones.

Enterprise Mobility – Myths and Realities

Today, enterprises around the globe understand the rising need for mobilizing their workforce to empower their businesses. Allowing employees to bring their personal mobile devices to work, namely, BYOD and providing Corporate Owned Personally Enabled (COPE) mobile devices to employees are becoming widely adopted mobile strategies in enterprises.

The How-To On Android App Building For A Smartphone

The Android app development sector is always geared towards top service performance. Each type of app must have the ability to conform to the Android OS as per its specifications and the various uses of the phone.

Custom iPhone App Development and the Trends Revolving Around the App Store

iPhone app development is demanded by many companies in the western world. Also, the trends around iPhone app store are changing too.

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