iPhone 13 Pro – A Bigger Upgrade Than You Think!

Google VS Apple

A look on how Apple managed to divide the world into a world with and without iPhone. And in contrast, the story of how Google managed to turn the tables.

Testing Your Mobile Website

The obvious place to test any mobile site, you would think, would be on a mobile device. But, how many devices are we targeting for our site? Depending on the needs of the site, and its owner and users, there could be dozens of devices.

What Is NFC Technology and How Can It Benefit Business?

Near Field Communication (NFC) is set to lead the evolution in modern wireless technology. North America will finally start their run within the NFC tag marketplace during the next 5 years.

Tablets Are Toys, But I Dream of a World Where They Are Tools

I think we can all agree tablet computers are cool, fun and are a great for the web, but I can’t help but think they are doomed to fail in the long run. Why? Because they are only cool, fun and great for surfing the web or playing games.

The Way I Use My iPad As A Cheap Notebook In My Daily Life

I already view the iPad as a highly functional tool. I load up Drop box with documents and spreadsheets for work and use Quick office to view and edit them. Any edits I make are then synced automatically over to my desktop for use later.

Beyond Limits – The Many Benefits That iOS Apps Can Bring to Your Business

iOS Apps are everyone’s friend. If you thought that iOS apps and their corresponding mobile devices are too juvenile for your taste, it is time to change that mindset and embrace reality- the reality that apps are actually a wide-open opportunity for your business’s growth. To illustrate exactly how they can help you, we have come up with the following benefits that iOS apps can bring to your business: Companies can benefit from iOS apps by enabling them to give their employees relevant data and information at anytime they need them, anywhere they may be.

eBook Readers Vs Tablet PCs, Which Is The Best Device To Go For?

Over the last few years both tablet PCs and eBook readers have increased in popularity. While the technology underneath is in may ways very similar, the features they offer are quite different. This is a discussion of the pros and cons of both, with a summery to point you in the right direction if you are thinking of buying either item.

Mobile Phone Web Pages Vs Smart Phone Applications

Cellphone internet sites and also cell phone applications are quickly starting to be the most typical means by which people young and old connect to the internet and utilize computer software. Considering the fact that mobile phone usage is expected to go beyond Laptop or computer usage by 2017, a number of website developers now are developing technological innovation that is compatible with these types of portable tools. Developers develop cellular phone web sites as well as smart phone applications which permit mobile device end users to make use of the online world plus the features which may be used…

Where Android Is Better Than iOS

I’m not really going to say Android is better Than iOS. Android is better for some things and for some people. Why I like it better: file system, widgets, customization, wider choice in phones, custom ROMs, live wallpapers, apps can work together/share easier, and better multitasking with screenshots.

Enterprise Mobility and Android Ecosystem

Android mobile operating system provides every single feature required to be the client end of enterprise mobility. Be it User Interface, or be it enterprise connectivity or be it on device data storage, android has everything.

Some Significant Information About an iPad

Gone are the days when we used to sit in front of our computer systems and spend so much of time to get our work done. The present day scenario has changed a lot. Now, people do not prefer sitting in front of a computer because they have the choice of iPads.

It’s Time To Make Money From The Growing Number Of Mobile Phone Users

If you think designing and developing applications in IT companies for the large scale industries would help you to get a lot of money, it is just a mere truth these days. People were frenzy to join these companies and start earning. The internet industry and the mobile industry were no way there in the past. However, these two mediums have strike a chord in the traditional business channels and have given birth to new ways of doing business. With the launch of smart phones and tablets, these devices have brought services closer to the target audience. Hence, the need to develop appropriate applications for these devices is more and they are even proving to be profitable. These kinds of applications are determined to change the face of doing businesses.

What You Should Know Before Buying a New Computer

It’s a pretty exciting time to buy computers today. They’re a lot smaller and lighter, yet they are far more powerful and faster. They can do a lot of new things and the old stuff that they can still perform, they can do a lot quicker. There are also numerous choices today that you can surely find something that would match your needs, personal preference and your budget. That however, could also be a problem. There are so many choices available that picking one is not an easy thing to do.

The Ups and Downs of Corporate Cloud Data Storage

Cloud computing and data storage on it rose like a rising rock star in 2012. But like the rock star, it has tripped and fallen and then rose again becoming stronger and more stable.

ICE Emergency App – Protection To Life

ICE is a term that stands for In Case of Emergency and ICE emergency Apps can be added to the contacts of the users in their smart phones for telling emergency responders like fire fighters, medical professionals, police officers, etc… in such a way that when the smart phone user suddenly suffers from some trauma and cannot express the same by themselves. When a person has ICE on his contact list, emergency responders can immediately call his lovable person to inform about the circumstance of the user. These applications will be suitable not only for aged people, but it will be useful for kids as well to inform their parents in the case of any sudden injury to them.

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