iPhone 13 Pro vs 12 Pro – The Complete Battery Test

Benefits of Bluetooth Keyboards for Students

Technological advancements have indeed taken the world by storm, and just about everyone has benefitted from the innovative improvements that technology has introduced to the modern world. No one could really complain after all since it merely takes a few months before a new gadget or electronic device is yet again welcomed with open arms by millions of consumers worldwide. ÂStudents, in particular, are fortunate to have access to convenient and high-tech gadgets, such as tablets, to make their researching and learning easier and more fun.

iPhone Gets a New Xbox App

During last week’s E3, Microsoft showed its entry into the world of adding a secondary display to its Xbox 360 ecosystem. Microsoft updated its My Xbox Live App for Distro on the iPhone to show us that they are ready to expand the market of secondary devices to control your Xbox 360. By releasing this app, they are also following through on their promise to expand the market to other manufacturers.

Technological Advances and Growth in Mobile Computing

Mobile computing is the latest technology that is involved in wireless transmission techniques. These techniques allow people to use different devices to access a particular information, while they are in transit. In other words, we can say mobile computing as an extension of a voice communication system that is used for sending and receiving data across the networks.

What Is a Portable Battery Charger?

The term battery charger relates to a number of devices used to induce energy into a rechargeable battery to replenish its power supply capabilities. These days we use battery chargers for many applications, and a lot of our mobile devices and digital appliances such as cameras have rechargeable batteries that need regular topping up to ensure the device remains functional.

Three Top Apps for Your iPhone

The App Store is one of the main reasons for the success of Apple’s mobile. They are more popular than ever before and are constantly making the news. Priced at a decent rate, hundreds of applications get launched at the App Store daily. If you want to fill up your iPhone with some of the best applications, this article would guide you.

Top 7 Constructive Applications on Symbian Mobile

The market share of this operating system shows that it holds a tremendous future in mobile app development. Here are some of the fantastic Symbian apps that are very practicable. Some of the most useful applications are –

An Explanation of the Signal-To-Noise Ratio of Modern Wireless Speakers

It is easy to be confused by the terminology that wireless speaker suppliers utilize to depict the performance of their models. I will explain the meaning of one often used parameter: “signal-to-noise ratio” to help you make an informed choice when purchasing a new a set of cordless speakers.

Don’t Let the 2012 Olympics Have a Negative Impact on Your Business

As we all know, the 2012 London Olympic games is knocking at our doors. Now although Britain is hosting enough grand events this summer to make even the biggest naysayer proud to be British, August 3rd is also expected to be the most monstrous day for congested traffic in the history of London.

Is Phone Support Really That Useful?

You used to order a pizza over the phone. Now you can, and indeed do, order pizza online. And it’s not because we like Italian cuisine that we’re talking about, but every business if leveraging the online space to build a products and services delivery model. E-commerce portals target online advertising in order to capture market space and get their product off the shelf. This does not mean the good old fashioned supermarket is out of business yet, but that buying off an online store doesn’t mean you have to take the car out and bring back stuff in paper bags.

ASP NET for Mobile Website Development Along With Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

If you are in need of transferring money from your one account to another, or want to discover the cricket match scores, all you have to do is sign in to the website through your mobile or perform search on Google. It is getting easier because mobile websites are turning visitors into customers at fast rate. The features that come with the most recent version of.NET Framework, a software development platform, have facilitated the process of mobile website development. You can make use of ASP.NET MVC and MS Visual Studio to develop a small and appealing mobile website.

The Advent Of NFC Technology

The Advent Of NFC Technology – The world is changing when it comes to mobile phones. NFC Technology now offers the ability to transfer any type of data with the tap of a phone. The Possibilities Are Endless.

The Review of Asus Zenbook Prime UX31A – The Impressive Ultrabook With Very Fast Performance

Here’s the complete review of Asus Zenbook Prime UX31A ultrabook; specs, features, price, pros and cons. Read the full article to know more about this portable ultrabook.

Integrated Framework of Android 4.0 for Innovative Applications

The newly launched Android 4.0 has many integrated features for both the user and the developer. This article summarizes the sharing and communication feature of the operating system.

An Overview of the Android App Market and Its Demarcating Features

The use of Android based smartphones has increased reasonably well with time and now boasts of an incredible number of apps. The market is growing at the rate of 32 per cent every month and there is no end to the number of smartphones which are coming in the market related to every price range which gives the users a huge number of options. The rise in interest is mostly attributed to the great sale of Samsung S II and due to the advent of Samsung S3 which has got released recently.

The Marketing Tips a Mobile App Developer Should Know

With the rapid changes in Mobile app Development and the indefinite apps coming into the market the Mobile App Developer has a huge challenge in front of them, on how to market these apps. Developers need to remember that the success of a mobile app lies in appropriate marketing and most of them may not give due importance to the marketing strategies and the budgets.

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