Apple Watch 2022 Lineup Leaked! (You’ll Want The Explorer Edition!)

Samsung and Android – A Mutually Beneficial Partnership

The Android mobile operating system is managed by a consortium of software organizations, electronics device manufacturers and cellular network operators, named the “Open Handset Alliance”. Samsung is a part of the alliance, and is one of the major contributors to the Android project. As a member, it has firsthand access to the latest developments, and is free to make its modifications and market them under its brand. As per the latest statistics, Samsung is the biggest Android mobile manufacturer, and is arguably the most successful smartphone and tablet manufacturing organization.

Why iPhones Beat The Competition

Why are people so fascinated with the iPhone? And why does it beat out the competition? This article looks at what make the smartphone so unique.

The Best Features of iPhone 5S

The smartphone industry witnessed a major transformation when Apple first came out with its first generation smartphone, named iPhone. Back then, phones without keypad were not considered to be a possibility, but iPhone demonstrated that the touch screen was enough to be the sole input panel. The screen size was larger than any other phone, and it ran on the extremely powerful and sophisticated operating system – iOS. Over the years, newer versions of the Apple iPhone have arrived, and every time, the new device has been able to surpass the expectations and beat the competitors on the basis of innovation, style and sophistication.

Advanced Features of the Latest Android Versions

In the last six years, the Android operating system has witnessed major transformation with every new version. The first commercial version was released in 2008, and in just five years, there has been several enhancements made, which has helped it in becoming the most popular mobile operating system in the world. The current version is known as Kit Kat 4.4, and is remarkably different from the initial versions. The major version 4.0 (Ice-cream sandwich) was released in 2011, and over the last two years, several minor versions have been released, which includes Jelly Bean and Kit Kat.

Importance of Google in the Android Ecosystem

There is a popular notion that Google is the founder and the developer of the Android mobile operating system. However, on the contrary, Android was an independent project that was initially meant to be the operating system for digital cameras. However, with the market for digital camera systems not being lucrative enough, the project was redirected towards the development of a mobile operating system. The promising results of the project prompted Google to take over the Android operating system, and invest on its development. However, Google went ahead and formed a consortium named “Open Handset Alliance” with organizations like Samsung, HTC, AT&T, Motorola and others to collaborate and share their resources and assets for the development of Android ecosystem.

Advantages of a Nexus Phone Over Other Android Smartphones

The Android mobile ecosystem currently accounts for 80 percent of smartphones, making it the leading mobile operating system. The open-source nature of the operating system makes it possible to have several handset manufacturers leverage the advanced features of Android and customize it as per their requirements. Handset makers like Samsung and HTC use a customized version Android on their flagship products like Galaxy S4 and HTC One. Apart from the core utilities, these organizations add their own brand of apps and interfaces to differentiate it from other Android phones. However, in countries like United States, where phones are locked by the carrier providing the network, another level of customization is performed on the Android system by the carrier organization.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

After enjoying the success of Galaxy Note 2, the Smartphone giant, Samsung, showcases the new Note 3. The new Note 3 is packed with outstanding features and options. It takes an edge over its rivals when it comes to display size, technology and specifications.

12 Apps to Conjure the Christmas Spirit in You

Christmas is just round the corner. So what are the apps, which will motivate you for the Christmas? This article would be discussing about some of the apps, which are going to lighten up your Christmas spirit.

The Quest for a Perfect Mobile App

The market nowadays overflows with offers that tear consumers apart in the battle between different brands. Just a few years ago it was enough to post an online ad, launch a TV commercial, or publish an ad in a newspaper to draw audiences to a brand. But it’s not how a brad survives today. A modern brand that wants to not only survive, but to succeed, requires a customized mobile application that would respond its audience’s needs.

Preparing to Buy Your Next Laptop – Determine What You Need

Searching for a laptop that can suit your needs and desires is not that easy, if we are to take into account the variety of offers existent nowadays. The first thing you need to do is for what you will be utilizing your laptop. You do not have to be an expert in order to decide on the right model for you.

How Will Apple Make Use of PrimeSense?

What is next for Apple? No one can really tell what, only it is up to something big as displayed by the number of companies it has bought which got people all the more curious. One of its biggest investment and today’s most controversial will be its acquisition of PrimeSense.

Strategic Vs Tactical Approach To Enterprise Mobility

What are we referring to when we discuss tactical and strategic approaches to business mobility, and which should we be actually using? Ok, so this is actually a little bit of a trick question as you would probably find yourself using both approaches to a BYOD policy. But it’s essential that businesses out there recognise the differences between both and when it’s right to employ each.

Wireless Internet for Businesses – Improving Flexibility and Communication in the Workplace

The importance and usage of the internet has rapidly increased in the last two decades all over the world, due to the improved access to knowledge and people’s need to always remain connected to their loved ones. Undoubtedly, the internet has revolutionized all sectors of life, whether personal or professional, and it is especially very helpful for all kinds of professions and businesses. Therefore, many organizations now use wireless internet for business in order to increase their workforce’s flexibility and efficiency through effective communication and enhanced access.

Advantages of Geo Location Based Applications

The use of geo location apps can transform the overall landscape of mobile communication. These location based applications prove to be vital sources of authentic information, which can help users in making informed decisions.

Lumia 1320 a Budget Phone by Nokia

Nokia has been coming out with numerous Smartphones, add to it the latest Lumia 1320. This Smartphone is claimed to be a budget phone that is similar to its cousin Lumia 1520. The measurement of the screen is 6-inch and it runs on new Windows operating system that is priced at $339. Now the question is whether this phone is suited to budget or it is also technology competent?

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