Apple iPhone 13 (2021) Event – What to Expect!

Everything You Need to Know About a Tablet PC

One of the most revolutionary developments in the area of Computers and Smartphone is the emerging of Tablet Pc. It can be considered as a Laptop which is handier with low memory. Tablet itself had many changes since from its prototype and the latest trend is the Apple’s iPad which has become the most successful Tablet till date.

5 Tips for Optimizing Your Website for Mobile Users

The number of mobile device users is increasing rapidly and their online activity has made the mobile market a prominent market segment your website can get customers and visitors from. Researches and statistics of the past few years indicate an explosive expansion in mobile browsing within few years and as a website owner you should definitely consider those mobile users as your visitors & potential customers. As of a recent survey, approximately 50% of new Internet connections originated from cell phones and no double this number is increasing every day. Mobile browsing and searches have their own sets of rule and they vary from the rules applied for the Desktop computers or laptops. To tap into the potential mobile market segment your site should be fully optimized for the mobile devices. Following are the 5 tips on optimizing your website for mobile viewing and searches:

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Versus iPhone 5 – Fight of the Finest

The fight among the top smartphones has just got even better with the release of the Galaxy Note 2 and the iPhone 5. Which one will take the best smartphone in the world title? Read on our comprehensive comparison to find out.

BYOD: Bring Your Own Demise

BYOD has become one of the hottest new subjects in technology as of late. Tied to the consumerization of IT, everyone seems to be talking about it, many aren’t sure what do about it and most business owners are just ignoring it.

App Store 101

Overview: The Apple App Store is the online marketplace where third party developers can digitally distribute their applications for iOS devices (iPhone/iPad/iPod touch). The App Store launched July 10th, 2008. When it launched there were a total of 500 third party applications that had been developed for distribution to iOS users.

Separating and Protecting Work and Personal Data on iPhones, iPads and Androids

Fear of privacy intrusion and loss of personal data factor in as some of the prime deterrents for the BYOD workforce. Read this article to explore the MDM best practices for separating and protecting work and personal data on mobile devices.

Picking the Right Business Laptop

Laptops today are used in a variety of settings, whether it is at home, school or the office. These devices have become important to businesses due to the mobility as it enables employees to not only work in the office but also whilst commuting. This article will show you what to look for when choosing a business laptop.

How the iPad Mini’s Oct 23rd Release Will Impact the Tablet and eReader Market

For most non iPad users and current eReader users, the main step between them and an iPad is the price and portability of the product. Most people have said that they just do not have enough cash to shore up for a non essential item like a iPad tablet. For others, they would like the additional program capabilities of an iPad, yet they like the smaller size and portability of the various eReader products available. Apple is attempting to satisfy this customer gap with the Oct 23, 2012 release of their iPad Mini. Projections on how this product will impact a consumers choice when considering the $200-$400 range when buying a tablet/eReader will further be discussed in the following article.

Using Mobile in Mall Intercepts

Mobile research allows the researcher to get into more details with the respondent. They can get answers, questions and comments real time. In every step of the way, they can capture and be part of the whole experience even with the short pauses.

The Electronically Tethered Generation and What Comes Next

When kids want a cell phone so they can text and talk to their friends generally parents say “okay” but it comes with strings attached – strings such a super friends and family program which includes an electronic tether. In other words, unless you are driving a car, you are to text your parents back ASAP anytime they contact you by text or voice.

Tablet Users May Sign Up for Media Paywalls, But Could Decline to Renew Too

Pay walls have worked pretty good for many newspaper companies but not for all. Those newspaper companies which have a strong brand name, or are the only game in town in their region have gotten away with it. The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and other large newspapers, predominantly large metro newspapers have increased their revenue and profits staving off bankruptcy through pay walls. As long as the marketplace keeps selling tablet computers, they have a larger chance of continuing increase subscribership’s in our digital age. Luckily, we also see Microsoft’s Windows 8 tablets coming.

Do’s and Don’ts for BYOD and COPE Mobile Users

Businesses are going mobile one way or the other. Employees prefer to carry their personal modern mobile devices such as Smartphones and Tablets to work because of their ease of use and availability.

Shopping and Smartphones – A Consumer’s Best Friend

There is hardly a day that goes buy in almost any country that one doesn’t see someone using a smartphone. Gone are the days when the mobile phones were considered a luxury item that was simply used as a telephone. These days the smartphone’s roles in the every lives of people is undeniably important.

iPhone Application Development Benefits and Restrictions

After the launch of iOS 6 and iPhone 5 this year, it has been reported that the popularity of iPhone has sky rocketed. Many users of iPhone 4s are also getting software upgrades to iOS 6. The iOS6 is packed with 200+ new features making it the most popular software upgrade for iPhone.

Cross Platform Mobile Apps

The usage of Mobile Apps has been tremendously increasing over the past 2-3 years. There is a lot of scope for expansion in this field. Almost all leading software companies are focusing on mobile app development.

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