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Top 6 Most Popular Categories + Monetization Techniques

Find out how to make money by monetizing your apps. Read more in this article.

New Razer Blade Pro

Razer is stepping up their game and reintroducing the Razer Blade Pro, now with better hardware and software to stimulate the most avid gamers. Get ready to think twice about your next gaming laptop purchase.

The Market Share of Android Is Attracting Mobile App Developers

As we know that the users of smart phones and devices are increasing day by day so the demand of apps is also increasing. In the mobile app market android has more command so the android app market is attracting mobile app developers.

Top 5 Must-Have iPhone Apps for Businessmen

When you run any kind of business, it is extremely important to get maximum productivity out of whatever resources and time you have at hand. If you are involved in a job that requires you to travel constantly from one place to the other, you will have to rely quite heavily on the apps in your Business Phone for various purposes such as accessing data from the company’s computer systems, viewing, editing, and storing Excel and Word files, or managing the website of the company. In such situations, the wide range of helpful iPhone Apps for Businessmen that are available these days come in handy.

Brace For Impact: The Mobile Revolution Is Gaining Momentum

Despite all limitations, industry specialists forecast that by 2015 80% of all mobile applications developed will be hybrid. (A combination of native and web/HTML5) or HTML5. Looking back, it is unlikely organizations from by-gone eras never even imagined the concept of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). Available technology limited IT departments’ vision of manageable, secure mobile scenarios to one or two corporate-owned devices operating on private networks. The concept of supporting any device in the hands of an employee, partner or customer was pure fantasy.

The Importance of Keeping the Laptop Cool

Laptops that are constantly subject to overheating due to overuse or use in bed suffer from heat buildup which can shorten the life of the laptop. Overheating can diminish processing speed and wear out system components. Using a laptop stand fights heat buildup and prolongs the life of the computer.

Authentic Mobile Reviews – What Is the Advantage?

With new types of mobiles and cutting-edge technologies, the mobile market is getting new options and features every now and then. The telecommunication market is really seeing a boom. A hoard of manufacturers is entering into the market to grab a sizeable market-share.

Quick Tips To Have A Mobile Optimized Website

The way we perceive the virtual world i.e. the Internet, nowadays, has changed considerably. Such a change in the perception is credited to the advent of the ubiquitous, midget mobile technology.

Picking That Perfect Smartphone

Technology is something that keeps evolving with every passing day. In fact, the pace at which the world has advanced in the past few years has been nothing less than astonishing.

Protection For Your Apple Mac Computers

Heavy duty protection for you Apple equipment. Perfect for those on the move with their delicate iMac gear.

Developing Web Apps: Getting Started

Web apps do not differ much from traditional web applications. They are written with open and responsive technologies that are based on the triad HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. In this article we look at some tools that assist the development of cross-platform mobile apps.

The Phenom Called E Banking

The speed with which technology is moving and evolving can make anyone struggle to gasp and put anyone in the perpetual state of amazement. The banking industry has also experienced the Midas touch of technique and its transmuted and contemporary avatar is E Banking Services. This modern form has provided able and efficient solutions to many ubiquitous banking solutions which have been the constant nuisance to the customers.

Emerging Mobile Phone Technologies

Cellular phones have actually ended up being vital and now play a huge part in everyone’s lives. With the presence of cell phones, everyone has actually now gone cordless. Cell phone, as the name implies, provides mobility.

ID Scanners Make Life Easier For Everyone

Thanks to modern technology, it is more difficult than ever for unauthorized individuals to enter businesses that have an age limit. ID scanners help employees ensure that such individuals do not gain admittance where they are not allowed.

Mobile Solutions and Its Advantages

The business world is at fast pace of changing with information and communication technology. Latest advances in technology are continually changing the way everybody lives up to expectations.

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