Apple Watch Series 7 – 10 BIG Questions Answered!

Tips on How to Declutter Your Smartphone

Whenever I take a look at people there smartphones I notice one thing, that there smartphones are overloaded with apps. Screen after each screen I see apps with no light at the tunnel. Because we can acquire new apps daily and the opportunity and innovations are there we have no shortage of applications.

Some Distinctions Between Android And J2ME

Both Android and J2ME are used to develop apps. However, both have their own set of pros and cons and this article enlists some of them.

Problems in Freelance iPhone App Development

iPhone app development is a pretty big problem for a small/medium business and any individual who has an amazing idea or business requirements and does not understand the dynamics of app development. Hence it is very important that an app designer and developer have previous on getting an app approved on the app store. In my opinion there will be plenty of app developers who can display credentials that prove they are experienced but what is more important is creativity.

The New Operating System of Android

The article enlisted below enunciates some points about the latest version of Android. Known as the Jelly Bean update, the newer version was introduced in this year’s Google I/O conference.

Three New Impressive Apps for the iPhone

Apple has sold over 250 million units in the first five years since the launch of the iPhones. And of course, the App Store is the main reason for this success. Just by browsing through the App Store, one can discover thousands of exciting apps. Therefore, the task of selecting an app has become baffling. Let me introduce three impressive apps for your iOS device.

Mobile Gaming Made More Desirable With Near Field Communication Technology

Mobile devices inspite of their robust utilities do suffer from certain design constraints like small screen, tiny keyboards, inaccurate controllers and clustered user interfaces. These factors not only hamper the usability and the accessibility of the phone device but also leave a negative impact on the user experience in the terms of mobile gaming.

Best Gaming Laptops Buying Guide

Buying a laptop designed for gaming can be relatively difficult if you do not know what to look for in a mobile computer. This article will show you how to choose the best gaming laptops that fit your style and preferences.

BMW App Suite on iPhone for Entertainment and Safety of the Driver

BMW thoroughly knows the taste of their customers when it comes to technology and luxury. This is the driving force for this German based car manufacturer to be a world class pioneer when it comes to its cars updated with superior technology integration. All of us admit that iPhone devices are so much a part of our lives and little had we known that these devices could gradually become a natural extension of your BMW car!

Points To Consider If You Are Producing Business Apps

By using mobile applications, firms have had the opportunity to make improvements they never knew were possible. Keeping that in mind, there are numerous things that need to be looked at if you are creating these mobile apps for your company.

Advantages of App Prototyping Before Final Product

Prototypes are very important when it comes to performance of physical products before the final production. They greatly reduce project risk while at the same time increasing chances of getting better results. Application prototyping involves two ways. The main reason I like prototyping is because it has great benefits to my project since I am looking for the best methods and tools for my job.

Fun and Challenging Logo Quiz Games

Logo quiz type games for the mobile device (smart phones or tablets) are a perfect fun and challenging game for the keen observer as well as the shopaholic. In a world that is packed full of branding and marketing, how well do you actually know the common or obscure logos that are seen or passed by everyday.

Security Is Your Friend When Your Friends Are Secure

So, you run into an old friend at a concert who you haven’t seen in years. The music is loud and he or she is in a hurry, so you agree to catch up over lunch next week. Later, you realize that the number you’ve got is way out of date.

Find Out How the HTC Incredible 4G LTE Compares to Other 4G LTE Phones

The Incredible 4G LTE phone from HTC has a 8 megapixel camera, 4 inch qHD screen and 1,700 mAh battery. These specifications make for an interesting mid-range Android phone. The addition of Sense 4.0 and Android Ice Cream Sandwich make this a phone worth considering.

Top Three Utility Apps to Try Out

From business to entertainment we use our phones for just about everything and mobile apps are great for many things. They can let you get location-specific data, meet up with friends, pay bills on the run and consume content. These apps have become handy companions as they can be accessed anytime. If you are exploring the App Store to get right utility apps for your mobile device, this article can help you.

Standard Mobile Devices Do Not Comply With Healthcare Security Requirements

As medical service providers increasingly use mobile phones and devices to view medical records and access patient databases, mobile data security has become a growing issue of concern in the healthcare industry. Medical records contain an abundance of personal information making these records a prime target for cybercriminals. Off-the-shelf smartphones in today’s market typically meet 40 percent of security requirements called for by HIPPA and MU Stage 2 Standards.

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