Apple Watch Series 7 – Watch THIS Before You BUY!

What Changes Can We Expect in 2013 in the Mobile World?

Everyone has extremely high expectations in the mobile world in 2013, especially since 2012 was an amazing year for mobile. The truth is that the mobile industry is changing at a rapid pace, therefore we could see some incredible improvements in this modern industry that belongs to every mobile consumer worldwide. It is a proven fact that the mobile trend has entered every aspect of our personal and professional lives.

Personal Training Software Provides ‘On-The-Go’ Mobile Scheduling to Busy Instructors

Scheduling client appointments is no easy task for personal fitness trainers, especially if done over the phone. Online personal trainer scheduling software gives these professionals an effective mobile option to automatically accept and confirm appointments 24/7, without having to break a sweat!

Home Automation for Project Developers: Experience the New Edge

With home automation, you can stay ahead of market expectations and protect your brand image. With customized solutions, it is possible to serve multiple target segments while protecting margins and project value. With the new-age switch, you can provide real value & experience to the end customer through unique features in home automation technology.

How Tablets Are Changing Learning in Classrooms

Tablet PCs are devices seen in many classrooms these days. More and more have moved from computers to tablets due to the simple and user-friendly features of this device. Know how tablets are changing the learning process in classrooms today. Read this article for more insight.

Understanding Our Love / Hate Relationship With Products

In order to turn a product-based company around, we need to first explore why we need products to begin with? Do we need technology at all? Perhaps we should just abandon it all and go back to the quiet cottage on the countryside. The short answer is that products are tools, much like a hammer or screwdriver. Whether we use tools to build a house, or a computer to type this article, they make it easier for us to complete tasks. But products also have the potential to help us do more.

The Diversification of Touchscreens

For a long time touchscreens and mobiles have been almost synonymous, yet recent events suggest touchscreen technology is breaking away from mobile platforms for greener pastures. Read on to find out just how drastic this change is, and what it could mean for your gadgets.

Printing Anything From Anywhere Is No Longer Impossible

It’s become often a necessity when using a smartphone, tablet, or laptop and is an essential part of your daily workflow. Let’s face it that even in our “green” world printing is still required and is not likely to disappear any time soon.

The Last Computer User

I work at my home office, in front of a Macintosh having a 27-inch screen, and also a Mac laptop. I have played with the latest iPad and some new Galaxy and other Android devices, and while they are all fast and cool; I find I can work much faster and easier in front of my two computer screens. I have an iPod Touch, however I just use it to listen to music, podcasts, or meditation tracks when I am doing chores; or to keep my shopping list when I go to the store.

The Best Apps For Valentine’s Day

You hope for a card but dread getting more than one. If this happens how do you know immediately which one is from the one you love and which one is from an unknown admirer. In the meantime here are some phone apps that will help the day go more smoothly and make you look like you are really organised.

Chromebooks: An Overview

Chromebooks are small, laptop-like computers designed to be used almost exclusively while connected to the internet. They are becoming increasingly popular, but are they a threat to conventional laptops or are they a different kind of product altogether?

Finding an iPhone App Maker

If you wish to develop an iPhone App, and are seeking an iPhone App Maker, finding one isn’t often an issue. You can find a lot of them on the Internet. The real problem is how to use such a tool properly. Users are more concerned with how to develop the best app following the instructions indicated in the maker’s program. What concerns most is how long the process will take as well as how much effort is necessary to complete everything from start to finish. How much money to spend is another issue as well. Not every iPhone app maker is offered for free. Some can be used by anyone on the Internet, while others require a payment before getting an access to the software’s system.

HTC Butterfly

Also known as the HTC Deluxe, this is the newest flagship of HTC, one that will hopefully generate enough revenue to actually boost HTC into a normal state, as they have been struggling with financial problems for quite some time now. It is no secret that they are down a few points since last year’s same time. However, with the tech put into this phone it is sort of a sure bet that they will most certainly make a profit with it. However, that will only happen if they remember to rectify the problem that caused their losses last year – marketing. The CEO of HTC, as I mentioned previously in another post on this website, blamed not investing more into marketing for their poor results and was sure that had that happen, their HTC One X and X+ would have generated nearly as much revenue as the top dogs that year – the S III and so forth. This phone hasn’t been out for a month, and HTC started releasing accessories for it already. I happen to know that in China they also offer something called HTC Mini alongside your phone.

Micromax Canvas HD

Due to certain circumstances that I could not control, I couldn’t really review the Micromax Canvas. I ended up regretting that decision as it received quite a lot of good feedback from the users. However, all of them said that the screen of the device had a slight problem.

6 Best Tips To Develop An App For The Android Platform In 2013

A recent report by Gartner states that Android has captured over half of the planet’s smartphone OS market share. This article gives the 6 best tips to develop an app for the android platform in 2013.

Is It Time to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)? Safely Adopt Mobile in the Enterprise

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is already happening in the enterprise. Learn how to identify your own use cases and risks. Understand mobile device management (MDM) tools and other resources to be safe and secure. Develop a strategy to ensure that users, the it department, and the business get the most out of mobile technology. Specifically this article covers BYOD success factors, current usage of mobile technology, managing risks and other factors, the right policies for your enterprise, managing the mobile fleet, supporting tools and solutions, as well as the best and worst scenarios for BYOD.

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