iPhone 14 is Stealing and Perfecting Everything!

iOS 7 Vs Other Mobile OS – Which One Stands Out in Better User Experience?

With the launch of iOS 7 all the speculations have now been put to rest. The OS promises loads of beneficial features and stands out in terms of popularity as compared to its previous versions as well as other mobile OS. Though, it does own certain drawbacks as well but concerning its multiple pluses, the operating system could well be termed as a better option for a sound user experience as compared to other mobile operating systems.

Four Benefits of Document Management Systems

Four different benefits of Document Management Systems and why they are important for you. Some departments in large companies are notorious for housing large amounts of data, and they need systems that can manage the information well to meet a wide array of requirements. One of the most commonly known areas that fit this specific criterion is the human resources area of a company.

Points on Choosing a Shared Drive Provider

Some points and insight on choosing a shared drive provider. Given how important data has become to businesses these days, it is no surprise that many of them will want to test out a new-shared drive. This is because these shared drive systems are proving as useful additions to the way that businesses can keep their employees production.

IT Experts Warn That BYOD Has Both Benefits and Drawbacks

Everyone from administrative staff to IT experts owns a smartphone nowadays, and chances are they use it for more than just checking Facebook or texting. If you’re out of the office but you’ve got work to take care of, at some point you’re likely to have pulled that smartphone out to answer a work email or review a document. It’s a productivity powerhouse in your pocket.

5 iPhone Apps to Define Christmas

Christmas is a time, which keeps the apps developers of the ruling mobile operating systems on their toes. This article would be defining few of the iOS apps through the followings lines, which will help you in conjuring the Christmas spirit in you.

Realize Your Business Potential With Android Application Development

Ever since its inception, android application development has seen a steady increase in the number of applications in Google Play Store. With this article realize your business potential with android application development.

Planning To Develop A Mobile App? Follow These Tips!

Careful planning and a systematic approach need to complement technical knowhow, for the preparation of successful smartphone apps. The following article would acquaint readers with a few vital tips to create apps that would have the potential to succeed in the market.

What’s Exciting in IOS 6?

iOS 6 is considered as one of the best operating systems for some good reasons. Making a place for oneself in such a competitive market is not a cake walk. Keeping the immense popularity of iOS in mind, one can easily understand that iOS application development can pay very good returns.

Three Major Concerns When Implementing Enterprise Mobility Solutions

The things that intimidate most business owners when contemplating about enterprise mobility are its integration into the organization’s network, security of data and the huge costs of the implementation. But all such fears are baseless these days when various companies are offering excellent mobility solutions which bring in convenience, security and affordability at the same time.

Top Android Apps for Business Professionals

The Android mobile operating system is generally perceived to be for the mass market, while the niche segment is more inclined towards other ecosystems such as iPhone and the Windows mobile system. While it is true that these systems provide exclusivity and certain extremely useful applications, there are several apps on the Android platform that can be very useful for business professionals. In fact, there are several organizations that are migrating to Android for all official purposes. Here, we take a look at the most important business-oriented apps available on the Android app store.

Mobile POS Application Uses in Your Corporate Dining Environment

Most retail environments have already implemented or plan to implement a mobile POS solution in their operations. For many this is a combined mobile and fixed system, with mobile devices running POS software as a supplement or in addition to the more traditional POS cash register terminals, all linked together as part of an integrated solution. With investments already made in wireless networks for the applications to run on, corporations are in a good position to leverage their infrastructure and take full advantage of mobility.

What Are the Positives and Negatives of Wireless Charging?

Wireless charging relies on the latest electromagnetic field technology to help with transferring energy from the charging unit to the mobile device. Wireless charging products offer a variety of positives and negatives in relation to their use.

Smartphone Security

Use to be that a cell phone was just to make voice calls, now however, they are a computer in your hand and are getting more features with each new phone version. Smartphones today can go on-line, send text messages, send and receive email, interact with Facebook and twitter, plus much more.

Is Buying a Cheap Tablet a Good Decision?

The sales volume of tablets have been on the rise over the last few years, which is mainly due to the general acceptance among the public and the vast range of advantages it provides. Firstly, since tablets have a larger screen size, it is easier to execute certain computing tasks and view multimedia files. Moreover, some of the new generation tablets can now be used as laptops through docking ports as well. However, the popularity of tablets have spawned the manufacturing of several devices across the globe. Apart from the popular device makers such as Samsung, Asus, LG and HTC, there are several other local manufacturers in Asia and elsewhere who have released several tablet devices that are cheaper than the premium ones.

Top Photo Enhancement Apps

Sex up your snaps with these feature-packed enhancement apps. Camera+…

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