iMac M1 Pro (2022) Leaks – Mini-LED, 120hz, & More!

How to Create the Perfect iPhone App

In order to create the best iPhone applications, there are several factors that you will have to consider. Sometimes creating iPhone applications are not as easy or complicated as they may seem. When you are creating these applications, think about your application and what it is capable of doing.

How Mobilization Is Changing Our Purchasing Habits

Here are some stats and facts about the trending mobilization of our society. You can also draw a distinction of what people do on Cell phones. And what people do on the tablets.

Top 9 Things to Consider When Buying a Laptop

Here are the top 9 things to consider when deciding which laptop to buy for everyday use. You will find several useful deciding factors that you should consider before you buy.

Blackberry in the Black – Ripe or Rotten?

Let´s take a look at Blackberry, and review the company´s new strategy moving forward. Slim sales of the X10 may prompt Blackberry (formally RIM) to start making apps for other mobile operating systems. Read on to see if Blackberry is ripe for the picking! Maybe mobile web development is the future of Blackberry.

The IOS 7 Vs Android Face/Off! What a Predicament!

Like the namesake movie, Apple and Google are engaged in a no holds barred Face/Off. And that means getting in to each other’s skin, read, impersonate. If the infant Android’s layout was too similar to the iOS, Apple has now returned the compliment, modifying its iOS 7 to sport “me too” features vis-a-vis the Jelly Bean. This article pits these gladiators against each other. And it sure makes for an entertaining sport!

Which Mobile Platform Should You Choose?

In today’s world, a day cannot be completed without a mobile phone as people are not just using it, but living with it. Smartphone is the latest technology of mobile phones and there are countless utilities apart from a usual phone’s facilities such as camera and internet. Those utilities are commonly known as applications or apps among the mobile users. Read more…

Sony Xperia L Review and Specification

The Xperia L is Sony’s mid-range handset for this year, slotting in under the powerful Xperia SP and flagship Xperia Z. It’s currently fairly expensive on contract but, at less than…

Important Checkpoints Before Choosing CSharp As a Development Language for Mobile Devices

This is the first factor that comes to mind. Is there any possibility of reusing code written in the past or is there a vision to reuse the code written in the present for the future. If organization is a pure .Net shop and they want to be able to reuse their existing business functionality without having to fuss about rewriting the code using java or objective C then they can simply reuse the existing .Net dll’s. These dll’s will run fine against the mono VM and all they need to do is develop the UI for applications using mono for android or monotouch for iOS. This provides organization with a huge incentive especially if they wish to reuse their existing business functionality. One would always contend that the same could be achieved by developing native applications that call the business services(exposed via REST based web-services).

Top 5 Reasons on Why Your Business Should Opt for iPhone App Development Services

If you are running a business, organization or a company then it is obvious that you are seeking a superior market presence, along with effective business practices that in return allows you to capture more market share, better business process control and increased business efficiencies. And most likely for your industry, the internet has played a vital role in expanding the business across the globe.

Laptop Care: Follow These 4 Tips to Care for Your Laptop

Laptops are expensive so if you want yours to last as long as possible then you need to properly care for your laptop. A damaged laptop is expensive to repair. Learn tips on how to care for your Laptop so it remains accessible 24/7.

Developing an Android Application Within Your Budget

So, do you think that your budget has been constraining you? This has been the case with many developers in the recent times. While they have had the willingness and the ideas to develop a winning Android application, they seem to have lost out because of a stifled budget.

Reasons Why You Would Prefer Android Over iOS?

It may seem a bit surprising but it is true that in comparison the popular iOS is not as popular as the Android. Android means an open source platform where you can customize the features and have the freedom to download third-party software. With iOS users it seems to be a restricted area. However with changing times there is an increasing demand by iOS users for personalization. Internal sources of Apple are reluctant to provide free access to users. It is all about privacy and user security. This concern for user security is valid as a user might unknowingly download malware or any such threat on their device.

App Marketing Videos – Why And How To Make A Video

It’s that moment in time: mobile apps flood the software marketplace. Anyone and everyone are developing mobile apps for one reason or the other. To make your app stand out, it needs to be accompanied by an app marketing video. Here’s why you need an app marketing video, and how to make one.

Mobility Solutions Take Banking to the Masses

The banking sector has been looking for ways to increase uptake of its retail market oriented products. Increased competition in the banking sector due to an overall increase in the number of banks is liable for this.

Innotab Games for Kids

Parents always want to find ways to make learning enjoyable for their kids. Luckily this is now easier than it’s ever been thanks to the technology that’s available today. One of the best ways for kids to learn in a way that’s fun and engaging is through the use of a tablet.

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