iPad 10.2 (9th Gen) Review – JUST BUY IT!

Mobilizing Websites – The Golden Key To Achieve Future Business Goals

The use of smartphones is presently dominating the global handset market, and will continue to do so in years to come. According to latest ABI research, in 2014 smartphones are anticipated to rule the handset market with 50 percent of the total shipment of handsets. By 2018 the shipments will reach 240 crore, which means 69 percent of handset shipments. So, does that ring a bell for the service providers? Well, its time to get serious about the much talked about “mobile websites”.

Don’t Have Any Takers for Your iPhone Application, Here Is Why!

The iPhone has always been considered as a superlative smartphone among the others. Due to its technical superiority and unquestionable user experience it has positioning itself at the top in the smartphone market. But a smartphone can’t be considered smart if it is unable to perform smart functions that can make the life of a user easy.

Network, Connect, Share – To Promote Your iPad App

The web has become a flexible place providing ample opportunities for iPad app promotion. This article gives 7 competitive strategies for iPad app promotion to app developers.

Mobile App Design

If you’re dreaming, developing, or wanting to build a mobile app for iOS or Android, then this article is for you. It’s vital that you plan well and anticipate the pitfalls.

Give Your Business a Steady Dose of Sugar Rush With Android Development Outsourcing

The Android application development platform represents the largest number of mobile device users that spans across different mobile brands. It currently has close to 75% of the total market share of smart phones, with 500 million devices activated around the world by September 2012. A research company has boldly projected that by the end of 2013, one billion devices will have been activated.

6 Reasons Tablets Are Killing Netbooks (But Not Laptops)

Most tablets can’t do everything a Netbook does, so why are tablet sales eating into Netbook sales? Are we accepting reduced functionality for increased portability?

The Kids Are Alright: Do’s And Don’ts of Kids-Friendly iPad Application Development

An iPad is a kids-friendly device. Its touch-screen interface, removes the complexities associated with buttons/physical keypads. It has a high resolution display, which makes graphics and animations come alive and it is orientation sensitive, which means that no matter how kids hold it, it won’t affect the app. All this also matters, when you develop apps meant for kids.

Legally Defensible Paperless Inspection Records for EPA Audits of Treatment Facilities

Water and Wastewater Treatment Facilities are constantly being challenged to meet an ever growing list of strict regulatory requirements from the Environmental Protection Agency (also known by its acronym EPA). The EPA takes very seriously its job of inspecting plants in order to insure compliance with the Clean Water Act and National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System regulations. While supervisors at treatment facilities understand and appreciate the importance of this tight regulation they can feel overwhelmed and paranoid at the thought of being audited.. This is a completely rational fear for most treatment facilities because the lab reporting and daily inspections of integral equipment are most commonly done on paper before being entered into the computer and filled in a huge cabinet full of other reports and inspections. This opens the door to errors at several points in the process.

Bring In Success Faster by Outsourcing Your Mobile Development Projects

By outsourcing your mobile development projects you are fast-tracking your company’s way to success. Many businesses have been including mobile services in their offerings whose great benefits they are reaping. Mobile apps enable them to reach their customers in an instant (and vice versa) and provide interesting and innovative ways to deliver current services. Mobile apps even allow the creation of new services that were not even possible before.

Laptops in 2013

2013 will see laptops cheaper than ever before due to technological innovations making them even easier to carry around with you. There will be longer battery life and more portability as laptops continue to battle with user demands. Deciding which laptop to buy in 2013 will be tough but if you following these simply tips, then you will find the laptop you want.

5 Reasons Why to Choose Android Programing

According to data from analytical companies, programing for Android brings its users over 400.000 applications. Google Play now offers more than 450.

MEAP Vs Native Mobile Application Development Strategy

With more enterprises jumping on the mobility bandwagon, there is a tug of war between MEAP solutions and native applications. Both strategies have advantages and disadvantages, especially since MEAP is fairly nascent. Even so, MEAP is an ideal approach for many mobile applications. Learn more.

How iPhone Applications Are Fruitful for Small Organizations?

iPhone is known for its innovation, looks, creative and advanced features & applications and more importantly their strict quality control which make them standing ahead from the crowd. From the latest survey, 25 billion apps are downloaded from the apple store said by the Apple’s CFO (Chief Financial Officer). In the end of 2012, iPhone sold the new iPhone 5 approximately 46.

Top Wireless Routers

This article is very helpful to find out what are best routers to buy that are available in market today. Article contains brief information about each wireless router.

Overcoming Challenges in Implementing Enterprise Mobility Solutions

When choosing how to support a dynamic work environment, some information technology (IT) directors are timid about implementing enterprise mobility solutions. They may be concerned about integration into the company network, securing data and controlling costs. By implementing a new system of enterprise asset management, companies can save money, provide a wide array of options for employees and protect information and devices at the same time.

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