iPhone 14 – 10 LEAKED Features!

Difference Between iPhone iOS and Android

Is there really that much of a difference between iPhone’s iOS and Android? This is a question that seems to come up a lot in the iPhone repair business, and it’s more than just a simple yes or no. They are both based off of Linux, well Android uses Linux and iPhone’s iOS uses Unix.

New Ways to Accept Credit and Debit Cards on iPads and iPhones and Expand Mobile Commerce

For many mobile traders or companies offering services from a non-fixed location, accepting and processing credit cards has never been easy or cost effective. New technology accompanied by new business models are rapidly challenging this paradigm.

How Mobile Apps Can Make Your Business Run Better

Mobile apps for business are one of the most important innovations of the recent past. Mobile apps and smartphones together have created a shift on how data is accessed and shared at workplace. Already many businesses have included smartphones in their list of critical productivity tools. According to recent study by Forrester, around 13% of information workers are using smartphones for work at least once a week.

iPhone Advice Everyone Needs To Know About

Everyone needs help for their iPhone, but most people, quite frankly, never ask for help. I have compiled a few tips and tricks here that everyone who owns an iPhone should find useful at some point. Enjoy!

Why It Is Important To Ensure Your Business Website Is Mobile Compatible

As technology continues to advance, more and more people are checking their email and browsing the internet using mobile devices. A late 2011 study revealed that of all the browsing activity that takes globally, 7.1% takes place on a mobile device (smart phones and tablets). Though this number may seem small, it is actually a 1000% increase in mobile device use based on a similar 2009 study! Therefore it is clear that users are adapting to smart phones and tablet devices, utilizing their functionality to access the internet wherever, rather than waiting to go home.

What You Need to Know About iPad Repair

iPads gained instant popularity among people just as they were introduced in the market. iPads are impressive looking with a smart interface which is why there is huge fan following of this device. However, since iPads are an expensive purchase on the pocket, one should take enough care to use it properly and save it from damag.

Google Apps for Business – Why Pay for Gmail?

You are probably aware that Google has an ever expanding collection of products. From Maps to Analytics to YouTube and a little known search engine to name just a few. But it is rare that Google directly asks for money to use their services (usually they are happy as long as you look at adverts).

What Is Google Apps for Business and How Can It Change the Way You Work?

The first thing to be clear about is that Google Apps is not another name for the Google Android app store (or “Google Play” as they want us to call it now). Google Apps for Business is a premium suit of 9 Google tools which can be customised for organisations specific needs. The tools are all useful business applications and some you are most likely already familiar with such as Gmail and Google Docs.

Android App Development and the Various Tailored Services for Enterprises

Android has always been a top competitor for apps in the mobile world. The platform is now churning out new enterprise-level apps too.

Fun Apps for Tablet

Tablets are not just about the apps that make your work easier, keep you organized or make you more efficient. There are other aspects to Tablet other than Dropbox or Google docs. Tablets powered by Android and tablet like iPad are also capable of being a source of fun if only you know it. There are various gaming apps that will keep you busy during a long journey or at times like a rainy afternoon when you are forced to stay indoors. Additionally, finding out the latest available games that are according to your interest and even provide some grey cell stimulation is easy after going through the list given in this article.

Three Keys To Publishing a Quality App Store App

The implementation of the App Store has become one of the most exciting stories in the history of software development. The boom in development and downloading of iOS applications has continued to expand dramatically since its initial introduction. The need for programmers with the skill to develop high quality App Store apps has never been greater.

Looks Like We Are Ready for the Next Generation in Personal Tech

Well, with the recent patent infringement lawsuits in the personal tech space, perhaps it is time for the industry to stop copying each other, and move all this technology to the next generation, the fifth generation. Might I suggest that we can do better than we’ve done so far, and although the Apple iPhone was a big leap forward for the industry and consumers around the world, it’s time to take that giant leap once more. This means that all companies need to spend money on research and development, not on corporate espionage spies, or copying what everyone else has already done.

Top 5 Tips for Developing Mobile Application Solutions for Children

Proper planning and execution is considered to be the most important consideration for developing a mobile application. As mobile devices are used by different age-groups, the applications are developed as per the specific target market.

Good Things Come in Small Packages: Elago Mini Stylus Pen Review

The Stylus is making a comeback! This article comments on how the way we interact with touch screen technology, outlined in a review of the Elago Mini Stylus pen.

Replacing BlackBerry Parts

Much of the most common damage to a BlackBerry is easy to fix. The parts are modular specifically for ease of installation and genuine BlackBerry parts from a reputable company are guaranteed to fit and function to Original Equipment Manufacturer specifications. There are probably quite a few replacement parts that will surprise you with their ease of installation.

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