Apple September 2021 Event – EVERYTHING to Expect!

The iPhone App Development Process and Steps to Become Successful!

Although the iPhone has iOS as its operating system and the programming resembles app development for Mac, the purpose and the design approach are considerably different. The iPhone touch screens are compact enough and the developers are able to create organized and focused user applications with a simple and easy UI. Developers are increasingly creating applications which are useful and practical but the effort involves 100 hours of dedication and nearly 2,000 lines of code.

Mobile Communication: Leveraging Technology

We are living in a digital world. Everything we want is accessible on a mobile phone. Only some years back mobile phones were meant to be used for only calling and messaging. In the present scenario, they are used for anything and everything. Right from texting to listening music and clicking pictures. This article talks about the surge within the telecom industry and its effect on the users.

Human Computer Interaction – 1,2,3

It was only a few years ago when as a young adult I and many others with similar interests had our imagination grown towards how the future of our civilization would look like through the images and projects which were injected in out brains through science-fiction movies and novels. Today, with all of the cool gadgets and hardware which compose of many form factors, such as your mobile devices, tablets and surface devices used by larger research entities, we are still at the very early stages of what most Computer Scientists would call Human Computer Interaction….

The Rise of Android Mobile Operating System

Android, the open source platform from Google, has become the most popular mobile operating system. Android phones have been ranked first among all smartphones sold in US and it has jumped to Number 2 spot for mobile phones.

Hire Android App Developer – 5 Non Technical Skills to Look Forward To

Hire Android developer, not only for their technical skills but also non technical skills. Know which non technical skills you need to check in Android developer for best Android app development.

Tips and Methods: Galaxy Nexus (Sprint)

Outfitted with Android 4.0 along with a 4.65″ HD Super AMOLED display, the Galaxy Nexus (Sprint) by Samsung provides a pure Google knowledge about enhanced communication and entertainment features. Read our useful hints to discover ways you can get the most from your smartphone.

Android – The Coolest Cell Phone OS

Whether you’re a functional mother or perhaps a stay-at-home mother, you’ve most likely got more errands and tasks than you can preserve track of-doctor’s visits, school projects, shopping outings and much more. Great news, tech-savvy moms…

All About Emerging Event Technologies: Social Networking Tools and Mobile Technology

Up until a few years ago, organizations were unaware of the existence of social media tools. They only promoted their products and services on newspapers and magazines (advertisements) and at the most, via hoardings at select locations, to increase visibility and their customer base.

An Overview of Third and Fourth Generation Wireless Networks

The third generation wireless networks are a generation of standards for mobile phones and services that fulfills the International Mobile Telecommunications-2000 specifications. The application services include wide area wireless network, internet access via mobile devices, video calls and mobile television. The 3G research and development projects were started in 1992 and ITU approved five radio interfaces for International Mobile Communications-2000 in the year 1999.

Purchasing New Laptops

There is a wide variety of laptop computers available in today’s market all depending on the size, speed, memory and additional features that someone is looking for. Laptop computers are manufactured by many different brands and all producing high quality devices. This guide will show that there are different kinds of laptops for many different laptop users.

How I Found A Solution To Recording Videos And Taking Pictures All The Same Time

iPhone, My favorite device of all time since the Samsung D600, but with like nearly every other phone, it still has a few questionable features. So this week, it became my duty to solve at least one of them myself.

How to Filter Your Kid’s Kindle Fire In 3 Easy Steps

So you finally bought your kid a kindle. After several bouts of pleading and a couple of “But Mom…everyone has one!” it was inevitable. Besides, his school, like many others in America has embraced the “Bring Your Own Technology” initiative. Allowing him to integrate his Kindle Fire at school would greatly improve his overall learning experience.

Top Tablet Computers – Guide To Choosing A Top Tablet PC

Buying top tablet computers can be a nightmare because of the numerous offers available. However, considering factors like portability, screen, storage, and connectivity will help you choose the right top tablet PC.

Is iPhone Perfect for Business?

Mobile App Development companies are churning out apps by the minute, especially for businesses. But does that mean that iPhones are in tandem with the best business phones out there?

M-Commerce Application Development

The term m-Commerce is related to mobile commerce, where the users can conduct commerce using their mobile devices like – Smartphone, mobile phone, Personal Digital Assistant or a dashtop mobile device. In other words, we can say mobile commerce as a transaction that involves transfer of ownership or rights to use services and goods, initiated by using mobile access to computer-mediated networks.

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