iPhone 13 Release Date and Price – Watch Before Buying!

Build a Compatible Website Design for the Small Platform of Mobile Phones

With the world going mobile, website developers have also gained precedence. Most website designers have updated their knowledge and modified their approach to accommodate the new-age craze of mobile phones. To stay in touch with the external world, people now prefer to have internet on their mobile phones. So, your website which was being viewed conventionally on a desktop or a laptop, and followed the same designing trends, now faces a different platform altogether. This hand-held platform has revolutionized the design and the layout of a standard website. Now, for the success of your site, you must design for the same audience but on a different platform. If you think of a design that is incompatible for mobiles, users that would have loved your site on a desktop interface will not spend more than a few seconds on the same website when viewing it on their mobiles. Presentation should hardly be underestimated. It is the very aspect that determines the traffic to your website.

Have a Complete Smart Phone Experience by Accessorizing It

Mobile phones have become smart and there are many benefits that have made these Smart phones the apt choice for the mobile-users all over the world. For many, the advanced features and the latest technology of Smart Phone have made its use a daily necessity. Their unique and efficient functionality and user-friendly nature have won many hearts and influenced many minds. The multi-purpose aspect of the Smart Phones has lent them a useful place in the world.

Gartner Predicts Tablets Will Replace Smartphones As the Mobile Device for BYOD by 2014

Last week, Gartner’s Symposium/ITxpo focused on IT security challenges, mobile computing, big data and the cloud as well as how these factors will affect the future of IT. Mobile communication is exploding and by the end of the decade over 30 billion devices will be permanently connected and another 150 billion will be intermittently connected. According to the research company, more than 1.6 billion smartphones will be purchased worldwide by 2016.

Does the Small Guy Have a Bigger Chance? The Tale of the iPad Mini

The iPad mini has sent ripples in the world of technology. As the planet awaits the most promising device of the year, we speculate how successful it will be. This article aims at showing the market trends and the acceptance of the iPad mini in the present market.

How to Market Your iOS Apps and Get Ranked in iTunes

As the competition of mobile apps development is rising everyday you need to aggressively promote your app in the market. In this article you will learn how to endorse your Apple application over iTunes.

What Tablets Are Best For Gaming?

What is the use of your tablet? I bet you love to play games with it. Most of us use our tablets for gaming because of the unique experience it provides. But is your tablet good for gaming? If it is, it should be included in this post of the best tablets for games.

The Best Cheap Tablets

Want to own a Tablet PC? Maybe one of the reasons why you can’t go buy one is because of their prices. Good tablets are indeed pricy but there are others that are cheap and can still give you that great tablet experience. What are these tablets?

Feature Phones to Smartphones for Marketing Research

Most researchers are mostly likely asking themselves the question of what could be the most effective and efficient means to conduct marketing research. Better too if it would be cost effective as well.

Android Tablets Gaining On The iPad

October 2012 is destined to be a critical month in the history of tablet PCs. With Microsoft releasing Windows 8 in an attempt to grab its share of the mobile communications… And Apple trying to do all in its power to hold on to its dominance. And then there’s Android, with its viral growth through hundreds of individual vendors, each trying to make sure name a household word.

Cloud and Enterprise Mobility, the Emerging Trends

This article will explain how both mobility and Cloud is altering the computing landscape. Focusing on the mobility solutions, this article also looks into the key factors on how Cloud is able to shift the paradigm of enterprise mobility.

Current Technologies For Mobile Application Development

The rising demand for enhanced practicality in mobile devices has given birth to the rapidly expanding range of advanced technologies for custom mobile application development. Not only individuals but businesses too have achieved significant benefits by making use of the mobile technologies.

Back to 90’s – Creating Without an Internet Connection

I walked into my office and noticed that the blue light was not shining on my router, no signal. This is where you usually have to unplug your modem, unscrew the cable, count to ten and put it back together. Unfortunately this didn’t work. I was walked through the same routine, unplug/replug… nothing. Now I must have someone come out and check the wires… dangit. Next appointment available was the following afternoon. Double dangit. So here I am in 2012 with no internet connection and no e-mail. I still had cable TV and I could call people on my cellphone. In a way, I had gone back to the 90’s.

Qualitative Research Via Mobile Apps and Social Networks

People talk. People express themselves and what would be a more easier way to do so than on social networks like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, messenger sites like Skype, MSN, Yahoo, etc? Social networks allow easy access to others by making sharing thoughts more convenient.

Fighting Fit VDI Takes on BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Challenges

Businesses and educational establishments are discovering the benefits of allowing personal devices to be used on their network. In fact, since most people now have a tablet, personal laptop or smartphone, it can prove rather restrictive in not allowing personal devices to be used.

Bring Your Own Services – The Hidden Threat

Within BYOD (bring your own device) lurks a serious security threat: BYOS, or bring your own services. BYOD is an unstoppable force; BYOS is an inevitable consequence.

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