iPad Pro M1 Review: The Ultimate Spec Bump!

How To Get Great Market Research For Your App Idea

So you’ve got it! An amazing app idea that involves flying birds that you need to get to the safety of some pipes. It’s an idea that will have people flocking to the app store to download your creation. You will be feted by the big boys, all interested in how you did it. But wait, there already IS a Flappy Bird app that was, until recently, wildly successful.

Forecast 2014-2016 for the Global Mobile Apps Market

More and more companies are developing mobile Apps to improve the functions and activities that users can access from their phones. Mobile application development is focused on areas such as accessing information with ease, using multiple features to use information and also transfer it along with data.

Microsoft Surface 2 Tablet: Know More About This Multi-Tasking Device

Surface Pro 2 from Microsoft is an innovative tablet that offers you freedom to accomplish multitasking with ease. It is equipped with an in-built kickstand, ample storage space, Windows 8.1 and RAM, which helps in engaging into multitasking easily.

Defining BYOD in the Modern Enterprise Driven Market

When the entire enterprise driven market was innovatively doing cutback on its investments, the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) concept had to be a hit idea. Intel had rightly figured out that employees preferred using their own devices for official work which also gave way to bring the enterprise closer to the consumers. This flexibility to access office information from any location and time resulted in better efficiency with a much improved customer relation for the business and a better managed personal and social life for the employees. BYOD presented the employer and the employee with a win-win situation.

Mobile “Group Apps” Are Used When Business Needs to Create Personal Relationships

Mobile “Group Apps” are used to advance the directives of businesses and organizations. A group of individual apps are built by the company for each key employee or associate. The purpose is to help those key employees create, expand, cultivate, and maintain “one on one” relationships with: customers, referrals, prospects, or other group members. This is accomplished through the use of individualized custom mobile apps which key employees use to build those relationships while maintaining company branding. The apps allow direct two-way communication between app users and app owners. All apps are controlled by the company that owns the “Group App” builder platform.

IOS – Why It Is the Biggest Moneymaker of All

If a survey were to be done of the Mobile Apps Development market to find out the most lucrative and successful OS of all, Google would be disappointed to find out that Apple is #1. That is because even though Google owns more market share in the mobile market, people with iOS and iPhone Apps who spend the most, by far.

The Essential Elements Of A Great Mobile App

Mobile apps are extremely popular. A few essential elements help it gain so much popularity. Do you know that they are? Read more to find out.

5 Ways Tech Will Make Dining Out Even Tastier In 2014

Understandably, the larger restaurant chains have been very busy behind the scenes trying to design ways to help their diners get in and out faster and, as importantly, keep them coming back. According to Daniel Burrus, founder and chief executive of Burrus Research Associates Inc. and author of “Technotrends: How to Use Technology to Go Beyond Your Competition”, “[Big data for restaurants] is all very easy to track.

Maximizing Your Battery Power on a Tablet

Android tablet PC’s are the rage today but you need to properly take care of them. Here is a look at how to have an Android tablet PC that always work!

Top 8 Best Business Apps

The list of some of the best mobile devices in the market currently are: We spend so much time on a smart phone or a tab that we continuously look for various ways to improve our professional life through these apps. We like to get our things done efficiently each day by using some of the best apps in the market. We would like something that can give us the financial glimpse of our business.

Why Businesses Go For Mobile Applications Development

Recently, I visited an electronic store to browse through some smartphones to write a review on them. I observed that there was hardly anyone checking out the laptops introduced by some novel brands. However, at the place where smartphones were being displayed people were swarming.

Important Aspects to Consider While Hiring Mobile Application Developer

To accomplish business targets, most of the companies work hard on their project as it certainly helps them to easily achieve it. But, it has observed that most of the businessmen just focus on their projects, targets and its procedure to get it done timely rather than hiring capable experts in the profession, whom they can trust.

How Can You Improve Your Mobile App’s SEO?

It is important that people find your app on the App Store. And it is SEO that can help you get the desired ranking. How is it possible? Read more to find out.

The Era of Watch Phones: What to Expect

What is a watch phone? How do they look? What is their use? Here is all you needed to know about watch phones today!

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Watch Phones

Watch phones are the new thing in town with most companies investing in it. Now you can sport a watch on your wrist than a phone!

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