iOS 15 – Why your iPhone will NEVER be the same!

Offering Online Services Via Mobile Apps

Maybe you have noticed why some businesses have a corresponding web app that offers the same services on their website. Find out why and why you may need to have a web app for your business as well.

Mobile App Development Training

Mobile app development training is the tough but rewarding path to programming successful software on portable devices. This article introduces you to some of the basic industry concepts and terminology.

Transformer Prime Vs iPad: Has the King of Tablets Finally Found Its Match?

The iPad is the undisputed king of tablets. Many tablet brands have tried to topple it but all failed. Can ASUS’ Transformer Prime become the one to oust the iPad out of its throne?

New Trend in Windows Mobile Application Development

Microsoft’s Windows OS is just about anywhere from the stationary desktops and servers at home / office, moving on to the laptops, tablets and even right on the handset in your palm. For those of us who are familiar with Windows, it is but natural to feel very comfortable to use Windows Mobile applications in our daily lives.

Brief Intro to Various Android Versions

Google came up with the latest version of mobile Operating System, Android Ice Cream Sandwich or Android 4.0. Here are brief introduction to various versions of Android operating systems.

Battle of Top E-Readers: Nook Vs Kindle

When you say e-readers, only two names comes to mind: Nook and Kindle. For years, these two brands have been racing to the top. Which is currently winning?

Windows Mobile 7 And The Smartphone Market!

Smartphone lovers now have better choices in the market in terms of feature-rich smartphones as well as well-structured mobile platforms. Windows Mobile 7 is gearing up to make an impact in the market which is headed by iOS and Android.

Intelligent Fitness Application on iPhone Is a Perfect Alternative to a Qualified Fitness Trainer

The artificial intelligence fitness application is now available for a free download on the iStores. It thinks and recommends workout categories like an expert fitness trainer. The app provides options for workouts with pictorial representations.

Android Tablet – Gifts For 2012

Android tablet fanatics have had a good time last year. Different brands and models have been made available in the gadget market with a lot of features and applications to match everyone’s needs. These tablets have also evolved in terms of design and have become slimmer and much lighter in weight.

Why Buy An Android Tablet?

Getting an Android tablet is nothing but a form of luxury or wastage of money for some people. This is because they don’t believe that there is indeed a pressing need for it yet and that the regular desktop is more useful because it is greater in features and you can actually do work with it. While there can be some credit to these statements however, tablets are not really made and bought just for luxury.

Cool Cell Phone Tricks

Has your cell phone done anything for you recently? Mine just updated my blog. Then it told me my friend Mike was couple streets over.

The New and Improved iPhone 5 Coming Soon

The iPhone 5 is said to be coming soon and equipped with some revolutionary features for an iPhone including 4″ screen, LTE 4G and A6 processor. It’s said that the iPhone 5 is being made to be the best, and will come with the software and hardware to make it the best.

Cloud Computing Has Made Software As A Service Affordable

Warehouse managers are under constant pressure to reduce costs without compromising service quality. Technology such as automation, robotics and software has contributed to the evolution of warehouses with the promise of greater efficiency and effectiveness.

The World of Apps

Mobile application development is one of the major sectors that have created huge demand in the IT industry. Due to its upraised demand, leading web development companies have diverted their existing team into the mobile application development to explore the field potential at its length. The integration of web technologies into the mobile application development is another reason.

Emergency SMS

The use of SMS messaging is becoming more common in many parts of daily life. In emergency situations as well, SMS is becoming increasingly utilised to help protect and aid the welfare of those at the heart of the disaster, as well as family and friends trying to help and confirm their safety. SMS has application before, during, and after an emergency scenario – with a strong role to play at each stage.

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