Apple Fixed Their Biggest Mistake

Search the Web Easier on the iPhone or iPad

Apple provides the Safari app for browsing the Internet. For the most part, it is convenient and easy to use. Most of the browsing controls are easy to understand, but there are a few hidden features to make browsing a little easier.

Why Your Business Should Embrace The Cloud

It seems that a large proportion of the United Kingdom’s bigger businesses are reluctant to make the leap to rely on could technology. The cloud is already helping thousands of small businesses in the UK. Here are 5 reasons that should help dispel those fears.

IOS App Development For The Enterprise – A Few Golden Rules To Follow

iOS app development has risen over the years and the trends seem to indicate that Apple is going to grow steadily over the years. Here are some points for development process to keep in mind.

Mobile Phones Are Slowly Taking Over Shopper’s Free Time – One Mobile Smartphone at a Time

Shoppers are now spending more time on their favorite stores online from their mobile smartphone. Why is this true? Simply because the seamless laptop or clunky PC is just too far out of arm’s reach. Searching for wanted items from the palm of the hand seems just a bit easier. Thanks to these proven profitable companies maybe mobile focus is something every company should keep in mind and add time and energy to capture the day and night visitors. ‘But at what time?’

Apple MacBook Pro With Retina Display Range Overview

The market leader in premium notebook computers, Apple’s MacBook Pro range is extensive and potentially bewildering to those new to the products on offer. We take a detailed look at the various models.

How Important Are Proper Technology Breaks?

Ask yourself: how many times have you settled for a rushed sandwich at your desk because you are so snowed under with work? There are more emails than you would like to think about in your inbox, that report you need to proof read and you really want to read that article on the BBC website. Could we actually be doing ourselves harm by staying at our desks to munch our breaks?

iPad Mini Cases

When Apple first launched the iPad in 2010, many people thought it was going to be a flop for the company. Since it was running on the same OS as the iPhone, many simply looked at the iPad as a larger version of the popular device. However people soon realised that the iPad was much more than just a bigger iPhone.

The Smart Watch Revolution: Time for Your Wrists to Get Smarter

What can one expect after the smart phone revolution? The release of the smart watches is just around the corner. This article would be introducing smart watches to the audience.

Top Tips On How To Get The Most From Your iPad

The iPad has created a revolution with its small size and it’s unbelievable array of features, though the gloss does seem to be wearing off. This is largely due to the fact that there are many features that the iPad offers which many people are not aware off. There are so many different Apps that are little known, but will definitely make using iPad a wonderful experience. This article throws open ten top tips to get the iPad to work wonders for you.

Why Laptop Computers Are Steadily Replacing Desktop Systems

Laptop computers are being equipped with better hardware and are becoming more powerful computing machines. The performance gap between laptops and desktop computers is continuing to close with advancements in technology. Students, home users and business professionals demand the mobility and portability laptop computers provide to enable them to work remotely. Laptops are steadily replacing desktop systems for a number of reasons.

How To Save Your Wet Phone

As an iTechnician, I receive a lot of emergency calls from friends and family about various issues. Hands down, the most common call is about a wet cell phone. I’ve been able to work some magic, even bringing my wife’s iPhone 3G back to life after a full hour in the washer. It’s heavily reliant on how you handle those first few minutes after pulling it out of the water.

Store Your Life Online for Free When You Work Abroad

One of the biggest developments in recent years that has helped people to work remotely with greater ease is the ability to work in the cloud. Much of the software that I use is cloud based, and this provides me with the freedom I need to work from anywhere and collaborate on projects in real time.

The Future Of Computing Rests With Mobility And Cloud

Mobility has a wide range of horizons, and has given the overall computing a whole new meaning. Most observers concur that brand spend in mobile is crucial to jumpstart the size and scope of the market as users are starting migration to smartphones and tablets. Moreover there is a general feeling among various analysts that spend on mobility solutions minimal at the moment.

Better Mobile App Performance With HTML5

Banks, investment firms and insurance companies are struggling to meet demand for mobile applications by both consumers and employees, particularly in organizations that have implemented BYOD (bring your own device) programs. With the explosion in the number of data points firms are analyzing, coupled with the proliferation of smartphones and tablets, more enterprises need to implement a cross-platform development strategy for better mobile app performance with HTML5.

Does My Business Need a Mobile App?

There are several options for a business to have a success presence on today’s mobile devices. The key is finding the best solution for your customer’s long term needs and your budget. Find a solution that keeps you in front of your customers and not deleted from their device.

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