iPhone 14 NEW Design Changes Revealed!

Mobile Technology – Its Future

We human have unending desire for the best things. This desire to create new things and our ability together are the driving force in creating new technologies that make life easier. We can also see a tremendous change in the mobile technology too.

Kindle DX Wireless Reading Device – Review

Kindle is # 1 in sales in the area for two consecutive years. It is also the most wanted, too, most gifted, and has most of the 5-star reviews of any product at Amazon. Now it’s even better.

Reviewed: Alpine DCS-BT1 Bluetooth Hands-Free Speaker

For audiophiles, Alpine is no stranger to the audio scene, being renowned in the car audio and speaker market. Its foray into the mobile Bluetooth devices market is represented solely by the Alpine DCS-BT1 Bluetooth hands-free speaker unit. Before we head on to the review proper, let’s look at some studies on mobile use while driving.

Samsung Galaxy 5: The Definitive Review

The Android market has grown exponentially over the past year and this onslaught has been much attributed to the barrage of devices from hardware vendors worldwide. Samsung has secured itself as one of the major players in the Android device market, battling head on with smartphone giants HTC and Motorola. With a slew of impressive premium mobile products under its belt that include the high-end Samsung Galaxy S smartphone and the 7-inch tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab, the Korean electronics monolith crashes the low-end Android party with a new entry-level touchscreen smartphone – the Samsung Galaxy 5. This little Galaxy 5 runs Android OS v2.1 (Eclair). Shame that it isn’t the much-anticipated Froyo yet but definitely a step up from v1.6 (Donut) being offered by some out there in the market. This pits it head-on with the Motorola Citrus, Sony XPERIA X8/X10, LG GT540 Optimus and HTC Tattoo. For a sub-USD200 (SRP: RM699) device, it packs quite a buffet of features. Which begs the question – is there such a thing as “cheap and cheerful”? Read on.

iPad Calculators: Soulver Vs Digits Calculator

Digits Calculator and Soulver are basic calculators designed for the everyday use. I use “basic” categorically as both calculators are nothing but basic. Both apps offer unique features and capabilities that will make your life much easier and more productive.

How to Use Twitter on the iPad

The official Twitter iPad app is very unique within the iPad and especially the iPad 2. The Twitter app is intuitive to the feel of this post-PC device built for swiping and turning the device in any position. Designed to function and perform tasks easily, the Twitter App for iPad provides and allows you to easily view your timeline, mentions, messages, and profile which are displayed all in one list to the left of the screen.

How to Create Presentations With Keynote for the iPad

Keynote is easily one of the strongest presentations apps. We find Keynote provides the most “wow” of the 3 programs in the iWork suite as Keynote is one that truly shows off the visual capabilities of the iPad. Basic Features Keynote can create dazzling presentations with animated transitions and graphics on your iPad.

How to Restore the Operating System on Your iPad

Restoring your operation system – Apple calls it the iOS – is equivalent to reformatting your hard drive on a MAC and PC and executing a factory restore. Restoring the iOS is not the same as updating it. An iOS restoration involves erasing everything on the iPad’s flash drive and installing a fresh operating system.

Using Your iPad As a GPS Device With MotionX

This review is for the MotionX GPS Drive HD which requires you to have a 3G capable iPad. Apple did not include a GPS chip in the WIFI only models of both iPad 1 and iPad 2. Those concerned about rationing 3G bandwidth have the option of turning the 3G service off while using the app.

How to Remote Access Your Computer on an iPad With LogMeIn Ignition

LogMeIn Ignition by LogMeIn Solutions for the iPad (and iPhone) allows you to remotely control your PC or MAC from your mobile device. You control the remote computer via a virtual keyboard /mouse and the app support multiple monitors. The app allows you to do much more than just controlling your computer as if you were sitting in front of it.

iPad App Review: Documents To Go Premium

Documents To Go by Dataviz has been around long before the iPad was released and has been a top app in its class for the iPhone, Blackberry, and Android. Documents To Go Premium is the closest thing to the Microsoft Office suite you can find for mobile apps. With that said, it’s lacking in many features you would find on the PC or Mac Version of Microsoft Office.

How to Set Up Dual Monitors With Air Display and Your iPad

For awhile now, I have been in search of a way to have multiple monitors to display all the documents I need to run on my computer screen. To work in an efficient workspace means having a way to view multiple windows, browsers, files, with over stacking them. Being always on the go, I need a dual monitor setup for a laptop, but how?

iPad App Review for Toodledo

Sometimes the most powerful Apps are the simplest in design. With the countless number of task and “to-do” list apps sold on iTunes, iPad owner’s have much to choose from. Many of the to-do lists are an integral part of a larger software suite with features and bloat that most of us do not find a need for.

Android Development Trend

Android is one of the fastest growing mobile operating systems in the world. Many new trends are emerging in the market for this platform.

Stylish Tiny Laptops Find Their Niche

Millions of people enjoy the incredible versatility that is part of owning a portable computer. It is not at all unusual to see people in coffee shops, restaurants and bus stations busy working or playing with their computers. It is perfectly possible to work anywhere in the world. They are fully fledged computers in very sense. Many people who have previously accessed the Internet from their telephones now also prefer these devices. While netbooks combine the best features of both smart phones and laptop computers, they do have some drawbacks. They do not feature compact disk drives, which may be a problem for some users. They do not need a separate bag and can generally be packed in seconds. There is much talk, however, on the subject of convergence. The advent of tiny laptops may be another step towards the merging of many different technologies into one device.

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