Apple Watch Series 7 Unboxing & First Impressions!

5 Qualities Of A Perfect Mobile Platform

Can we imagine a perfect mobile platform? Is it possible to come up with the universal ideas and form a vision of a perfect platform? We believe that has been done quite a few times.

5 Fantastic iPad Applications for the Elderly

The intuitive UI of iPad makes it easy for the elderly to use this device. For the elderly iPad users, there are many app that help lead a better life. In this article, we take a look at five such apps.

How to Select a Device for Enterprise Mobility

Over the last few years consumer devices have overtaken enterprise devices in a lot of ways. Many of the features originally developed for the enterprise are now leveraged in mobile phones that we all have. Does this mean it’s a no-brainer when it comes to choosing a device for an enterprise mobility project?

Best Rated Tablets – Guides For Choosing the Right Tablet

In case you have decided to buy a tablet computer, the next thing you should perform is actually to discover the one that’s ideal for you. Nevertheless, it could be a tough task for you to obtain the one that’s ideal for you as there are a lot of good options available. Here are several points to search for in a tablet which would assist you to identify the best rated tablets for your needs.

Great Samsung ATIV Smart PC 500T

Take advantage of an intuitive, ultra-thin design. The innovative Samsung ATIV Smart PC 500T is designed to fit your mobile lifestyle. Use your PC how you want it, where you want it.

Android Jelly Bean – What’s New in the Menu?

Android made its mark in the field of mobile technology through its low-cost, customizable, lightweight operating system that also did not require the application to be developed from scratch. Android has come long way with better outlet of offerings and Jelly Bean brings it anew in every sense.

The BlueAnt Q2 – HD Quality Audio and Voice Commands in a High Quality Bluetooth Device

The BlueAnt Q2 is a next generation hands-free Bluetooth device. It has optimal audio quality and noise cancelling features as well as voice commands that allow the device to do more than create a hands-free phone.

How to Avoid Strain With Tablets

As with any new technology, we need to take baby steps until we’ve found a comfortable footing. There are still a lot of kinks to be ironed out of tablet use and ergonomic safety, so it’s worth reading up on how to reduce strain.

Mobile Application Testing – History, Today and Tomorrow

Borrowing from the idiom “Practice makes perfect”, mobile apps too undergo constant testing of their capabilities so as to outperform rivals in the app market. Customers look for quality, and quality is achieved by testing the app(s). This article introduces mobile app testing with pragmatic information that you can use to permeate mobile app testing, down to a level or two.

Apple Bans UDID Accessing Apps, May 1, Boosting Privacy

Apple is set to offer highly secured and reliable products and services to its users. Starting May 1 it will reject apps that access UDIDs, without permission. This article gives insights, stating that Apple bans UDID accessing apps, May 1, to boost its user’s privacy.

Everything You Need to Know About the Samsung Series 5

All of the most important details about the Samsung Series 5 laptop. This article details the main reasons why the Samsung Series 5 is the best in it’s price range.

Identity Management (Mobile and Cloud) for Security, Agility and BYOD Support

Identity management services are necessary for enterprises to manage BYOD, mobile, cloud and on-premise systems and solutions for agility and growth. The services streamline identity management and simplify device and application usage for enterprise users.

Nuts And Bolts of Mobile Application Development

Modern and functional mobile devices and applications is all the rage today. Gone are the days when the use of mobile phones is limited only for making calls. Due to the upbeat advancement in mobile phone development, individuals and enterprises were able to devise distinctive mobile applications.

Amazing Reasons Why Your Business Needs An Android App

Android apps have revolutionized the way businesses connect or reach out to their target audience. This article gives amazing reasons why your business needs an Android app.

Useful and Effective Android Business Apps

There are plenty of strategies and techniques, both in the online and offline world, that you can apply in your business. When it comes to using devices to help grow your business, Smartphones and Tablets are in the forefront. These gadgets are more useful now than ever before, as mobile apps have come into existence and have become known in the marketplace. Apps facilitate the execution of features and functions in Smartphones and Tablets. Entrepreneurs and Business owners who are looking for ways to expand their business can take advantage of Android business apps. These apps allow them to market and sell their products or services. Android business apps provide functions that are normally done by secretaries and marketing staff. You can continue using them even when you are away from the office or from home. Even when you’re on a trip outside the country, you can still utilize these Smartphone apps. There are literally hundreds of thousands of apps available, here are the top ten that are worth your consideration.

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