How Google is going to WIN 2022!

Tablet PC Android Rumors: What’s Coming Soon?

Android technology evolves every six months and Tablets and devices are tweaked or newer features added with every version. To know what’s coming soon read on…

Six Fruit Ninja Tips That Will Improve Your Score

Fruit Ninja is a video game for the iPhone and Pad. Halfbrick Studios published the game. You play the game by touching and slicing the screen with your finger to achieve certain goals. For example, you slice fruit in half with a sword as it flies in the air to earn scores. There are single player and multiplayer modes so you can practice your skills and then play head to head against other people. If you want to become a better at the hit game, Fruit Ninja, here are some Fruit Ninja Tips to improve your scores.

Kindle 3G Covers: Why Do You Need One And Which One Should You Choose?

The Kindle 3G is amazing and well worth the price tag, but there is one thing lacking when you open the box, and that is a case to keep your Kindle safe and protected. While you might be happy to casually toss a paperback into your bag your Kindle would get pretty scratched up over time if it came into contact with your keys or other items you might throw in there as well!

Tablet PC Android OS: Is It Really Free?

Tablet Android OS is not only ‘free’ software but offers x times more features than iOS. Learn more on how the ‘free to use software’ brings sophisticated choices. Learn more on this here….

Best iPad Newspaper Apps

When the iPad was introduced last year, many said that this tablet will mark the end of newspaper. This was seen as a threat to print media, including popular magazines. To maintain their sales, every single vendor has churned out an iPad app.

Helping Students Learn How to Enjoy Learning: An Interview With Travis Allen

I work with schools deploying iPod Touch-based 1:1 learning programs for their students. That is how I heard about a high-school student campaigning for the use of technology in education. I believe his voice should be heard, and this interview is my contribution towards that end.

State of Android Operating System in June 2011

This article specifies the current state of Android operating system and its application development tools support. It also indicates the pros and cons of the Android OS.

Laptop Bags

Laptop or notebook bags come in all shapes and sizes. However, knowing the difference between cheap quality bags that fall apart, and barely protect your laptop or notebook, is worth understanding.

Laptop Wireless Keyboard For Convenience

Did you know that using a laptop wireless keyboard could provide you much comfort and convenience, as well as help you increase your productivity? It is true. This wonderful wireless device can bring so much convenience into your work that you will surely be happier and more contented when performing your computing tasks.

Small Wireless Keyboard – A Solution to Limited Space

A small wireless keyboard is an important device that can help computer users become more comfortable when performing their computing tasks. While there are small keyboards that allow users to free up space in the area fronting their workstations, these are sometimes connected to the computers through cables or wires. Dangling wires can become a nuisance, and even a source of annoyance, at some later point if they do become entangled.

Free cPanel Hosting – Reasons Why People Choose It

Why are many people capitalizing on free cPanel hosting? Will it work for the website I am planning to build? Definitely you would find answers to these types of question and so much more. cPanel hosting answers many web hosting issues. Why wouldn’t you consider it?

Keeping Your Business on the Go

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s critical to keep your business running smoothly even when you’re on the go. Fortunately, there are many technology choices that you can use to succeed. But before you dive into mobile technologies, it’s important to clearly first identify your business needs.

Mobile Applications – Better Control Over Business

Business related apps are developed to enhance business operations and improve profitability for the Company. Users are distributing these apps amongst their staff for better coordination, control and management.

Mobile Apps Users Are Indifferent To Prices

Mobile phones are creating ripples in the communication world. Latest technological advancements are also on the rise making users more and more dependent upon these mobile phones.

Sony E-Reader PRS 650: Benefits and Features

The Sony PRS 650 is one of the most feature packed of all e-readers available today. The mid-priced device has the capability, with external memory, to carry up to 50,000 ebooks. If you have been looking for an eco-friendly alternative to traditional paperback books, this is one device that is definitely worth researching.

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