DO NOT BUY an Apple Watch Right Now Unless…

After 5 Months I Still Love My Nexus 7

I had my Nexus 7 since pre-orders as I watched the UPS man toss it 15 feet to my doorstep. And I am still impressed with the hardware.

My Concept of The New Android Phone

Android has come so far, yet we are missing so much. Not in terms of what other OS’s have versus what we have, just in terms of what could make our OS even better, what Google needs to focus on. Let’s take a deeper look at we all have been complaining about and how we can get it.

The Time to Develop an Enterprise Mobility Strategy Is NOW

Enterprise mobility will peak in 2013 as business investments in mobility, BYOD, cloud, virtualization technologies, Big Data and analytics start showing returns across industry domains. For those still on the fringe, it’s time to develop your enterprise mobility strategy NOW.

What Is Cloud Hosting or Application Hosting?

It seems that the term “Cloud” is thrown around by just about every type of application hosting company these days. The overuse of the word can make it difficult for the average business professional to truly understand what cloud hosting is, and to understand how it can form a part of a whole business solution for the company. Here are some basics of cloud hosting, also known as application hosting or managed hosting, so you can form a solid idea as to what it is.

Best Touch Screen Laptops For 2013

The New Year has just arrived with awesome technology advancement. 2013 is a year of touch screen gadgets, and laptops that will play the major role in the current year are already launched by biggest brands. These laptops not only carry touch screen features but every, single hardware used in them is using cutting-edge technology. These touch screen laptops are not only smarter but the operating system used in them is also a masterpiece. Together Windows 8 and touch screen laptop has bought a revolution in the information technology world.

Get the Most Cash for Your Old Laptop

Laptops, netbooks and notebooks now form part of our everyday lives. New and faster models are released each year and many of us upgrade on a regular basis; but how do you achieve the best resale price for your old laptop?

Learn The iPad

Learn the iPad and you will see how truly amazing this product is. So you went out and spent at least 600 dollars on one of the world’s best selling gadgets, now what?

5 Main Differences Between Web Apps and Native Apps

Coming up with an idea for a mobile app may seem like the largest obstacle. However, it is also very important to determine which mobile app platform is best for you.

The Business Significance of Tailored Mobile Applications!

Why do we prefer an office space with all the facilities that suits our business needs fully. From infrastructure to interiors and the relative positioning of stuff, all the factors are considered to establish familiarity with the business system.

Be With Time and Act Smart – With Mobile Application Technology

Technology is the foremost thing that defines an era and the age you live in. In today’s time, the pace at which the world is moving have made technology decide our living system and the quality of life we lead.

Smart Phony on a Pride-Ride With Android

There were days when smart phones were just another prologue of futuristic technology, and not considered to be accessible by everyone. But with time, as the communication needs grew and people became more open towards technology it began to be a part of people’s life gradually.

Energy Industry Sees New Opportunities With Mobile Apps

It goes without saying that nobody can do without energy. Being one of the decisive factors, the availability of energy resources is crucial for the economic growth and ultimately for the well-being of individuals. Numerous forecasts share similar core findings that there exists a fundamental need to expand and diversify supplies of energy, improve efficiency and eliminate environmental risks.

Home Automation: It Is Here to Stay!

By ‘home automation’, we mean automated control over every appliance with lesser amount of human interference. The idea of home automation has reduced human labour and contributed to an improved, faster and convenient lifestyle.

Useful iPhone Apps for Monitoring the News

Some of the most popular apps for the iPhone are the news applications. For users that are too busy to keep up with current events by visiting the most popular news websites, a dedicated news app is just what they need.

The Evolution Of Mobile Technology In The Workplace

“With an ever increasing mobile workforce and an increase in flexible working, maintaining employee productivity when out of the office environment is an area that requires serious thought and potential investment. Services such as Skype and Microsoft Messenger have been part of daily life for sometime now. However, until recent years these have been restricted to desktop use.”

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