iOS 15 – 10 TIPS & TRICKS!

iPad Tips and Tricks – How iPad Video Lessons Can Help

Learn to use your iPad with these tips and tricks without the use of iPad video lessons. You can jump start your iPad tablet use by benefiting from these shortcuts.

How To Find The Best Budget Gaming Laptop

Owning a real gaming laptop is kinda the pinnacle of existence for any PC owner. It’s like being part of the Gamer Olympics and emerging victorious at the end of it. Basically anyone who has ever played any game on a PC has always wanted to make that entire experience more mobile.

Google Android and the Latest Trends Enveloping the Platform

Android App Development has been in demand since its advent. Here are the latest trends enveloping the market.

Using iPad Video Lessons to Help You Get Started With Your New iPad

The iPad is growing in popularity, however the device does not come with any iPad video lessons or instruction. This article explained my experience with tutorials that helped me set up my iPad.

Top 10 Best iPhone/iPad Apps for Students!

Many students have iPhones and iPads these days which they take to university with them, but it seems to me that very few are really getting the most out out of these fantastic devices! So, I decided to compile this list of the 10 best iOS apps for students…

What Is the Windows Phone Operating System?

What is the new Windows Phone OS and what makes it better than any other operating systems for smart phones? Also read more about the evolution of the mobile operating systems that Microsoft has been developing since 1995.

Motorola RAZR I XT890

Today we’ll be reviewing the Motorola RAZR i XT890. This phone isn’t the most powerful of Android devices, but if ever you found yourself on a budget and wanted to try out an Android Phone that looks great, works great and even has the latest version of the Android OS installed on it, then have you hit the jackpot with this phone.

Lock Up Your Laptop

If your laptop is stolen, the expense and inconvenience of replacing it could be the least of your problems. Reduce the chances of having your valuable equipment and sensitive data stolen with an inexpensive and easy to use Kensington Lock.

Tablet Review: Microsoft Surface

Microsoft’s new Surface has a wide range of features and benefits. But is it the right tablet for you?

Spring Simplifies Mobile Application Development

Mobile web applications are now getting more simplified with the evolution of ‘Spring Mobile’ which is a further extension to the ‘Spring MVC’ framework. However, owing to the widespread market of the Android devices, the Spring community has received a Spring for Android 1.0.1 which aims at simplifying the complex native Android apps.

What We Can Expect in Technology for Next Year in 2013

Technology is ever evolving and moving forward. Change is probably the best and most prominent characteristic that can be ascribed to technology, as wide and all encompassing as a term it might be. The rate of advancement that technology is exhibiting is much, much faster than any could have expected or anticipated – probably even for those who are at the forefront of its progress.

E-Commerce and the Cloud – 5 Reasons That The Cloud Is Perfect For E-Commerce

When your website is one of your primary sources of income and every individual visit counts, it is important that you have the correct hosting set up to capitalise on this resource. During this article I am going to make a case for cloud hosting being used for e-commerce. The first thing to be covered and one of the biggest benefits of cloud hosting is its elasticity – this makes it perfect for E-Commerce.

How Charities Can Embrace Technology – Tools for the Disadvantaged

Many technologies can be employed by the people, who the charities are supporting, themselves to solve some of the obstacles that they face in their everyday lives and charities are vital in increasing the awareness of these technologies and their benefits as well as rolling them out to those who will make use of them.

Mobile Payment – A Guide to Paying With Your Mobile Phone

With every passing year technology becomes a larger part of everyday life. With gadget and tech companies continuously inventing and innovating new ways for technology to aid us, it should come as no surprise that there are now plans for a system in which you can pay for goods without need of cash or cards. How I hear you ask? Well, through mobile payment of course.

Using Mobile Apps to Build a Loyal Community for Your Business

Mobile applications are an exciting new tool that can be used by businesses in a variety of ways to achieve a multitude of different results. From improving existing customer loyalty to increasing your social media presence, the results depend on how your application is designed and how this app is then promoted to your customers. Turning infrequent customers into raving fans is a great way for businesses to improve their bottom line and this is achievable through a well-designed and well executed mobile app campaign.

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