Apple AR Glasses – Massive NEW Updates!

iPhone Tips and Tricks That Are Easy to Do and Set Up

Here are some great tips and tricks for your iPhone that many of us iPhone junkies may not even be aware of. No matter if you are new to the iPhone, or have used one for years, there are some wonderful hidden features that could really help you at some point. Let’s explore some.

Make Your Own Mobile Websites in Minutes

The importance of taking your business into the mobile arena cannot be stressed enough. This industry is exploding and more and more people are getting smartphones and other devices such as tablets. Eventually, most people will be interacting with your business through these devices.

Android Apps Development Can Turn Your Droid Into a Business Assistant!

The market for Android mobile apps has grown. Today there are many third party Android apps for business and entertainment. With custom Android programming services and experienced Android apps development, your Droid can be your business assistant.

10 Important Tips to Save Battery Life of Android Phone

Most android users face the problem of the mobile battery getting drained out very fast. Android phones offer lots of features and functionality and a very large display. All these features eat up a huge chunk of battery, and the battery needs to be recharged every other day or sometimes twice a day. If android users use the features intelligently then the battery life can be increased significantly. Here are some tips to manage the energy consumption of android phones in order to last the battery longer.

iPhone 5 Is Ready To Rule the Market

The wait for the release of iPhone 5 is over as Apple Inc. has launched its thinnest and fastest iPhone 5. The device comes up with a number of interactive features which are not only beneficial for the users but for the businesses as well.

Android Data Usage Meter: Perfect Way to Track Data Usage

Do you want to use your mobile data effectively to significantly reduce your mobile bills? Then you need to purchase android data usage meter. Normally, people have the habit of using their android phones for hours at length, for entertainment, to get information or to chat with their friends.

iPhone and Video Surveillance App – The Business Management Application of 2012

The iPhone and Droid Video Security applications offer a business manager the ability to monitor their business realtime 24×7, anytime and any place. One of the top applications in 2012 for mobile computing is the “smart phone” Video Security Application for the iPhone, iPad, Droid mobile devices.

9 Great Android Photo Manipulation Apps to Surprise Your Friends

Today’s android photo manipulation apps can create wonderful photo effects on your regular photos. These apps can take your regular photos clicked with a android phone camera and convert them to amazing artistic photos, so that they really stand out. Applying these artistic effects are very easy and you don’t have to learn Photoshop or any other complex photo editing applications. With very little effort you get a killer artistic photograph to impress your friends. You can edit your photos with these apps and share them directly into social networking sites.

How To Set Up And Use Find My iPhone And Find My iPad

In this post I am going to help you to setup Find My iPhone as well as walk you through how to use it. There really is not much to setting this up. There are some configurations inside your iPhone or iPad you need to check. The primary element will be to test drive it later on to help become acquainted with the process of finding your iDevice.

Ways to Backup iPhone to Computer

Backing up iPhone data to a new PC – or to a computer which was previously not associated with your iPhone – might pose difficulties if you are not aware of how to transfer iPhone music and apps or how to export iPhone contacts between your device and a PC. This article examines two basic ways of transferring iPhone data to your computer by showing how to back up iPhone contacts and how to back up iPhone music and apps.

The End of Adobe Flash Technology

Many have seemed predicted this aftermath to happen after Apple declined to support Adobe Flash Technology for their iPhones, iPods and iPads. The Apple Company’s prizefight for a no-to-flash development of their devices appears to have a domino negative effect on Adobe’s part. After a year and a half plus of competing with the HTML5’s emergence, Adobe decided to withdraw its support on the Android version of Flash Player.

Mobile Application Development With Malware and Security

The mobile app development market is booming and so is the technology trend of having everything mobile, right from laptops to TVs. But the security attacks are strong; which warrant a closer look.

Smartphone Camera Apps for Better Image Quality

You have a Smartphone and you like capturing pictures with it but there are camera tricks that you need to know if you want to have better picture quality and a better photography experience. Let us find out some tips, tricks and apps that will help you capture images in a better frame.

Are Smartphones a Smart Idea for Small Businesses?

As a student, I remember watching reruns of “Star Trek” in my college dormitory with other University of California matriculates, and yes, I was a bit of a geek for sure! My favorite phrase uttered episode after episode was, “Kirk to Enterprise. Come in, Enterprise,” and with a simple flick of the wrist, a well-equipped Federation personnel would “beam” Captain Kirk back to Enterprise from wherever he was.

A Review Of Modern Multi-Room Music Systems

I am going to review some of today’s multi-room audio systems which are designed to distribute music throughout your home. I am going to explain some of the basics of multi-room audio. In particular, I will show some of the challenges of distributing audio to multiple rooms. Finally, I will explain how today’s systems address these challenges and also offer some tips on installing these kits.

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