iPhone 13 Event Reaction: Everything New!

Important Considerations for Mobile App Designing!

There are more than a million apps in the app stores but not every mobile app is impressive. It is the design which makes it impressive and useful for target audience. Make sure you consider all the necessary elements while designing an app.

Mobile App Testing Methods!

Online presence has become a necessity for businesses in order to be visible to the audience and to sell through a digital medium. Over the years, websites were considered to be the best option for business marketing but now, such presence has transformed into mobile. Now mobile is the best medium in recent times for communication and it is the most used device on Earth today.

Mobile Invoicing App – Invoicing Happens With Ease

The mobile invoicing app has lessened the pains of accounting related to business. Managing the entire business has been made simple after the introduction of the new mobile invoicing app.

Use Mobile App Templates When There Is A Need For Speed

Inspiration for mobile app design is important. When you decide to build a mobile app for your business, you automatically start imagining how it should look and how it should work. Well, it gets confusing at times and you just wish there could be some reference or some template that you can look at and build upon.

Mobile Apps Emerge As the Star Performers of the New Economy

Prepare for radical changes in business strategies as mobile apps invade the economic landscape. Industry reports indicate that mobile apps will continue to be the ‘superstars’ of 2016. As more e-commerce websites, taxi apps and others make a transition to exclusively app based transactions, the potential for mobile app development companies will grow at an unbelievable rate. This also means that brands, across the spectrum, will have renewed interests and investments in mobile websites as well as mobile apps.

4 Mobile App Strategies Enterprises Must Follow

It’s not good enough for organizations to just be “mobile aware” anymore. Companies that haven’t implemented BYOD policies or other forms of enterprise applications are really losing out on increased productivity rates, better workflow processes and amplified revenues. It’s estimated that almost 2…

How to Pick the Best Tablet for Your Needs

Visit any electronics store and you will see so many tablet choices. How do you pick the right one for you?

The Million Dollar Question: Android or iOS for Mobile App Development?

The topic of “Should You Develop for Android or iOS ” has been a prominent one for recent years. There are a couple of a greater number of applications accessible on the Android stage than there are on iOS, yet not upwards of one may think. The absolute number of Android applications as of now accessible stands at around 1.6 million, while there are around 1.5 million iOS applications accessible for download.

Networking Fast Through the Incredible Li-Fi Technology

What is Li-Fi technology? Find out more about this advancement in technology and how it can potentially influence our lives!

Apple Watch: Next Generation of Wearables

Considered as Apple’s most personal device ever, Apple Watch allows users to do every day things, more easily and conveniently. If you thought Apple Watch provides an easy way to check time, you are mistaken. Just take a look at features of Apple Watch.

Mobile App Engagement – Importance And Tips To Drive It To High Scales

In today’s era, mobile apps have become the part of everybody’s life and businesses are looking more into it. With mobile app also comes mobile engagement. Wondering what is it? Mobile engagement is a term defined as a consistent interaction between the users and the mobile application for a long time.

Endless Mini: Another Cheap Competitor In The PC Market At Just $79

Many different cheap computers have made their way into the market since the release of the Raspberry Pi a few years back. Endless Mini is another such computer that might make computing accessible to millions of more people all over the world.

Major Benefits and Key Challenges of Android Development

Powerful Android applications make a difference in the world. As more than 84 percent of all the Smart Phones use Android OS, there are great opportunities for developers of Android applications, making it possible for you to find a skilled android developer in any part of the world. Having said that, here is an in depth look at the major benefits and key challenges of android development to help you choose the best platform for your business app development.

WiFi Antennas: Things To Consider When Buying One

The advancement in technology has enabled us to use a variety of gadgets, such as smartphones. Since these gadgets communicate wirelessly, the use of wireless antennas is on the rise. Whether at home or office, people find it more convenient to use devices that use WiFi antennas to communicate with each other.

Android App Development Benefits for Professionals

Processing of business operations has become easier with Android app development. With a surge in BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) strategies, it has become more important for the businesses to adopt Android app developments. Android App Development has helped enterprises of all sizes create customized solutions to cater to the specific business needs and demands.

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