iPhone 13 Pro Review – The PERFECT Phone?

Some of the Best and New Smartphones

To stay a step ahead of the clients and family, it is important to have a device that helps you in your professional as well as daily life. Thousands of people have the freedom of using PDA-style Smartphones that are designed for business and entertainment. These devices draw their roots to the personal digital assistant and are originally used as the right hand of professionals and businessmen to track important client information, project statuses, and task lists. In other words, these devices have evolved into a regular tool of every man and woman.

How My Daughter Taught Me To Use The iPad

The iPad is easy to use, right? Well I thought so to until my daughter started showing me how to use it “properly”.

Mobile App Development Becoming The Essence Of Any Business

The Mobile App Development seems to be the necessity of any small scale or large scale business. There are various platforms available for this and the top contenders include- iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows.

What Is an Android Tablet Used For?

What can I use an Android Tablet For? 2012 is shaped to be the year of the Tablet Computer, Amazon has 12,946 item in their tablet store and currently iPad and Android Tablet sales are out ranking almost all other gadget sales for the time being.

Android App Development: The Need of the Changing World

Having a smart phone has become more a status symbol for people than a requirement. In such times, it’s a must you launch yourself with some cool gadgets and apps to get the full advantage of situation. Android apps development is such a sector which can provide you with these benefits if you stick to an effective way.

Mobile Applications Development Is Amazing!

When they first made their appearance on the market, mobile phones were simply that-tools that were used primarily for communication and as talking devices so that people could be reached any time and any place. They soon progressed into “smart phones” that included email and perhaps a calendar but even as such were not considered very sophisticated devices.

The Making Of A Mobile App Developer

Whether you’re a recent college grad or an experienced professional, maybe you have the brains and the vision to be a good mobile app developer. You might need certain specific qualities for achieving success, though. The need for strong Java, HTML and technical programming skills is high for becoming a mobile app developer.

Apple MacBook Air 13″ – Ultimate Ultraportable Alternative?

Apple’s Macbook Air was a pioneer of ultra-thin and ultraportable laptops and interestingly it took few years and a lot of Intels money for others to start competing in this product range. Apple certainly shocked the market back in 2008 when it released the Macbook Air less than an inch thin laptop with dual core processor and very reasonable performance, which very soon had become a subject of many, many discussions on the web and as well as a very desirable item. Usual great look and feel of Apple was once again achieved, lack of connectivity caused some controversy initially but quickly disregarded as a problem by many day to day Macbook users which did not feel this was in any way limiting their performance. Price was also set at the high end which become a trend for today’s ultraportables.

The Next WiFi Standard

Recently Wireless 802.11n technology was certified and has become popular among wireless routers manufacturers. Now a new standard which pushes the transmission limits has been adopted and it’s looking rather promising – making Ethernet look obsolete.

The Kindle Fire: Tricks for Entering Text

The Kindle Fire is much more interactive than previous Kindle models, and it’s often necessary to enter text. However, entering text on a relatively small device can be somewhat daunting. This article explains techniques and tricks that will make it much easier to enter and edit text, enhancing your enjoyment of your Kindle Fire.

Tech Review BlackBerry OS 7.1

Research in Motion has recently launched the latest update to its mobile operating system on the BlackBerry platform. The smart phone company has also launched a series of new devices that come enabled with the latest operating system in both 2G and 3G versions. Users looking to enjoy the latest features available on BlackBerry will have to shell out a few hundred dollars on the new device since older versions are not upgradable to the recent launch.

Development Considerations for an iPhone App

The iPhone is widely regarded as the litmus test for aspiring smartphone developers. When developing for Apple’s tightly controlled iOS platform, application developers should focus on delivering that product which merges design and substance in one neat package. High quality graphics along with clear and easily-readable fonts that render well on the iPhone’s Retina Display are design considerations for every developer. Last but not the least, integration of location-aware features as well as social media functionality in your app should also be taken into account.

Role of Mobile Application Service Providers

Mobile computing is a huge strategic technology that increased the information quality and accessibility. It even enhanced operational efficiency and improved the management effectiveness. The ability to share information across a mobile platform has become very important to meet the communication needs of present business.

The Web Versus Native App Debate

Web and native apps have been in competition since the proliferation of mobile technology and although the two types of application have some similar features; they also have some stark differences. And these differences are there to help you decide which type of app you should opt for.

Mobile Devices and the Internet

The internet has made such a great impact on all of our lives that it has changed it forever. Many rely on this great resource for carrying out many activities on a daily bases. We also found ourselves in a world where socially and professionally we have become extremely dependent on mobile technology. With the advancement in both of these arenas, we are now at a point where it is possible to use mobile devices to connect to the internet irrespective of location.

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